Side effects of Homeopathic Medicines:

Homeopathy doesn’t work; it’s the first Asked Questions.Homeopathy; what’s the Homeopathic Medicine Side Effects next question?  When critics direct explanation to diplomats or controls.  Homeopathy is not strengthened by any good proof and is just a placebo. One answer is “What’s the harm?”. In other words, if the placebo effect is positive and the Homeopathic Medicine side effects are zero, then what’s wrong.
homeopathic medicine side effects

The homeopathic medicines are developed from a wide range of natural sources.Of course, many homeopathic remedies are diluted to a great extent. Some products named as homeopathic medicines may not be highly diluted. They can have material amounts of active components. Like any drug or dietary supplement that includes chemical elements. These homeopathic products can cause side effects.

Most of all there is a discrepancy connecting an allopathic side effect and homeopathic side effects.

No ‘side-effects’ with homeopathy is a myth. A remedy or conventional medicine given in excess creates side effects.

To those people who call Homeopathy as a placebo it is good chance to prove ourselves. Ask them to take deep acting medicine like Sulphur 1M potency. Use it daily morning 6pills and evening 6 pills for about 15 days. Ultimately one knows the side effects of Homeopathic medicine in the form of skin eruptions.

Homeopathic Medicine Side Effects are Realy Serious?

In Some Cases, the answer is ”yes”. Generally, people think Homeopathic Medicine has no side effects. But it is not true. Improper Homeopathic doses produce severe side effects.

Wrong medicine be the first observation. Instead of giving Lycopodium for example given Phosphorus. The patient suffers from symptoms of Phosphorus for a while. In any case, patients constitution is too weak it can be life-threatening sometimes.

The wrong dosage selection is the second observation. While giving 200c potency instead of 30c potency may cause severe aggravation of symptoms. Sometimes threaten the life. Homeopathic medicine side effects however avoided by selecting potency on the basis of the physical strength of the patient.

Thereafter thirst observation is that using Homeopathic Mother tinctures in large quantity. Example taking 10-20 drops 3-4 times a day. This affects the kidney function can reduce gramarullar filtration rate.Four drops of mother tincture in half cup of water 2 times a day is enough to void Homeopathic medicine side effects.

Overall Observation however Homeopathic medicine selected in Minimum and single simple dose will not produce any side effects.

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3 years ago

homeopathy gives provings or aggravation not side effects.