Homeopathic treatment for faintness

Faintness Treatment in Homeopathy:

 Fairness is nothing but a sudden loss of consciousness due to vagotonic stimulation. In most cases, it is a minor problem in spite of its spectacular appearance. In fact, the faintness resembles the condition of calcium deficiency and tetany. Homeopathic remedies are helpful in the treatment of acute and chronic faintness cases.

  Acute Faintness – Homeopathic medicines for the treatment:

As the first aid treatment for the acute faintness:

  • Make the patient smell a solution of AMMONIUM CARBONICUM 3X
  • Alternate 3 granules, every 5 minutes, as needed: CAMPHORA 4C, or MOSCHUS 4C
Homeopathic treatment for faintness

Tendency to faint Emotional:

  Asa Foetida is a very good Homeopathic medicine to treat faintness in hypochondriac with flatulence. Excitement causes faintness in this case.

Cimicifuga is the remedy for faintness if it triggers during menses, pregnancy, and delivery.

Restless and oversensitive, on the other hand, indicates Valeriana for Homeopathy treatment of faintness.

Depressed, timid, and eructations with asthma suggest us to use AMBRA GRISEA for acute faintness.

Sleepiness and tetany with depression in mind if caused faintness then NUX MOSCHATA is the remedy of choice for Homeopathic treatment.

Furthermore, sad, indifferent, and melancholic depression indicates SEPIA as a Homeopathic remedy for faintness. 

See also Nux Moscata Homeopathic remedy

 Intolerant to heat if causes faintness:

The first thing to remember, it needs to open the windows, or walk-in open air.

Ignatia is the medicine in this case, with a changeable mood. Paradoxical and faintness in the presence of others always need this Homeopathic medicine for the treatment.

On the other hand, sudden changes from laughter to weeping with faintness benefit from Pulsatilla. In addition, pulsatilla patients need a company during faintness.

 Lilium Tigrinum is required to cure faintness with uterine disorders. Moreover, palpitations during menopause with faintness need this Homeopathic remedy for the treatment. 

For instance, laughing mania, menopause, and fibroma in combination with faintness call for Crocus Sativa.


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