homeopathic medicine for urine retention

Homeopathic medicine for urine retention – treatment:

Unable to pass urine once after formation in the Kidney may call urine retention. It has many causes like various abstractions. Urine retention may due to prostate enlargement. Sometimes stricture urethra causes urine retention. In some cases, the bacterial infection causes inflammation of bladder and urethra thereby urine retention. Moreover, urine retention meet you too weakness in bladder muscles. In rare cases defective signal process between brain and bladder urine retention. Homeopathic medicine for urine retention deal with all of the above causes. There are good numbers of homeopathic medicines to cure urine retention permanently.



While talking about urine retention we have to keep below related terms in view:

  • Slow urine flow
  • Frequent urination
  • Bladder weakness
  • Urine dribbling
  • Urine incontinence
  • Uncontrolled urine
  • Increased urine output

homeopathic medicine for urine retention

These are all the related terms one should keep in mind while dealing with urine retention.

Homeopathic treatment particularly helpful in removing the cause of urine retention. Therefore, homeopathic remedies cure urine retention permanently.


Let us see what are the remedies in homeopathy useful for urine retention:

  • Aconite
  • Ammonium Carbonicum
  • APIs mellifica
  • Arnica Montana
  • Arsenicum album
  • Belladonna
  • cantharis
  • Causticum
  • Conium
  • Gelsemium
  • Lycopodium
  • Nux Vomica
  • Opium
  • Pereira Brava
  • Tarantula
  • Terebinthina oleum


These are the most indicated homeopathic medicines for urine retention.


Now let us discuss the utility of above homeopathic remedies for urine retention:

Aconite – homeopathic remedy for acute urine retention with frequent urge to urination:

Aconite is an especially homeopathic medicine for urine retention in newborns and women after delivery. Important indication for the use of aconite in urine retention cases is frequent urination. Moreover, Aconite helps in urine retention for the cases in Crisis.


Ammonium Carbonicum – homeopathic medicine for chronic urine retention with bladder weakness:

This homeopathic remedy is particularly helpful for urine retention in obese women. In fact, the hysterical behavior of women during urine retention calls for Ammonium Carbonicum. Every muscle in the body is in a relaxed state so also the bladder muscles guide us to use ammonium Carbonicum for retention of urine.


Apis mellifica is also the homeopathic remedy for urine retention in kidney failure cases with dribbling urine:

Apis mellifica retention of urine can identify by Thirstlessness. In general, Apis is a great homeopathic medicine for kidney failure. However, it also used for urine retention with dribbling of urination. Unbearable pain in urethra while passing a little drop of urine calls for Apis mellifica for urine retention. The main cause of urine retention in Apis cases is inflammation of bladder or cystitis.


I remembered a case of urine retention cured with Apis mellifica. An old man of age 60 came to my clinic in the evening with urine retention since morning. I enquired about the thirst of the patient. He said that he did not take water since morning. The cause of urine retention, in this case, is, taken first milk of a cow after delivery. I gave him a dose of Apis mellifica 200 power just two pills. For my surprise immediately after 5 minutes, the patient passed a little quantity of urine. Again, after 10 minutes, he passed nearly 250 ml of urine. The patient surprised by the quick action of homeopathic medicine. After that, he became a great fan of homeopathy.


Arnica is a very good homeopathic  medicine for urine retention after injury:

The main cause of retention of urine in case of Arnica is an injury to the backbone. The nerve innervations to bladder will affect injury can cure with arnica. Urine retention after surgery and catheter removal are effectively cured by Arnica Montana.


Arsenicum album is also a very good homeopathic medicine for urine retention after overactive bladder:

Arsenicum album patient with urine retention experience great anxiety. Moreover, the bladder undergoes overactive and produce frequent urination. The bladder muscles become weak because of anxiety and frequent urination, ultimately lead to retention of urine. Arsenic album is especially useful for urine retention in men. The complications of urine retention like cystitis can cure with homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album. Moreover, urine retention after surgery correct with Arsenicum album. In Addition urine retention after catheter removal also responded to this homeopathic medicine. Overall Arsenicum album is the best medicine for treatment of urine retention in homeopathy. In fact, lack of appetite, thirst for small quantities of water and constipation is the combination of symptoms call for Arsenicum album in homeopathy.


Belladonna is a best homeopathic medicine for acute urine retention:

The cause of urine, retention in belladonna is acute information of the bladder. The symptoms of retention of urine in case of belladonna include heaviness in the bladder. In addition, a little touch on the bladder is unbearable. Belladonna is best among homeopathic medicines for the treatment of acute retention of urine. The Complications of acute urine retention also cured with this homeopathic medicine.


Cantharis is a very good homeopathic medicine for retention of urine with violent burning pain:

Cantharis helps in the treatment of urine retention with cutting intolerable urging for urination. In general, urine retention after catheter removal produces violent tenesmus. This kind of urine retention after catheter removal very well cured with Cantharis. Urine retention after surgery with bloody urine drops feels like acid cured with Cantharis. Cantharis is also very good medicine acute urine retention. Urine retention after surgery relieved by cold application calls for Cantharis.


Causticum is an excellent medicine for urine retention in females:

Causticum mainly helps in urine incontinence. The main cause of urine retention in Causticum cases is a weakness of bladder. The gradual paralysis of the bladder that leads to urine incontinence calls for Causticum in Homeopathy. Causticum very well answers urine retention in females during pregnancy. This homeopathic medicine, without doubt, helps in the urine retention caused by overdistension of the bladder. Urine retention after surgery without the sensation of urination guide us to select the Causticum.


