– Anne Vervarcke, Homeopathy Strange Rare and Peculiar, 

With life expectancy continuously growing and the increase in research, study, work and contemplation hap-pening, our amazement about “all that is” is growing too. Amazement is not only a precondition for the philosopher within us but a state of mind that motivates us for art and science. It is the curiosity to try to fathom mysteries with-in us and around us. In the course of a process it seems that the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know anything and the bigger the mysteries that surround us be-come. Springtime, a growing tree from a budding seed, the return of migratory birds, our subconscious or intuition that guides us, the birth and death of loved ones: its impli-cations and vastness escape our comprehension. And yet, the mystery of life in all its varieties does not cause chaos but rather fills us with deep respect, humility and joy in the knowledge that we are part of it all. Some people would call this religion. As a homeopath we humbly look at this

mystery and silently witness the life lessons that are being unfolded to us.

(AV= Anne Vervarcke   AvdM= An van de Moortel)

AvdM: You said that homeopathy is chronic and incurable but you also used to say in the training: ‘Homeopathy is an excuse to keep myself full-time occupied with the mysteries of life and death.’
AV: I did.

AvdM: Then, as usual we start our discussion with philosophy.

AV: And we’ll conclude with philosophy. This seems to me a good tradition.
AvdM: As we use to do in the classes. Reason for that is that although everyone has his or her own philosophy of life, when it is not realized or made explicit it makes communication difficult if not altogether impossible.
AV: True. It’s crucial to make implicit beliefs and convic-tions explicit before we know what we are talking about. Homeopathy covers such a wide terrain and our homeo-pathic philosophy or laws are not always well known or very clear. This in itself makes it difficult enough to say something sensible. If we want to avoid any discussion around this topic to fade into thin air, we have to at least try to be clear and precise in our homeopathic definitions. Homeopathy covers a terrain with hazy boundaries and ho-meopaths among themselves don’t seem to agree whether they are practicing science, art, shamanism, a combination of all this or something completely different.

AvdM: Science, art, shamanism… maybe it’s a good idea to talk about all these domains and try to make clear what our perspective is. When we discuss more practical and technical topics later, we are sure we agree on the bigger picture. Let’s start with examining if homeopathy is science or isn’t there a scientific aspect to homeopathy at all?

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