homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block

Hello, friends today we will discuss important Homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block. Common cold along with nose block is a very common symptom. However, not all the cold symptoms may not be associated with nose black. In this article, we will discuss the most important Homeopathy medicine for nose block and cold.

To mention, there are very good Homeopathy medicines available in our Homeopathic repertory. Usually, Allopathic doctors say cold will not be controlled by medicines. However, Homeopathy medicines tackle the problem of nose black and cold very effectively. Today we are going to know the most effective Homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block.

In this article, we mention Homeopathic medicines for nose block particularly caused by acute or chronic cold, nasal polyps, and Sinusitis.


Important Homeopathy medicines for cold and nose block:

Arsenicum album is a very good remedy for nose block and cold with running nose: Friends if you want to use the Arsenicum album you need to now the most specific symptoms of the remedy. The constitution of the Arsenicum album patient is very restless. The most fearful person with fastidious nature is the Arsenicum album. Most of the Arsenicum album patients experience nose block. These Arsenicum album persons with running nose experience a remarkable thirst for little quantity of water and often.

Sabadilla is also a very good Homeopathic medicine for cold and nose block with sinusitis and hay fever: Sabadilla often indicated in nose block cases with fear and timid mentality. Along with cold and nose, block Sabadilla Homeopathy patients experience violent sneezing. Moreover, Sabadilla Homeopathy remedy useful for violent itching of the palate associated with nose block.

Kalium Bichromicum is also an excellent Homeopathy remedy for cold and nose block with Sinusitis and stringy discharge.

The kalium Bichromicum patients experience great sinus headaches along with nose block. THICK, ROPY, ELASTIC, YELLOW DISCHARGE is the most prominent indication for the use of kalium Bichromicum in cold and nose block cases.

Aurum metallicum is also a first-class Homeopathic medicine for nose block with carcinoma symptoms. Chronic nasal obstruction many times responds very well to Aurum metallicum. Suicidal disposition with nose block indicates aurum metallicum Homeopathy medicine.

Apart from the above medicines, below mentioned Homeopathic medicines are also very useful remedies for cold and Nose block: Indications are given below:

  1. Arsenicum Iodatum: Useful in extreme nose block cases with hay fever.
  2. Aurum Triphyllum: Boring fingers into the nose and picking lips especially indicate this remedy.
  3. Calcarea Carbonica: Indicates particularly in fleshy obese profuse sweating persons.
  4. Capsicum: Nose block with mental symptoms of homesickness
  5. Carbo Vegetables: Cold sweating body with gastric abdomen complaints chiefly call for this Homeopathic Remedy.
  6. Carboneum Sulphuratum: Very helpful in patients of broken down by abuse of alcohol
  7. Causticum: Fibrous body with nose block, frequent urging for urination especially indicate this remedy in nose block cases.
  8. Conium: Picking, boring in the nose along with polyps chiefly indicates conium Homeopathy for cold and nose block.
  9. Graphites: Skin symptoms as if eczema suppression, if it causes cold and nose block surprisingly call for this remedy.
  10. Lycopodium: Gastritis with cold and nasal symptoms, Constipation easy satiety, and erectile dysfunction especially indicates lycopodium Homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block.
  11. Natrum Carbonicum: Infertility in women with chronic colds and nose block, often complain headache in married women.
  12. Natrum Muriaticum: Desires salt and variety of foods, sun heat aggravation indicates Natrum Muriaticum Homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block.
  13. Nitricum Acidum: Warts, Fissures in nostrils, chronic catarrh, Offensive, corrosive discharge, Epistaxis during the night indicated this Homeopathy remedy.
  14. Phosphorus: CORYZA EXTENDING TO THE CHEST, Epistaxis, in childhood, instead of menses, oversensitive smell indicates Phosphorus Homeopathy for cold and nose block.
  15. Nux Vomica: Indicates in Nose block cases with the following symptoms.
  • Hay fever, allergies
  • Coryza with sneezing, nose block and cold after eating, morning
  • Obstruction of the nose at night and outdoors
  • Snuffles of newborns
  • Sensitive to the odor of flowers

Somemore Homeopathic Medicines for cold and nose block:

16. Pulsatilla: is a Homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block when

  • Hay fever, relieved in the open air or worse in the open air and mostly warm room and evening
  • Bland or yellow-greenish discharge with cold and nose block indicates pulsatilla homeopathy remedy.

17. Silicea: Catarrh, cold extends to sinuses and chronic coryza with dry nose block calls Silicea in Homeopathy.

18. Teucrium Marum Verum

  • NASAL POLYPS with frequent cold symptoms
  • Chronic catarrh with nose block mostly on right side nose
  • Crawling sensation in the nose with sneezing and watering eye indicates Teucrium Marum Verum Homeopathy medicine for cold and nose block.
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