Homeopathic medicine for Osteoarthritis

Homeopathic medicine for Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder that affects anyone. Some people start at a young age, due to their heredity and traumatic factors. Others begin the process at a much later age, due to the normal wear and tear of the joints from gravitational stresses. The symptoms are periodical inflammatory arthritic pain that alternate with other diseases like eczema, E.N. T., diarrhea, etc. The disorders accelerate during puberty and menopause or andropause. Pain in a joint increase in damp weather is the specific feature of Osteoarthritis. Homeopathic medicine made from plants is the basis for all of the Osteoarthritis treatments. They can be prepared as Mother tinctures or classically as a homeopathic potency. Stimulation is a peculiarity of the sympathetic system’s action. For that reason, during the chronic Homeopathic treatment of osteoarthritis, the nervous system plays an important part to get the best results.

Homeopathic medicine for Osteoarthritis

Violent, inflammatory attacks, in fact, start at an early age during growth periods. In addition, they quickly appear as arthritic joint and bone decalcifying lesions. Thyroid dysfunction and allergies are always present. The destruction of the osteoarticular substance is early in the evolution and the lesions are irreversible. The articular degeneration provokes a movement restriction that will increase progressively with the loss of essential bone substance. The metabolism of the chondrocyte requires the proper enzymatic stimulation to delay the natural aging process.

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoarthritis Mineral salts, cell salts, or Biochemic medicines:

  • Calcarea Phosphorica
  • Silicea
  • Calcarea fluorica

Homeopathic Remedy for Osteoarthritis in general:

The pain of Osteoarthritis particularly in fat subjects needs Calcarea Carbonica and Capsicum. Whereas in thin subjects Causticum and Tuberculinum, the Homeopathic medicines for osteoarthritis.

Severe deformity, on the other hand, suggests Medorrhinum and Tuberculinum. Dulcamara and Natrum Sulphuricum are most specific for osteoarthritis that is very sensitive to dampness.

Abrotanum for osteoarthritis and Gouty deposits about fingers-joints:

Chronic arthritis is curable with this Homeopathic remedy. Joint pains that increase during cold, stormy weather responds to this medicine. Pains are sore and hot at that time metastasis to heart. Piercing pain in the heart is with high fever and emaciation, though appetite is good. Painful and inflamed wrist and ankle-joints that are stiff, with pricking sensation is a very important symptom is the indication of this remedy for osteoarthritis. Joint pains after suppressed gout are especially indicated for Abrotanum.

Antimonium-crud for osteoarthritis with digestive complaints:

Osteoarthritis pains especially when the stomach is involved. Tongue white, bowels costive, vomiting and retching are important symptoms in this case.

Arnica – osteoarthritis remedy with a constant fear of being touched:     

Inflamed joints are shining, red, and hard with pains unbearable during the night. The bed feels too hard to touch. Sensation as if the feet compressed by a hard pressure especially indicates this Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis.

Benzoic-acid – Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis tearing in joints with nearly clear urine:

Old osteoarthritis nodes become painful. In addition, as the pains abate palpitation sets in, ceasing only when pains increase. Pains are going from left to right of or commencing in the right great toe. Urine is of offensive odor, depositing reddish cloudy sediment. Chronic osteoarthritis with, wandering pains especially calls for this Homeopathic remedy.

Berberis-Vulgaris – Homeopathy remedy for osteoarthritis in those patient subject to the formation of biliary or renal calculi:    

Tearing, burning, stinging pains, darting, sharp pains radiate from the kidneys. Pains that are usually downward along the ureter especially benefits from this Homeopathy Medicine. Urine is cloudy, grayish, and depositing sediment. Fistula in Ano along with osteoarthritis is needed to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine.

Bryonia is for the osteoarthritis with deathly sickness when raising the head:

Joints are swollen, tense, and not very red. Pains are increase by motion or touch. Tongue white down the center especially indicates this Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis. Moreover, patients are unbearably cross.

Causticum helps in the cure of osteoarthritis where pain relieved by warmth of bed. Osteoarthritis Nodes with joints stiffness and toes or fingers contracted especially call for this Homeopathic remedy.

Colchicum – The Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis attacking many joints; shifting from one to another:     

Swelling joints with burning and tearing pains, from any external impressions, noise, odor, touch, or bright light especially indicates this Homeopathy Medicine. The joints become inflamed, dark red, hot, and intensely painful. The patient is nearly beside himself with agony. Edema and coldness of legs and feet are with weariness, heaviness, and inability to move. The urine of acidic is dark and scanty. Even the smell of food nauseates especially need this Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis. The frequent, ineffectual inclination to sneeze on waking in the morning is the key point in this case.

