Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil

Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil:

Homeopathic hair growth oils help in regrowth of hair. It is true there are many more homeopathic oils promote the growth of hair. Irrespective of the constitution of the patient, these Homeopathic oils can stimulate the growth of hair. Of course, Well-known Homeopathy hair growth oil is Arnica. Arnica homeopathic hair oil is most popular that stimulate the production of hair follicles. This article intended for discussion on well-known Homeopathy hair growth oil ARNICA and JABORANDI.

Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil

Homeopathy Hair Oil Arnica or Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil Arnica:

Arnica acts as a good hair regrowth remedy because it has well antimicrobial properties. It prevents the growth of microorganisms like fungus and bacteria. These organisms are responsible for the damage to hair follicles.  Arnica homeopathic hair oil and shampoo, using them together can yield fast hair growth.

Arnica Hair Oil Side effects when used as Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil:

Excess use of arnica hair oil can produce following side effects.

  • The skin on scalp becomes black and blue.
  • Arnica hair oil causes itching, burning, eruption of small pimples.
  • This remedy produces crops of small boils.
  • Massaging arnica hair oil hard on the scalp can lead to ecchymosis and sores.
  • Arnica further initiates acne, indurate characterized by symmetry in distribution.

Jaborandi – Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil:

Jaborandi is a powerful glandular stimulant. Therefore, that it stimulates the follicles too. Like that helps in the growth of hair. Homeopathic hair oil and shampoo form of jaborandi help in the quick promotion of hair follicles.

Jaborandi Hair Oil Side Effects:

  • Abuse of Jaborandi hair oil can produce side effects similar to excessive perspiration from all parts of the body.
  • Jaborandi Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil, of course, causes persistent dryness of skin.
  • Dry eczema is the ultimate result when used this hair oil in excess.
  • Maybe absorption of Jaborandi hair oil into the body can produce semi-lateral sweats.
  • Side effects of Jaborandi also include the feeling of chilliness with sweat.

Therefore using Arnica and Jaborandi Homeopathy Hair Growth Oil helps in regrowth of hair. Besides, cause certain side effects as mentioned above. Using hair oil external is not enough for the permanent growth of hair. The homeopathic Constitutional remedy selected based on case history only can bring into being permanent hair growth.

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