Homeopathic Medicine for Timidity

Homeopathic Medicine for Timidity:

Timidity in general refers to the fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions. The development of this nature in your child also depends on his brought up. For an Allopathic physician, it may not be a valuable symptom. However, for Homeopathic physician, timidity is an important symptom that helps in the diagnosis of the correct medicine. On the contrary, Homeopathic Treatment may not change your timid nature. Even though Homeopathy is assisted you to mingle with the world around you.

Homeopathic Medicine for Timidity

Homeopathic medicines for timidity at Emotional plane:

Ambra Grisea – Homeopathic medicine for timidity in reserved persons:

Ambra Grisea is the excellent Homeopathic medicine for timidity in bashful persons. If you are a reserved person with timidity, this medicine can help you. it is also a good remedy for fear in over-cautious persons. Your timidity will always worse from music. It is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for hysterical spasms from timidity.

Baryta Carb- Homeopathic remedy for timidity in presence of strangers:

Baryta Carbonica is the top Homeopathic medicine for timidity in children. If your child hides when strangers come home, it is the most reliable remedy. Its action is mostly on infants and old age. Slow and indecisive children often need this medicine.

Graphites- Homeopathic medicine for timidity in obese persons:

Graphites is the most useful Homeopathic medicine for timidity in fatty persons. For your violent anger and timidity in combination, it is the right choice. These people in a general cry from the music. For the disposition of want of work, Graphites is the accurate selection. The cold will particularly worse their sufferings.

Phosphorus – Homeopathy Medicine for timidity in the evening:

Phosphorus is the wonderful Homeopathic medicine for your timidity, particularly in the evening and dark. It is the most dependable remedy for timidity from thunderstorms or lightning storms. If you are extremely sensitive to completely insensitive, then Phosphorus is the right medicine for you.

Silicea- Homeopathy remedy for timidity in children:

Silicea is the most beneficial Homeopathic medicine for night terrors in children. Obstinate children often get benefits from this remedy. It is also top Homeopathic medicine for timidity in an inattentive child. For children with interest in pointed objects, it is the right medicine. They play with pins in spite of the fear of them. Thin people with great timidity, it needs to prescribe Silicea.

Homeopathic remedy for Fear in general:

Calcarea Carbonica helps in the treatment of timidity in obstinate persons. If you have great anxiety with palpitations, then Calcarea Carbonica can be your remedy for timidity. You will have also forgetful nature. In addition, you will have a great fear of contagious diseases. The persons of Calcarea Carbonica are fatty; however, they suffer from great timidity.

Causticum  – Homeopathic medicine for timidity in persons of social responsibility:

Causticum is the top Homeopathic medicine for timidity in sympathetic persons. If your complaints mostly worse at twilight and night this homeopathic medicine can help you greatly. If you are sympathetic particularly for others then Causticum is the right remedy for you. for persons of weeping tendency, it is the wonderful medicine to control the timidity.

Gelsemium – Homeo remedy for fear and apprehensions:

Gelsemium is the most suitable Homeopathic medicine for fear and nervousness. It is the remedy that particularly helps in trembling and palpitations. If you desire to be quiet and alone out of timidity, then Gelsemium is the right remedy for you.

Kalium Carbonicum is the best remedy for fear of impending disease. If your child never wants to be left alone, it could be the most suitable selection. These people will wear out very easily.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathy remedy for timidity in depressed women:

Natrum Muriaticum is the most beneficial Homeopathic medicine for timidity in introvert persons. It also helps in the violent attacks of anger. Sadness and timidity in adolescents can best treat with this remedy. For girls of secretive nature, it is of great help. Silent girls with great timidity need to prescribe this remedy.

Pulsatilla – Best Homeopathic Remedy for timidity in gentle girls:

Pulsatilla is also an extraordinary medicine for timidity. We observed some girls, they always want of caresses and kisses, such girls certainly need Pulsatilla. Full of fears particularly at twilight and night indicates this Homeopathic Remedy.

Homeopathy medicine for timidity with anger:

Lycopodium is the Homeopathy medicine for fear of people. It is also the best remedy for your loss of self-confidence. For those persons who speak loudly in public meetings, it is the appropriate medicine. Lycopodium is especially the medicine for timidity in men and children.

Petroleum, on the other hand, is the Homeopathic medicine for violent anger with fright. For people who are so depressed, they feel death is near, it is the most dependable remedy. It is also a very good remedy for hurriedness out or fears.

Sepia is the best Homeopathic medicine for timidity in indifferent women. For women of fits of anger against the family members, it is the right choice. Reserved and careful ladies often need to prescribe this remedy.

Sulfur Flavum helps in the treatment of timidity in self-conscious persons. For those people who answer with insolence, it is the most desirable medicine. These are anger just over their mistakes.


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