Homeopathic remedies for teething in babies and infants:

Delay in treating is common due to defective nutrition. Sometimes delay in teething may have heredity predilection. Homeopathic medicines work excellent for teething in children and baby. The homeopathic remedy can correct the genetic error in teething thereby promote the healthy teething. Let us see some Homeopathic remedies for teething in babies and infants.


Homeopathic remedies for teething

Calcarea carbonica for teething in children:

Calcarea carbonica is an excellent homeopathic medicine for the promotion of teaching in children. This remedy is particularly helpful for correction of calcium deficiency in growing children. The children who need this Calcarea carbonica for teething are little obese. Moreover, excessive perspiration over the scalp indicates the use of Calcarea carbonica for teething. Calcarea carb promotes teething in children those who have craving for eggs.


Silicea is also a very good homeopathic medicine for teething in babies:

The defect in teething in case of Silicea is due to lack of assimilation. Silicea children along with defect in teething have a great craving for indigestible things. In fact, the children crave for sand (pica) are definitely in need of Silicea for teething.


Calcarea fluorica is also a wonderful homeopathic remedy for teething children:

The important indication of Calcarea fluorica for teething children is easily breakdown of teeth. The teeth that crumble easily with a deficiency in enamel need Calcarea fluorica.


Calcarea Phosphorica is also a wonderful homeopathic remedy for children helps in teething:

The important indication of Calcarea Phosphorica is slow development of teeth. Moreover, formation OF carries in teeth also indicates this medicine. Calcarea Phosphorica benefits children with difficulties in dentition, low concentration, and memory.


Fluoricum Acidum is also an excellent homeopathic medicine for teething in children:

Rapid carries formation and dark discoloration of teeth indicate Fluoricum Acidum funny thing in children. The most prominent symptom of these remedies is children always complain about teeth feel warm. Moreover, the formation of frequent fistula at the root of teeth guides us to use Fluoricum Acidum for teething.


Tuberculinum is also an extraordinary Homeopathic medicine for teething in children:

The children with the delay in dentition have a habit of grinding teeth especially benefited by Tuberculinum. Never truly satisfied children with delay in dentition can cure with Tuberculinum.


Homeopathic teething tablets for month old babies:

Calcarea Phosphorica 6x and Calcarea fluorica 6x can use in tablet form to promote teething for month old baby. The dosage of teething tablets will consist of two tablets per day. Grind firmly the teething tablet into powder and keep it on the tongue of your baby. The teething tablets for babies and infants definitely promote the growth of teeth. However, you have to use Homeopathic teething tablets for at least one month continuously. The dosage mentioned is approximate. The exact dosage of Homeopathic teething tablets must decide by your Homeopathic consultant according to the health condition of the baby. The important point is, use constitutional medicine along with the homeopathic teething tablets yield a very good result.

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