Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment for A.I.D.S.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome:

AIDS is caused by HIV or Human Immuno Virus:

Hello today I, would like to present a topic on HIV-AIDS. First of all, we will have a little introduction on what is AIDS or HIV? What are the best Homeopathic Remedies HIV treatment or Aids?  AIDS is nothing but acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Acquired means you got it infected from somewhere else. Immune deficiency means the deficiency in your fighting mechanism, body’s ability to fight infections. A syndrome is the group of symptoms or a group of problems that you have. HIV the term is meant for the virus, Same is the human immunodeficiency virus. Homeopathic remedies primarily act on the immune mechanism of the person affected with immunodeficiency virus.

AIDS is caused by HIV or Human Immuno Virus

Now we will know what happens if a person gets HIV. Primary the HIV virus grow inside the lymphocytes. So that virus grows and reduces the quantity of lymphocyte. Primary the lymphocytes reduction will lead to a number of chronic diseases. Almost it varies from diarrhea to secondary infections like tuberculosis and leprosy. Due to the growth of the HIV virus, various other systemic diseases also developed. As a result, it can produce symptoms ranging from diarrhea to chronic fever.

Symptoms of HIV or AIDS:

Homeopathy symptoms of HIV
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Also, Pain can occur while swallowing food or drinks.
  • Cough dryness in the throat with no expectoration.
  • Fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise, night sweats, or sweating.
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea, persistent diarrhea, vomiting, or watery diarrhea
  • most noteworthy, Mouth ulcers or white tongue with secondary candid infection.
  • Groin lymph nodes sores or swelling
  • Throat symptoms are difficulty swallowing or soreness
  • some other symptoms are: a headache, opportunistic infection, oral thrush, pneumonia, red blotches, severe unintentional weight loss, skin rash, or swollen lymph nodes

Homeopathic Remedies HIV Treatment AIDS:

Crotalus Horridus is one of the great Homeopathic Remedies in treating HIV:

Crotalus Horridus Homeopathic Remedies HIV treatmentThe medicine prepared from snake venom in Homeopathy. It is almost a specific Homeopathic Remedies HIV Treatment. The snake venom made into homeopathic remedies by the process of potentisation to cure HIV. We have observed in our clinic specifically a single dose of Crotalus Horridus increased the CD4 count. Therefore it is most beneficial Homeopathic Remedy for HIV or AIDS.Crotalus horridus 200 is the potency and two pills of this homeopathic medicine are the right dosage. Two pills of Crotalus horridus acts for 30 days.

Crotalus horridus 30 is suggestible potency for weak and lean people with lack of appetite and diarrhea.

Arsenicum Album is another Good Homeopathy Remedy for AIDS:

Arsenicum Album is another Good Homeopathy Remedy for AIDS:This Homeopathic Remedies HIV treatment is especially relevant to symptoms like vomitings, diarrhea, and extreme weakness. HIV or AIDS cases when suffering from loss of fluids. AIDS patients further suffering from diarrhea from eating spoiled food. In conclusion, Arsenicum album is Homeopathic Remedy for HIV when the patient becomes very lean and weak with vomitings and diarrhea.

Medorrhinum is Best Homeopathy Medicine for HIV:

Medorrhinum is Best Homeopathy Medicine for HIVThis Homeopathic Remedies HIV treatment works when indicated constitutional Homeopathic Remedy does not work as expected. Urinary symptoms because of suppressed gonorrhea especially cured by Medorrhinum in HIV patients. Because Medorrhinum is a nosode it acts better when Crotalus horridus does not yield the good result.

Mercurius Solubulis is very useful Remedy for AIDS:

Mercurius Solubulis is very useful Remedy in AIDSIt is not prepared from snake venom, however, is one of the great homeopathic remedies useful for HIV or AIDS Treatment. Mercurius is a heavy metal tuned into Homeopathic Medicine by our master Hahnemann. The homeopathic form of Mercurius produce no side effects. Moreover, it is useful for treating life-threatening diseases like HIV or AIDS. Diarrhea in case of Mercurius solubulis contains mucus that is sticky and viscid in nature. Throat symptoms like difficulty swallowing as the result of HIV can cure with Mercurius solubulis.

Thuja is one of the great Homeopathic Remedies in treating HIV:

Thuja is one of the great Homeopathic Remedies in treating HIV

Thuja is also a wonderful remedy for treating HIV infections. Particularly secondary viral infection cured with Thuja.  HIV Persons with low self-esteem specially cured with this Homeopathic Medicine for HIV. People have feelings of worthlessness moreover feels that nobody would love them if they really knew them. These are the special indications for Thuja in HIV cases.
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Sushant kundu
Sushant kundu
2 years ago

Sir I m hiv positive is any medicine in homoeopathy to protect