Homeopathic Remedies for Acne Permanent cure:

Acne vulgaris is nothing but an acne, is a skin disease presented by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin, and sometimes scarring. The cause for acne is nothing but suppression of simple skin itch disorder with sulphur ointments if complicated with internal inherited gonococcal discharge suppression which leads into the development of secondary symptoms express through sweat glands as acne or a pimple. Homeopathic remedy for acne prevents as well cure permanently. The individuals with acne pimples may feel anxiety, low self-esteem, and in some cases, depression or thoughts of suicide.

What Causes Acne?

Inheritance is observed in 80% of cases. The role of diet is also a causative factor in some cases. Exposed to sun heat is not the cause. Also, dirty skin is not the cause of acne.Cigarette smoking is the most risk factor for acne formation.Acne develops in areas where oily glands are concentrated. Increase in androgens is one of the causes for the formation of acne during puberty in both sexes. The growth of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes frequently observed in acne skin.   There are some opinions to arrest the development of acne. Eating simple carbohydrates reduce the acne formation. Topical benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid, Antibiotics and retinoids are not much effective. Resistance to antibiotics may develop in most cases.
Adolescence is the common age group, affecting an estimated 80–90% of teenagers all over the world. Acne is the 8th most common disease Worldwide. Although acne is an adolescence disease but also seen in adulthood in some cases.

Homeopathic treatment for Acne:

acnehomeopathicremedytreatment Homeopathic Remedies Treatment does cure Acne Pimples?

Homeopathic treatment or pimples yields a very good result in most cases. Acne and pimples Homeopathic constitutional treatment give relief in the long term. All Homeopathic medications for acne treatment are natural, safe, gentle, effective, easy to administer and without any side effects. Homeopathic treatment is stably optional for patients who are looking for an effective permanent remedy. The homeopathic Constitutional remedy for acne scars not only treats acne but remove the tendency to form acne or pimples without side effects. Homeopathy is very much effective in treating acne. People ask, does homeopathy cure acne? Yes, it is true homeopathy cures acne permanently, speedily without side effects.

Homeopathy for acne scars permanent cure:

In fact, acne scars that disappear automatically after a certain time. However, acne scars need homeopathic medicine only when it is deep and looks ugly. Homeopathic medicine Thiosinaminum is an excellent remedy for Acne Scars. Thiosinaminum can treat any kind of acne scar. Moreover, homeopathic medicines for Acne scars are best natural remedies treat without side effects. Homeopathy, in addition, makes your face clean and healthy while under Acne scar treatment.

Most useful Homeopathic Remedies for Acne scar removal:

Graphites is also a very good homeopathic medicine for acne scars. In fact, Graphites dissolve acne scars very easily. However, the person who needs Graphites for acne scars treatment usually dislikes sweets. Moreover, Graphites patient with acne scars often suffers from eczema like skin diseases.

Fluoric acid is also another most prominent homeopathic remedy for acne scars removal. The point is that the fluoric acid also helpful for hair fall treatment along with Acne scar removal. In addition, acne scars that are itching are easily treatable with fluoric acid. Moreover, acne scars are painful in case of fluoric acid patients.

Silicea is also an excellent homeopathic medicine for acne scar removal. The point is scars that formed after pus formation are wonderfully curable with Silicea. Moreover, the painful acne scars can easily remove with Silicea.

Additional Homeopathic remedies for acne scar removal:

In addition Arsenicum album, Bellies perennis, Calcarea carbonica, Carbo vegetabulis, Causticum coma Crotalus Horridus, Hypericum Kumar iodium, Juncus effusus, Lachesis, Mercurius solubulis, nitric acid, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Phytolacca decandra, Psorinum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Sabina, Sulphuricum Acid, Sulphur, Tuberculinum, and Viper are some other Homeopathic remedies useful for acne scar removal.

Can homeopathy cure acne permanently without recurrence?

The answer is yes. Homeopathy cures your acne permanently. We have treated cases feeling much better after homeopathic treatment for acne. Moreover, there is no recurrence after the homeopathic treatment for acne. In addition, homeopathic treatment favors the permanent cure of acne speedily and without side effects.

Homeopathic face wash for acne removal:

In fact, washing the face with homeopathic mother tincture can prevent acne. However, it recommended using internal homeopathic constitutional medicine along with homeopathic face wash for acne. In addition, the homeopathic face wash for acne helps to prevent acute acne. The point is that homeopathic mother tinctures sarsaparilla and Echinacea work excellent for removal of acne externally. We have successfully used Sarsaparilla or Echinacea face wash for acne. In fact, 4 drops of Sarsaparilla or Echinacea mother tincture in a cup of water can use for face wash. Moreover using Sarsaparilla or Echinacea face wash 4 times a day can prevent acne.

Best Homeopathic medicines for acne:

Sulphur one of the best Homeopathic remedy – perhaps the remedy most often indicated for acne affection, especially if chronic:

Sulphur indicate as the Homeopathic remedy or acne where the skin is rough and hard and the acne is associated with comedones and constipation; great aggravation from water is the characteristic leading to Sulphur in skin affections. The acne punctata is the variety corresponding most nearly to Sulphur. Simple forms yield to Belladonna or Pulsatilla. Acne rosacea yields to Arsenicum iodatum or Sulphur iodide.

Sanguinaria is another useful remedy used in homeopathy treatment for acne pimples, especially in women:

With scanty menses and irregular circulation of blood. Other remedies for acne dependent on sexual disturbances of women are Calcarea carbonica and Aurum muriaticum natronatrum.

Kali bromatum homeopathic pimple remedy: Produces an acne on the face, neck, and shoulders:

It frequently finds an acne in Epileptics who have been maltreated by bromides. This Homeopathic remedy especially adapt to the acne simplex and the acne indurata, especially in hyperaesthetic, nervous females, and the late Dr. Martin Deschere loudly praised it. Since Kali bromatum has found a useful remedy in sexual excesses it will be especially a remedy for acne due to that cause. Dr. J.H.Clarke says, “no remedy of such universal usefulness in cases of simple acne as  Kali bromatum 30,” and the late Dr.A.M. Cushing recommended  Arsenicum bromatum 4x as very effective.  Thuja is one of our best remedies for acne facialis.  Calcarea picrata is also a useful remedy for acne; clinically it has been found one of the good remedies.  Calcarea sulphurica indicat where the pimples suppurate, form pus.


Antimonium crudum is homeopathic medicine for acne vulgaris where Small red pimples on face, acne in drunkards with gastric derangements, thirst and white-coated tongue:

Antimonium tartaricum 200c used as acne remedy in Obstinate cases, with the tendency to pustulation, are curable with this remedy.  Berberis aquifolium 200c  used as the Homeopathic remedy for acne where the skin is rough and the acne persistent.  Natrum muriaticum 200c acts as the Homeopathic remedy for pimples especially on the sebaceous glands and is a very helpful remedy for acne.  In this affection attention must direct especially to the patient’s type, temperament and acne forming tendencies and the general constitutional symptoms are more important than the local ones.

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