Homeopathy Medicine for sneezing allergy and running nose:

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Hay fever or allergic rhinitis as has been noted is an immune system overreaction to the allergens like dust or pollen. The causes of hay fever are due to suppression of symptoms of skin disease. In fact, it increases the hypersensitivity to common substances like pollen, dust etc. as a matter of fact, Homeopathy Medicine for sneezing allergy and running nose can prevent the breakdown of histamine.

Allergic rhinitis most commonly seen in case of skin eruptions suppressed with sulphur ointments. Actually, is evident from clinical experience.

The person with Hay fever often suffer from the runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, and watery eyes, red, itchy,  and swelling around the eyes. The discharge from nose will be watery in nature. Symptoms of Hay fever develop within seconds from exposure to allergens and often cause the obstacle to daily activities of life. Pollen allergies and hay fevers develop during specific seasons in the year. People with Hay fever also develop atopic symptoms like Eczema, Urticaria, Sinusitis, asthma, and conjunctivitis. Homeopathic medicine for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis are best in the treatment of nose block and sneezing permanently.

Homeopathy Medicine for sneezing allergy and running nose

The causes of Allergic rhinitis or Hay Fever or sneezing allergy:

The causes of Allergic rhinitis are environmental allergens like pollen, pet hair, dust, or mold. Hereditary predisposition and environmental factors favor the development of sneezing allergy. Anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy, cure the hereditary predisposition to seasonal allergies.

IgE antibodies are mainly involved in the pathogenesis of hay fever. IgE antibodies attach to allergens in the blood and promote the breakdown of mast cells to release histamine. This is all a protective mechanism to drain out the harmful allergens or foreign substances. Homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose can reduce the allergic reaction in the blood naturally.

How to diagnose sneezing allergy:

Diagnosis of Hay fever can make with clinical symptoms along with blood tests, ESR levels, and absolute eosinophilic count. Allergen Specific IgE antibody levels along with skin prick tests play the important role. Sneezing allergy can differentiate from common cold by the duration of suffering. In case of hay fever, symptoms are especially last for more than two months.

Homeopathic treatment for Allergic rhinitis or Hay fever:

Homeopathy treats allergy to dust or allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, constitutionally with its natural principles. Homeopathy Medicine for sneezing and running nose treats the allergic rhinitis safely and speedily with no side effects. 200c or 200ch Homeopathic potencies are best in treating cold and nose block cases. Sneezing and running nose due to Pollen allergy can cure with Homeopathy Medicine.

Homeopathic Remedies for allergic rhinitis, sneezing allergy, sinusitis, allergy to dust, running nose, seasonal allergies and cold and headache:

Arsenicum Iodatum – Homeopathic Medicine for allergy to dust, as a rule, with swollen glands:

  • Arsenicum Iodatum is the best homeopathy medicine for sneezing allergy in persons of pale, delicate complexion and who prone to glandular affections.
  • In addition, burning sensation in nostrils and throat with sneezing helps us to choose Arsenicum Iodatum homeopathic medicine for running nose and sneezing.
  • Furthermore, sneezing, profuse coryza, discharge thin and acrid is the indications of Arsenicum Iodatum Homeopathic Medicine for allergy to dust.
  • Difficult breathing through nose aggravates morning and after meals indicates Arsenicum Iodatum homeopathy medicine for cold allergy.
  • Running nose and sneezing in this case cause lachrymation along with itching of eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Eyes and nose become red because of cold and headache. Again cold and fever with rawness, and dryness of throat. Cold and sore throat cause hoarseness and asthmatic breathing.
  • It is chiefly an Anti-allergic Medicine in Homeopathy with acrid nasal discharge.

Arsenicum Album – homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block mainly with watery nasal discharge:

  1. Arsenicum album useful in homeopathy particularly for seasonal allergies where nose discharges thin watery fluid.
  2. For the most part, running nose and sneezing excoriates the upper lip, it guides us to use Arsenicum album in Homeopathy for allergy to dust.
  3. Moreover, nasal passages feel stuffed all the time; dull, throbbing, frontal headache;
  4. sneezing without relief; ulcers and scabs form in the nose;
  5. in addition, irritation in one spot in the nose as from tickling of a feather, causing sneezing.
  6. Also an Anti-allergic Medicine in Homeopathy with catarrhal asthma.

