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– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,
Hints. – Restlessness, with fever, fear, Aconite. Fear is a strong characteristic of this drug. When patient is very restless, anxious, greatly fears death, Aconite is called for. It is especially indicated at the beginning of disease.
 Arsenicumalso is indicated where the patient is restless and fearful, but here there is great prostration, weakness, burning rather than fear such as indicates Aconite.
 Glonoine is called for in that peculiar condition where patient seems lost or unfamiliar in places well know.
 “Night terrors” of children are sometimes controlled by Belladonna.
 Some persons are troubled by fixed thoughts. Try Ignatia.
 Ignatia is also the remedy where grief becomes abnormal.
 Some persons fear they will commit suicide though not wishing to do so. The remedy is Aurum met. – Envoy.
 Margaret B., aged 9-1/2 years, was brought to the Dispensary by her mother because “She stuttered, and could not read at school, and took quite a long time to tell you anything.” She was given Stramonium 3x t. d. s. In fourteen days the report was “a little better.” Her elder sister came last week (28 days) for “more medicine for Margaret.” When asked how Margaret was, she replied. “Quite well, now, thank you, but mother thought she had better keep on with the medicine,” and she added that during the week Margaret had been able to read quite nicely, the teacher remarking. “That’s splendid! Why, Margaret, what have they been doing to you?” To which she replied, “Only taking Doctor’s medicine.”  – Homoeo. World.
 Duodenal Ulcer. – In the diagnosis of this disease, Dr. Herschell suggests that Cammidge’s pancreatic reaction in the urine is a point of importance. When it is present, ordinary hyperchlorhydria can be excluded. Uranium nitrate has a definite affinity for the duodenum, and should be remembered in relation to duodenal ulcer. Its use in diabetes is no doubt a result of this affinity, for probably its administration affects the amount of quality of secretion, the pancreatic hormone. – Homoeo. World. 

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