Homeopathic medicine for Yawning

Homeopathic medicine for Yawning:

Yawning is nothing but a deep breath just similar to sigh. In fact, it is an involuntarily process. This kind of deep inspiration is seen particularly during fatigue and sleepiness or tiredness.  This natural process allows much more air into the lungs. Yawning brings pleasure, just like a deep sigh. It is also an essential stage in dyspeptic digestion. In addition, Yawning is a good general symptom to help find the correct Homeopathic medicine. However, it can be a sign of deep underlying disease, if occurs at shorter intervals. An interesting fact is, yawning may communicate from one person to another.

Homeopathic medicine for Yawning

Causes of Yawning in general:

  • drowsiness, tiredness, or fatigue
  • sleeplessness,
  • side effects of medications that inhibit the action of serotonin

Excessive Yawning may indicate the following disorders:

  • brain tumor
  • heart attack
  • epilepsy
  • liver failure
  • raise in temperature

Homeopathy remedies and their important indications for the treatment of yawning:

Cina Homeopathy Medicine for yawning in those with warm complaints:

Cina is the best homeopathic medicine indicates for yawning in children with great anger. Your child will have a great craving for sweets. In addition, this is a good remedy for yawing in impulsive persons. Underlying diseases such as tetany often point to this remedy. Most of the children suffering from worm infestations will also exhibit the symptom of yawning.

Hepar Sulphuricum for yawning in irritable persons:

Hepar Sulphuricum is also a very good remedy for yawing in short-tempered persons. Great pressure in the stomach with heaviness feeling is the symptom often these persons experience. Excellent remedy for yawing that occurs particularly when mind kept busy.

Platina Homeopathic remedy for yawing in arrogant women:

Platina is also a wonderful remedy for Yawning in arrogant women. Here the patient feels constriction in the stomach. It is best suited for yawing in those women with ravenous hunger. A sensation of numbness all over the body is the symptom that should not overlook with patina patients. This is also very good for the treatment of yawing in those with a feeling of coldness in affected parts.

Staphysagria Homeopathic remedy for yawing in depressive psychology:

Staphysagria is the best homeopathic remedy to control excessive yawing in depressive persons. Here also the symptom of ravenous hunger even with a full stomach is very prominent. Moreover, Staphysagria persons have a great craving for tobacco. Should not forget that the emotion of high anger, due to suppressions always point to this Homeopathic remedy.

Corallium Rubrum helps in the control of yawing if is due to extremely violent spasmodic cough. The discharges are profuse from the posterior nares.

Rhus Toxicodendron for yawing in restless people:

Rhus Tox is the best homeopathic remedy to treat yawing in restless persons. Here you will have great apprehension at night. Nausea is another symptom often these patients complain to us. Furthermore, vertigo in combination with excessive yawing is always curable with this Homeopathic medicine.

Crocus for Yawning particularly in women at menopause:

Crocus Sativa is the topmost Homeopathic medicine for yawing in those persons with great faintness. These persons are moody in general. We have observed yawing if associated with constipation, the crocus is the best homeopathic medicine. An interesting fact is yawing improves oppression. Yawing excessive particularly at menopause always yield to this Homeopathic remedy.

Ignatia for yawing in hysterical girls:

Ignatia is the most indicated Homeopathic remedy for yawing in hysterical girls. These girls will have sighing and sobbing. A feeling of sinking in the stomach is the most peculiar symptom. In addition, a sensation of the ball is the symptom often these girls complain to us. Easily faintness is observable.

Moscus Homeopathic medicine for yawing in women with faintness:

Moschus is another Homeopathy Medicine for yawing with faintness. These women also feel chest oppression. For those who often experience spasmodic hiccough, Moscus is indicated remedy. The women with increased sexual desire especially need this medicine.

Natrum Muriaticum for yawing in those persons with low blood pressure:

Natrum Muriaticum is also a very good medicine for the treatment of yawing in women with low blood pressure. These women will have nervous laughter attacks. It is best indicated in those with palpitations. Consolation particularly relives the complaints. For the problems that calm down especially at 10 am, Natrum Muriaticum is the topmost medicine. Furthermore, fainting spells are frequent where this Homeopathic remedy has its great priority.


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