Homeopathy Remedy for grinding teeth

Homeopathy Remedy for grinding teeth problem:

Many children grind their teeth (bruxism) during sleep. Sometimes grinding teeth are with night terrors. Oxyuriasis, teething, nervousness, and insomnia can relate to the symptom that is often recurring. Homeopathic remedy for grinding teeth helps in curing the underlying disease. In addition, Homeopathic treatment raises the immunity levels of the children of grinding teeth. For that reason, Homeopathy cures the grinding teeth permanently.

Homeopathy Remedy for grinding teeth

 Oxyuriasis or Pinworms:

Cina is the topmost Homeopathic medicine for pinworms. Itching at anus particularly at night indicates Cina for Homeopathic treatment of grinding teeth. Pinworms problem and grinding teeth especially at new, and full moon suggest Silicea in Homeopathy.

Homeopathic Remedy for Grinding Teeth while Teething:

CHAMOMILLA greatly helps in the treatment of grinding teeth with restlessness. These children are highly irritable and want to carry all the time. Diarrhea and ear infections always suggest this Homeopathic medicine for teeth grinding.

Podophyllum is the remedy for grinding in homeopathy with an intense desire to press teeth together. On the other hand, Phytolacca decandra indicates for grinding teeth with adenoids infection. Profuse night sweat suggests Mercurius Solubulis for grinding teeth in Homeopathy.

Homeopathic Medicine for Grinding Teeth with nervousness and stress:

Ignatia helps in children for grinding teeth, where tears and laughter alternate easily. Whereas talks and fights during sleep, indicate Hyoscyamus for the treatment of grinding teeth in Homeopathy. Hits, kicks, and bites frequently observed in this case.

Kalium Bromatum greatly helps in grinding teeth of children with terrible nightmares. Extreme restlessness and somnambulism also suggest this Homeopathic medicine for grinding teeth.

Mania with the desire to cut and tear things indicates the Veratrum album. Diarrhea is the most associated symptom with grinding teeth in these patients. Similarly, a dose of Tuberculinum is always helpful if the above-indicated remedies for grinding teeth do not work.

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