Kali Bichromicum – Homeopathy Medicine for Sneezing Allergy in any case with tough stringy mucus discharge:

  • Kali-Bichromicum is useful in homeopathy for seasonal allergies and severe hay fever.
  • It is a wonderful homeopathy medicine for sneezing allergy. Kali Bich helps as homeopathic medicine for allergy to dust where sneezing fluent acrid discharge. Sneezing and running nose mainly excoriate the mucous membrane from nostrils to the throat.
  • This homeopathic medicine is helpful for pinching pain across the bridge of the nose along with allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. In fact, pain in nose relieved by hard pressure.
  • A headache in the left supraorbital ridge with sneezing, running nose, and sinusitis indicate us to select this homeopathic medicine for nasal allergy.
  • Kalium Bichromicum is an anti-allergic Medicine in Homeopathy with hoarseness and oppressed breathing.
  • A wheezing cough with expectoration of tough stringy mucus, for the most part, is a peculiar symptom we have observed in kali Bichromicum cases. This absolutely guides us to use Kalium Bichromicum in homeopathy for seasonal allergies.
  • A cough in case of Kali Bichromicum, the anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy, mainly excited by eating and drinking. However, the Loss of smell with sneezing and running nose is another indication for Kalium Bichromicum in allergic rhinitis and sinusitis cases.
  • Kali Bichromicum is a famous homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose with a headache below the eye.

Naphthalin – Homeopathy Medicine for Sneezing allergy exceptionally with asthmatic breathing:

  • Naphthalin is homeopathic medicine for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis with symptoms of hay fever. The allergy to dust and sinusitis symptoms are fullness, pressure, stuffed up and aching feeling in frontal sinus and forehead.
  • This is a homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose with itching in mouth, nose, ears, and eyes.
  • It is an anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy with severe paroxysms of sneezing, profuse coryza, and lachrymation.
  • Naphthalin is homeopathic medicine for allergy to dust and irritating anterior nares. This homeopathic medicine cures sneezing and running nose that causes redness, heat, swelling, and soreness of nose.
  • Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis cause stuffed up, raw feeling in frontal sinus furthermore coryza drops from the nose. Asthmatic labored respirations cured with Naphthalin homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose.
  • Naphthalene mother tincture of allergic rhinitis helps more than ever with the desire to have doors and windows open.
  • Naphthalene in homeopathy cure bloated, full feeling with tenderness in epigastric region and stuffed up feeling in the chest along with allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Tiredness is more especially on left and under the sternum. The patents of allergy to dust must loosen clothing to get relief from sneezing.
  • The Naphthalin mother tincture for allergic rhinitis is useful as a preventive for allergic rhinitis.

Psorinum – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose, in fact, alternating with Eczema:

  1. Psorinum is a best homeopathy medicine for sneezing allergy symptoms are boring, stinging in right nostril, followed by excessive sneezing.
  2. Furthermore, this homeopathic medicine for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis has burned in the nose followed by thin nasal discharge. On the other hand, discharge relieves the sneezing.
  3. Moreover, Psorinum is anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy for nose sensitive when inhaling air.
  4. In reality, the psoric constitution is the cause of allergy to dust, sneezing, and running nose.
  5. Sneezing, running nose and sinusitis are sometimes alternating with eczema in this allergic rhinitis homeopathic medicine.

Sabadilla – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose especially with severe frontal headache:

  • Sabadilla is a homeopathic remedy for allergic rhinitis in which great itching and irritation of Schneiderman membrane.
  • The Sabadilla Mother Tincture of allergic rhinitis particularly helps when violent paroxysms of sneezing and copious watery discharge from nose and eyes. Moreover, there is severe frontal headache and fever, lachrymation in the open air and when looking at a bright light.
  • In addition, Sabadilla is a good homeopathy medicine for sneezing allergy with redness of eyelids, dryness of mouth without thirst, and muffled cough.
  • Sabadilla is really an excellent homeopathic medicine for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis with chilliness and heat in the face. Furthermore, there is heaviness and pain in limbs feels great sensitiveness to cool air.


Silicea – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose with itching and tingling:

  • Silicea really is one of the best anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy for pollen. The allergic rhinitis and sinusitis symptoms consist of rose cold sets in with itching and tingling of the nose.
  • Silicea is an anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy for violent sneezing and excoriating discharge from the nose. This homeopathic medicine helps for sneezing and running nose.
  • In addition, Silicea is beneficial for itching and irritation in posterior nares or at orifices of Eustachian tubes.  The sneezing allergy is causing the patient to hawk or swallow.
  • Silicea is homeopathy medicine for sneezing allergy along with Hoarseness, roughness, and dryness of throat. This homeopathic medicine for sneezing and running nose can identify by tickling cough, coming apparently from the suprasternal fossa. Sneezing and running nose is by cold drinks, speaking and when lying down at night.
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