Homeopathy Advantage

Homeopathy Advantage over Allopathy treatment:

Homeopathic principles teach us how to select similar Homeopathic remedies for a diseased individual. Even if you know nothing about the diagnosis of the disease, it can select the remedy. That means homeopaths can cure the disease without knowing the diagnosis of disease. If you know the symptoms of the suffering patient, you can guess the remedy. Sometimes this helps in the Diagnosis of the disease without massive laboratory procedures. This is the advantage of Homeopathy over other medical systems.

Homeopathy Advantage

How Homeopathy is superior to Allopathy?

For example, a patient came for consultation with symptoms of Chest pain. In addition, breathing increases pain. He also has thirst for large quantity of water at longer intervals. This information may not useful for Allopathic physicians. However, our Homeopathic doctor can easily guess the remedy, which is Bryonia.

Based on the remedy diagnosis, the Homeopath comes to the conclusion that the underlying disease will be pleurisy (Accumulation of fluid in the pleura of lungs). This is the great advantage of Homeopathy Knowledge over the Allopathic System. For an allopath, he has to depend on X-Ray, Complete blood picture to make diagnosis of disease. For the reason that he gives no importance to the symptom of ‘Thirst for Large quantities of water’.

Advantages of Homeopathy Treatment?

Coming to the treatment part, Homeopathic doctor simply uses BRYONIA 200c a dose, just 2 or 3 pills of freshly medicated. Patient will have few sneezing s after Bryonia 200c. Consequently, the accumulated pleuritic fluid will come out from pleural layers. Patient will be free from chest pain. The fact is clinically evident in many cases.

However, allopathic mode of treatment in the same case will be different. Physician has to aspirate fluid from the lung layers with the help of needle. This is a painful procedure. Again, he has to use antibiotics and painkillers. This is another torture for the patient. Nevertheless, our Homeopathy teaches us simple and straight to cure the disease. Is it not the advantage of the Homeopathy system?


Here we do not know the exact mechanism of How Homeopathy works. However, Homeopathic strong Natural Principles guide us to treat the disease in a simple and systematic way. Strictly speaking, the Allopathic doctor also does not know how Allopathic Medicine exactly worked. Things all depend on Observation and experience.

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