Graphites – Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis – awaken at night and springs out of bed suffocating:

Tearing arthritis pains in toes, which will relieve by eating. Gastric complaints with arthritic nodes on fingers especially indicate this Homeopathic remedy. Swelling of toes, balls of toes, and coldness of back of the feet is the important symptom to prescribe the Graphites for osteoarthritis. A red nose and bloated features, skin rough, with herpetic eruptions are some other indications.

Guaiacum – Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis pains as if cut with a knife:

Painful contractions are in joints that increase by the slightest motion. A great amount of heat is in the affected joints. Immovable stiffness of the contracted parts especially indicates this Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis. Pinching in the abdomen from obstructed flatus will always company joint pains.

Kali-Bichromicum – Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis alternate with gastric ailments:

Osteoarthritis especially of fingers responds to this medicine. periodical pains, shooting that is shifting in nature.  Pricking pains are of stiff all over mainly in the mornings.  audible cracking in joints on slight motion in the wrists or ankles.  

Kali-Carbonicum – Tearing pains of osteoarthritis in small joints and big toe:   

Osteoarthritis pains that make him irritable. Migraine with nausea and anorexia always follow the joint pains. Flatulence and hemorrhoids are the other symptoms to note. Urine red, smarting, with brick-dust sediment especially indicates this Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis. This Homeopathic medicine prevents the relapses of osteoarthritis.

Ledum – Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis, which may feel cold to the touch:

Osteoarthritis pains especially at midnight. When joints feel so hot that he will throw off all covering. Oedematous swelling of joint with osteoarthritis chiefly indicates this Homeopathic medicine. Osteoarthritis affects chiefly left shoulder and right hip joint.

Lithium-carb – Homeopathy Medicine for osteoarthritis with general puffiness of body and limbs:

Clumsiness in walking at night and weariness in standing is the specific symptom with this remedy. Swelling, tenderness, sometimes redness of lasts joints of fingers. Increase in bulk and weight. Intense itching of feet and hands at night from no apparent cause directs us to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis.

Lycopodium – Homeopathy remedy for osteoarthritis with tearing in the limbs at night and on alternate days:

Osteoarthritis pains, especially at night that relieve by heat. Drawing pain in effected joints increases in spite of at rest. Swelling of the dorsal of the feet especially calls this remedy for osteoarthritis. Sour eructations, frequent belching without relief always follows the osteoarthritis pains. Fullness in stomach and bowels, abdominal and renal colic are some other important symptoms.

Natrum Muriaticum – Homeopathy Medicine for osteoarthritis with cracking of joints which feel stiff on moving them:

Joints are tearing and stinging on walking or standing. Veins of feet distended. Bruised sensation in small of the back as if a portion of the spine taken out. An unhealthy-looking skin with osteoarthritis indicates this medicine. Osteoarthritis pains that increase at the seaside and in cold weather mainly call for this Homeopathic medicine. Constant sensation of chilliness in effects joint is the specific symptom that helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis with this Homeopathic medicine.

Nux-Vomica – Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis where pains are awakened him towards morning. Liver complaints in those who lead a sedentary life are an important indication of this Homeopathic medicine.

Rhododendron – Arthritic nodes with paralytic weakness of the limbs especially indicate this Homeopathic medicine. Joint pains mainly increase in rough weather and during the rest. Sensation in lower legs and feet as if asleep is an important symptom.

Ruta – is the Homeopathic medicine for pains in bones of feet, cannot step heavily on them: Sore or bruised osteoarthritis pains. All parts of the body feel bruised on pressure. In wet, cold weather, the pains increase.

Sabina – Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis with the heaviness of the affected limbs:

Pains increase by the least touch or slightest motion. Fever with excessive pains that especially worst in the evening. Pains are mainly affecting one joint after another. Osteoarthritis pains usually relieved by cool applications indicate this Homeopathic remedy. The patient changes her position often to get some relief.

Staphysagria – Homeopathy Medicine for osteoarthritis where patient weak and exhausted from dissipation:

Skin affections alternating with pains in joints is an important indication. Eyes burn and feel dry despite profuse lachrymation many times accompany the osteoarthritis. Weak pulse, palpitations, and dyspnoea on exertion are also observed along with joint pains. Osteoarthritis with much swelling and hardness mainly need to prescribe this Homeopathic remedy. The weakness of knees with osteoarthritis and soles of feet are tender.

Sulphur – Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis especially of drunkards and those who indulge in rich food and take but little exercise:

Red nose and blisters in face mainly identify this Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis. Disgust for animal food is another symptom. Pressive pain in joints, as soon as he falls asleep the affected limbs jerk and arouses him. Joint Pains are changeable and leave a sensation of numbness. Alternate constipation or diarrhea, with excessively fetid stools and fetid flatulence, is the associated symptom.


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