Gelsemium is also a wonderful homeopathic medicine for retention of urine in the bladder with weakness:

The cause of urine retention in Gelsemium is paralysis of the bladder. At first, the overflow of bladder gradually leads to the paralysis of bladder and retention of urine. Frequent urination after surgery with acute retention of urine calls for Gelsemium. This homeopathic medicine helps in the treatment of acute retention of urine after the excitement and bad news.


Lycopodium is a wonderful homeopathic medicine for chronic retention of urine:

Symptoms of urine retention in lycopodium are mainly associated with kidney unlike the bladder in Causticum and Gelsemium. In general, the chronic urine retention that related to constipation answered very well by lycopodium. The cause of urine retention may also prostate enlargement in Lycopodium cases. Moreover, the chronic urine retention related to kidney stones cure with Lycopodium.


Nux Vomica is also a very good homeopathic medicine for acute urine retention:

The cause of urine retention in case of Nux Vomica is mainly the food habits. The patients who adapted to spicy foods and alcohol, smoking comes under Nux Vomica category. The complications of urine retention with the above good habits are relieved with Nux Vomica. Moreover, Nux Vomica can also cure urine retention after surgery. In addition, urine retention during pregnancy in the female also well handled by Nux Vomica. This homeopathic remedy acts very well in cases of urine retention after catheter removal. Even though Nux Vomica is the best medicine for urine retention in male, it acts also well in the female.


Opium is a very good homeopathic medicine for retention of urine in bladder:

Here also in opium, the main cause for retention of urine in the bladder is the paralysis. Paralysis that developed after fright is mainly lead to urine retention in Opium cases. Moreover, acute urine retention after surgery can cure with a single dose of opium. Sometimes constipation may cause urine retention; such cases cured with opium. Another important use of opium is retention of urine in newborn. Overall opium is the best medicine for retention of urine in the bladder in old and newborn.


Pareira Brava is an excellent homeopathic medicine for urine retention during pregnancy:

Pareira Brava most prominently works in females and during pregnancy. The important indication of this remedy is, the women during pregnancy can only pass urine by standing on her knees. Moreover pressing the head against the floor can only release the urine from the bladder. In addition, the complications of urine retention that developed during pregnancy can cure with Pareira Brava. In fact, itching along the length of the urinary tract with acute retention of urine call for Pareira Brava in homeopathy. If the cause of retention of urine is due to prostate enlargement then Pareira Brava is the best Homeopathic medicine for male urine retention.


Tarentula Hispanica is also a wonderful homeopathic medicine for retention of urine in females:

Urine retention in case of  Tarentula Hispanica is particularly aggravated during menses. Another most peculiarity of Tarantula is the women with urine retention desire for music and dancing. Tarantula is also helpful for urine retention after catheter removal with symptoms of aversion to touch. In addition, retention of urine during pregnancy, any historical women can cure with Tarentula Hispanica. Destructive impulses cause urine retention call Tarentula Hispanica in homeopathy. Urine retention during pregnancy with delusions of monsters, insects, and ghosts answer by Tarentula Hispanica effectively.


Terebinthiniae Oleum is especially homeopathic medicine for retention of urine after surgery:

The symptoms of hysteria that are associated with acute retention of urine indicate Terebinthiniae Oleum. Terebinthiniae is the homeopathic medicine that especially for retention of urine develops after hemorrhages. In addition, Terebinthiniae Oleum works excellent for urine retention after convulsions. The main cause of urine retention in Terebinthiniae Oleum related to kidney and bladder. The strong violent odor of urine is the peculiarity of Terebinthiniae Oleum. Moreover, pain in bladder alternate with abdomen pain that associate with acute retention of urine indicates Terebinthiniae Oleum.

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Vilay pal singh
2 years ago

Urine retention after catheter removal .NLl flow taking old school mediation with no considerable effect request advice

Dear doctor urie not passing with flow taking allopathic medicine with no particular relief kindly advice catheter has been removed
Vikram Yadav
Vikram Yadav
2 years ago

Urine not coming out for my 7 months old baby girl

Dear Sir,
My 7 months old baby girl’s urine not coming out. She is fell with diarrhea since last 3 days. Prescribe something for her. Loose motions are frequent and 10 to 15 every day but urine not coming out.

Urine retention homeopathy
Ioclsk Meena
Ioclsk Meena
3 years ago

Hello doctor, as you know last year in august ,i had started problem frequent urine &frequent drinking water after every hour.then I consult a Endocrinologist doctor in guwahati, she examine through various test like blood ,urine,ultrasound,CT scan,MRI.all the reports were normal.but in MRI Pituitary gland seems bulky,due to this ADH hormone not generating in body as much to make water label balance through Kidney.that disease called Diebeties Insipidus due to lack of ADH hormone produce by Pituitary gland.doctor gave me synthetic ADH hormone (minrin nasal spray) to make balance. It works 10-12 hours. but this is not solution, please guide… Read more »

Diabetes Insepidus Homeopathic treatment
S K Meena
S K Meena
2 years ago

good morning doctor,
yes. i had taken two month homeopathy medicine but problem remain same Homeopathy doctor said this is due to prostate enlargement .but in test report it is because of deficiency of ADH . other problem is laziness in body & sexual relation is also effected due to this.