Homeopathic medicine for Urticaria

Homeopathic medicine for Urticaria:

Urticaria is also known as hives or nettle rash. It is extremely unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. I can lead to an anaphylactic shock. Urticaria can be acute or chronic in nature. Every one of us experiences this disease once or twice in our lifetime. In fact, Urticaria always needs Homeopathic constitutional treatment.  A Homeopathic analysis of the case will help to determine the underlying cause. As a result, Homeopathic medicine is helpful for the permanent cure of the Urticaria. However, it is not as simple as we discuss, to cure the Urticaria permanently.  For this reason, that the cure of Urticaria is depended on many factors. In addition, it is the underlying disease for a lot of chronic diseases.

Homeopathic medicine for Urticaria

The Homeopathic remedies that helped in acute Urticaria can be used for chronic Urticaria as well.  The fact is that each and every remedy in homeopathy helps in the treatment of Urticaria.

Urticaria can be caused by:

  • Allergic reactions ( for example: nasal allergy, asthma, erythematic and itching) to certain foods or drugs (food poisoning, ),
  • Infections  (abscess and infections), or
  • Emotional stress (for example fears and tetany)
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Some plants
  • Physical stimuli, such as pressure, cold, heat, exercise or sun exposure
  • Insect stings or bites

These are very few causes to mention, however, the exact stimulating factor is unknown in most cases.

Symptoms of Urticaria:

You will get a red rash that is itching all over the body or some local areas. The rash will disappear after a while. But keep on getting frequently in chronic cases for years together. “Blanching” (when pressed, the center of a red hive turns white) is a very important symptom with Urticaria.


Urticaria with Angio-edema may lead to anaphylactic shock. It is a life-threatening health disorder.

Blood tests:

We always need to test for AEC (Absolute Eosinophilic Count) to guess the severity of the disease. IgE levels also help to know the progress of the disease.

Homeopathy medicines for Acute Urticaria:

Homeopathic remedies for Urticaria that arises from heat:

Apis mellifica is the best homeopathic medicine for the treatment of your acute Urticaria. Rose-red color edema especially indicates this remedy. You will experience burring and stinging pains. The urticarial rash that increases from the rest always indicates Apis Mellifica. In addition, your Urticaria particularly worsens from heat.

Bovista is another Homeopathy medicine for the cure of acute Urticaria that arises from heat. If you are getting Urticaria from emotional excitement, then Bovista is the right homeopathic medicine for you. Diarrhea before and during menses is an important indication of this remedy. You will also experience Urticaria, particularly before menses.

Homeopathic remedies for Urticaria that arises from Cold:

Arsenicum Album is the top grade homeopathy medicine for Urticaria that arises from cold air and food. If you get Urticaria from food poisoning, this remedy can help you. in this case, meat especially causes Urticaria.  Hot applications and food always relieve your Urticaria. For your Urticaria that appears mainly after midnight, Arsenicum Album is the best homeopathic medicine.

Dulcamara is the best homeopathic remedy for Urticaria that worsens from damp cold weather. Your urticarial attacks will be periodical in nature. Sometimes the Urticaria may alternate with diarrhea. In addition, joint pains are the attending symptom with your Urticaria.

Rhus Tox is also the best homeopathic medicine for Urticaria that worsens from the damp cold. You will experience little itching vesicles. Burning rash all over the body especially at night indicates the Rhus Toxicodendron.

Rumex is the excellent homeopathic medicine for Urticaria for those extremely sensitive to cold air. Here also food poisoning especially meat is the cause of Urticaria.

Sepia is the medicine for Urticaria, particularly in folds of armpits. Open-air if worsen your Urticaria, then it is the best medicine for you. For liver and genital disorders that commonly attend with the Urticaria, sepia is the topmost Homeopathic medicine.

Urtica Urens is useful for general detoxification. It helps in the cure of typical giant Urticaria. In this case, you will have your uric acid levels elevated.

Homeopathic constitutional remedies for Urticaria:

Anacardium Orientale is the Homeopathic medicine especially for Urticaria that relieve after eating. It is the best medicine for those with swelling and intense itching.  You will be more irritable with Urticaria.

Antimonium Crudum is the first-grade homeopathy medicine for Urticaria that resembles measles like eruptions. The people who need to prescribe this medicine will have thick skin. Your Urticaria always worsens from a cold bath. In addition, a warm bed produces new rashes.

 Calcarea Carbonica is the Homeopathic remedy for Urticaria that worsens from physical and mental exercise. Urticaria particularly during menses needs to use this remedy.  Cold air also causes urticarial rashes. In addition, sweat is the most worsening factor of your Urticaria.

Hepar Sulphuricum is also an excellent homeopathic medicine for Urticaria that worsens from cold air. Here the relief of the symptoms from wrapped up warmly. The people who need this remedy will have unhealthy skin. Hepar Sulphuricum is the best medicine for recurrent Urticaria.

Pulsatilla is the medicine for Urticaria that arises from rich food. If you get Urticaria from delay in menses, it is the right homeopathic medicine. You may have diarrhea as an attending symptom. For people with distended veins, Pulsatilla is the very good homeopathic medicine for Urticaria. In this case, the least heat causes Urticaria. Even undressing produce urticarial rashes all over the body. However cold water will relieve your urticarial rashes. In addition, the open-air will also produce great relief.


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