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There are many more reviews available on the internet regarding the Homeopathy treatment on hair loss or falling. However, all of these reviews only end up with the discussion on hair fall only. Nevertheless, they may not come up with the real solution for hair loss. In this regard, we need to know in detail about the Homeopathic medicine for hair fall. The detail in the sense what are the hair fall remedies used in Homeopathy as well Homeopathy remedies for dandruff etc.

Homeopathic Medicine for Hair fall and Dandruff

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This article is also interested in presenting information on homeopathic hair growth oil and shampoo for hair loss. Moreover, the use of lycopodium in regrowth of hair and thuja the homeopathic remedy used widely in the treatment of dandruff. Already I have presented an article on hair fall control with Homeopathy remedies. Lycopodium and Thuja 200 perhaps be the best Homeopathy remedies to treat hair fall in Homeopathy.

First of all, we start with lycopodium for hair fall cases:

You know the lycopodium is a very best remedy to treat the hair fall, but the thing is that the following symptoms must match to select lycopodium in hair fall.  If you want use lycopodium for hair fall you see definitely there will be a gastric complaint indication. No doubt, lycopodium certainly stimulates the hair follicle Regrowth but the thing is that is lycopodium patients have less appetite. So we need to give lycopodium 200 just two pills to stimulate appetite. In addition, one funny thing is that these lycopodium patients are the very miser mentality. Lycopodium is a best Homeopathy remedy to treat hair fall in chronic hair fall cases. The hair in case of lycopodium patients is looking to be lusterless. The patients who suffer from piles along with hair fall need lycopodium Homeopathy remedy for hair fall.

The second one is Thuja for Hair fall in Homeopathy:

It is also a very best remedy for hair fall treatment. The chief indication is these patients little bit obese in nature. In addition, they must have warts anywhere in the body, indicates the use of thuja in hair fall cases. The best remedy to stimulate the hair growth.  The most part is that these thuja patients often suffer from dandruff. This intern is the cause of hair fall. Do you know? Thuja is one of the best Homeopathic sycotic remedies is useful for hair fall. If Thuja does not work in case of hair fall then the next best homeopathic remedy that acts well is Medorrhinum.

Coming to shampoo and hair oil in homeopathy for hair loss:

Arnica and jaborandi are best Homeopathy hair oils that are available today though homeopathic pharmacies. I have experimented with Arnica in my case you know in our clinics it works very well.  it certainly stimulates the hair follicle very fast. Hair starts to grow within days very interesting.


Coming to the homeopathic remedy for hair loss in females:

Sepia could be the best remedy I suggest personally because it stimulates the hair regrowth wonderfully ever we have seen in our cases. Sepia is the best homeopathic remedy ever, why because it is a very chronic deep acting remedy in Homeopathy. It has a very detecting in treating hair fall cases unit Fabian 242 did hair fall

Sepia is a very depressed mentality and these women want to be alone while with the problem of hair fall. Not only during hair fall, all the time they want to be alone the does not want to meet up with the people. They do not like music. They do not like people, even she does not like her husband. If you come across with this kind of woman certainly, you need sepia to treat her hair loss.

The best remedy for hair fall in women is Natrum Muriaticum. Natrum Muriaticum, on the other hand, is also woman remedy in homeopathy looks to be very sad and depressed. These women also wanted to be alone. They also do not like to mix up with people. These hair loss woman likes to take where much salt. Taking excess salt is also one of the causes of hair fall. The Homeopathy form of the sodium salt is nothing but Natrum Muriaticum. is Homeopathy remedy is a very best in treating hair fall in women.  Natrum Muriaticum also works best in 200c potency. when compared to any other potency 200c is the best in the treatment of hair fall cases.

Another remedy we recommend for Homeopathy treatment of hair loss in women is Lachesis:

Lachesis is also the very best remedy to treat hair loss. You know the Omen towards the postmenopausal if suffers from hair fall then it would be the best remedy to treat her hair fall. Lachesis women always want to have to fan. The women with hair fall like to eat more pickle. You know, these women very often suffer from hair fall. In fact, their body is always with great perspiration. This kind of perspiration is also causing dandruff in Lachesis patients. Dandruff, on the other hand, produces hair loss. Therefore, Lachesis is one of the best Homeopathic remedies to treat hair loss in females with dandruff, perspiration and hair loss.


Please answer the question we have prepared to select your hair fall remedy in Homeopathy:

We have prepared these questions on observation of the numerous patients. You know if you are unable to select your best homeopathic remedy for hair fall in the single attempt, we request you to do this exercise once again. Certainly, you will get your best hair loss homeopathic remedy.


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In conclusion, I recommend Homeopathy is the best system of medicine to treat hair fall. It treats the root cause of hair fall. Moreover, along with constitutional treatment, you can apply homeopathic hair oil and shampoo externally. In fact, it will not interfere with the constitutional Homeopathy treatment for hair fall.

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qazi waseem
qazi waseem
6 years ago

sir, I got hair patch on forehead and dandruff whenever I itching white thing come from the head so pl if u have and advise pl let me know

6 years ago

Doctor ,I am jyothi from Bangalore.I have asked u medicine for scalp itching and u gave sulpur 200.But still I didn’t get relief.Please suggest some medicine.

Aditi Waghmare
Aditi Waghmare
7 years ago

It is a good info about hair loss. I had faced that problem severely when i hadnt cured my PCOS but now after getting treatment for it from Dr. Munta,im recovering and im almost cured.

Devendra Kumar Munta
7 years ago
Reply to  Aditi Waghmare

Thank you adhit for your response on my article hair falling and homeopathic cure.