– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

homeopathictherapeutics Homeopathic Therapeutic Gatherings

Therapeutic Gatherings. – Dr. J. B. King describes a case of pain in the abdomen which in addition to the usual pains had relief from stretching backward, or upward, instead of bending forward. Dioscorea promptly cured.
 Dr. P. C. Sanderson, Philadelphia, Pa., dropped in the other day and among other things said that Tabacum 30 will prevent, and cure, seasickness almost every time. He has had repeated verifications of his therapeutic point.
 “In a large experience with shock, due to the most violent explosion injuries and railroad accidents, I have found no help without our remedies that will equal the aid of Arsenicum, Cuprum, Veratrum and Carbo vegetabilis. The frightful anxiety and apprehension of profound shock are amenable to Aconite and Arsenicum. The fright that so often increases the actual physical shock of injury or surgery responds more readily to Coffea than to whiskey or Strychnine. The terror of a dangerous operation knows no more soothing agents than Aconite, Chamomilla and Ignatia. And so on down the line.” So writes Dr. C. E. Fisher in The Journal A. I. H.
 “Aconite and Arnica are my constant helpers for pain, and they serve me well. No surgical case in my hands passes altogether beyond the realm of homoeopathic prescription.” – Dr. C. E. Fisher in The Journal A. I. H.
 Dr. Moffat (H. E., E. and T. Journal) reports excellent results from Prunus spinosa q pellets in severe pain in the eyes, or eye, as if it would burst; no redness or other marked symptom.
 Tamus communis has some reputation in the treatment of chilblains. It is applied by painting the affected part with the tincture of Tamus com.
 “Profuse perspiration arising from debility,” is one of the late Dr. John M. Scudder’s indications for Rhus glabra. The prover, Dr. A. V. Marshall, experienced such profuse sweat during sleep that he discontinued the proving.
 Bayes claims to have killed many tapeworms with Cina 12 when all other medication failed. Also “Cina never fails to give relief to the constitutional symptoms induced by worms.” This is not new – only covered up by too much laboratory work.
 Stoneham (British Hom. Review) writes of a case, worked out with Kent’s Repertory, of dysmenorrhoea, in which the flow starts regularly, without pain, but soon stops and then there is severe pain until it starts again. Cocculus 3 cured the case and the cure still stands.
 Dr. L. R. Kaufman (Med. Century): “I have seen all the pain and tenderness of appendicitis disappear on administering Bryonia or some other remedy.” Dr. Kaufman is Lecturer on Surgery, N. Y. Hom. Med. College.
 The rheumatism of those who do heavy work, according to Bayes, generally calls for Arnica.
 Dr. Sarah J. Fenton (Jour. S. J. and O.) tells of a forceps, obstetrical case that developed into “mania, confessing all possible sexual crimes, first believing she was in an insane asylum, then that she was in hell, where she must burn forever; then again she would let out scream after scream.” The remedies at first given did no good, but a reference to the materia medica showed Cimicifuga covered the case and “its effect was marvelous.” The patient made quick recovery.
 In the Indian Homoeopathic Review,Dr. J. N. Majumdar describes a case of bubonic plague in a young child that came under his treatment. There had been high fever for two days, the axillary glands were hard and enormously swollen, there was delirium, restless sleep and inability to take the mother’s breast. Pyrogen, 6-30 were given until fever subsided and then Hepar sulph. until, aided by a poultice, the abscess opened. The child made a complete recovery. Under homoeopathic treatment this disease does not seem to be so formidable.
 “Echinacea is the remedy for blood poisoning. Its field covers all the infections. It corrects ‘bad blood,’ boils, carbuncles, various forms of septicaemia, tendency to formation of cellular abscesses, septic conditions in general. Echinacea (on the rungs), purulent expectoration with increased temperature; pulmonary abscess, pulmonary gangrene, typhoid-pneumonia with evidence of sepsis on the intestinal tract. Echinacea is good for large foul-smelling discharges, vitality low, purplish or brownish-black colored tongue; swelling and suppuration of the mammary gland where there is evidence of sepsis and the usual symptoms of infection; in all the fevers when the conditions point to sepsis; syphilis.” – A. J. Blaustein, M. D., in Eclectic Review.
 Case No. 1. Mrs. D. Soon after conception she called an allopath. He purged her severely without the slightest relief and I was called. I found her very nervous, irritable, weak, and with constant nausea. “Doctor, if I could vomit I would feel better.” Nux 30 cured her in 24 hours. Case No. 2. Mrs. McS. Very irritable, nothing would satisfy her, kicking over chairs, etc. “I can’t stand this any longer.” Cham. 6x put her to bed in less than 10 minutes, and labor completed at once, Case No. 3. Mrs. E. Miscarried under allophatic treatment. Was told that it was necessary to curette to stop haemorrhage. I was called and found her very weak, ringing in her ears, and fainting when attempted to get up to vessel. Chin. sul. 200 stopped flow in less than two hours, after passing small lump of the secundine. – Dr. G. F. Thornhill, Paris, Texas, in Cleveland M. and S. Reported.
 There may be a few who want Mitchella repens. According to some old authorities it is the drug to improve the power of reproduction in women, where there is abortion and all sorts of troubles, haemorrhages, prolonged menstruation, etc. It is usually given in material doses, 5 drops to half a drachm of the tincture. – N. A. J. of Hom. 

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