Homeopathic Medicines for Nervousness

Homeopathic Medicine for Nervousness:

Nervousness is none other than the body’s stress response. A series of hormonal and physiological changes follow this response. The same stimuli otherwise prepare us to fight or escape from the situation. In fact, this neuroendocrine regulation is under the influence of many different mediators. These are found in minute quantities in our bodies. Whereas, the trace elements, hormones, enzymes, etc. are influence the nerve and endocrine function. These substances are shaken up approximately 80 times a minute by the throbbing of the heart, which makes them into physiological Homeopathics. This is the process, on the other hand, a natural Potentisation inside the body. That is equal to, how Homeopathic medicines made. Homeopathy directly deals with the defects in the nerve signals. For that reason, Homeopathic medicine is very effective in controlling nervousness. Moreover, Homeopathic treatment can handle the case of nervousness without causing any side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Nervousness

When confronted with environmental stimulations, the body reacts with two opposite attitudes that direct the drives:

  1. Action = attack
  2. Inhibition = escape

The memory selects the most appropriate information and fixes a chronic stress coding in its physiology. When the patient easily expresses nervousness, it is called nervousness without inhibition. When restrained and kept inside, it is called nervousness with inhibition. In fact, generalized anxiety includes nervousness.

Homeopathy Acute remedies for Nervousness without inhibition: Hysterical Persons

Ignatia is the Homeopathic remedy that especially helps in the treatment of nervousness in those who feel the sensation of balls in any place (throat, stomach). Sighing and sobbing are in general associated with nervousness in these people.

Uncontrollable laughter with nervousness, on the other hand, suggests Moschus. Faintness and high sexual excitement are important symptoms in this case.

Nux Moschata especially helps in the cure of nervousness where confused memory and changeable mood are prominent. Fainting attacks and drowsiness are common symptoms to note with nervousness in Nux moscata patients.

 Nervousness after consolation especially indicates Lilium Tigrinum. Here also sexual excitement is very much noticeable. Palpitation, hurriedness, and fears are most observed in this case.

Homeopathy Acute remedy for Nervousness with much anger: 

Antimonium Crudum is the Homeopathic medicine especially helps in the treatment of nervousness in those who cannot bear to touched or looked at. Moreover, excessive irritability is the cause of nervousness in this Homeopathic remedy.

Whining restlessness with nervousness, on the other hand, indicates Chamomilla. These people are intolerant of pain. In addition, impatient and capricious are the symptoms that point to this Homeopathic medicine for nervousness.

Nux Vomica is the Homeopathic remedy for nervousness in hyperactive and sensitive persons. This Homeopathic medicine particularly benefits in nervousness caused due to noises, lights, and strong odors.

Homeopathic medicine for Nervousness with inhibition: 

Fear of insanity with restless and loquacious especially calls for Cimicifuga for nervousness. Premenstrual edema is an important symptom that highlights the use of this Homeopathic Remedy for nervousness.

Staphysagria is the Homeopathic medicine benefits in the nervousness with restrained anger. Sexual obsessions are very marked in this case. These people are peevish, touchy, and frustrated.

Trembling from weakness and fear, on the other hand, indicates Gelsemium. A feeling of weight on the chest with suffocation is always suggesting this Homeopathic Remedy for nervousness.

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Anacardium Orientale especially helps in the nervousness where weak memory is the cause. These people cannot decide anything in particular. The nervousness that relieves after eating is the key point in this case. Hesitates the things and delusions are important symptoms in the case of this Homeopathic medicine for nervousness.

Homeopathic Remedies for Nervousness without inhibition:

Very big appetite:

Iodum persons need to be busy in order to escape from nervousness. The thin body especially helps in identification this remedy. Fear of people and forgetfulness always indicate this Homeopathic Remedy for nervousness.

Petroleum is the Homeopathic medicine that especially helps in the nervousness in those with hurried as if death was near. Violent anger and easily offended are the symptoms that chiefly call for this Homeopathic medicine.

Terrible attacks of anger:

Violent anger followed by guilt, on the other hand, suggests Aurum Metallicum for nervousness. These people are hurried and sensitive to noise.

Changes place continually with fear of death especially, suggests Arsenicum Album. Nervousness particularly around 1 am is the indication for this Homeopathic remedy.

Platina is the Homeopathic medicine for nervousness especially in those with mental and sexual excitement. Nervousness as a part of premenstrual syndrome otherwise indicates this Homeopathic medicine. Proud and arrogant women certainly need this Homeopathic Remedy for the control of her nervousness.

Hateful, headstrong, and oversensitive persons need Nitric Acid for the cure of nervousness. Fear of death is important symptom in this case. These people are somewhat cruel in nature with nervousness.

Homeopathic Remedy for Nervousness with marked timidity: 

Ambra Grisea is the Homeopathic remedy especially helps in the treatment of nervousness in those who despair with weeping from music. Loquacious and restless are the symptoms particularly indicate this Homeopathic medicine for nervousness.

Apprehensive and fear of diseases with nervousness on the other hand, suggests Calcarea Carbonica. These people are forgetful, confused, and obstinate in nature.

Pulsatilla especially helps in the cure of nervousness where fast changes of mood are very well marked. Easily discouraged and fearful people with nervousness are chiefly benefits from this Homeopathic medicine. Nervousness mainly in the evening is the most specific symptoms of this remedy.

Lycopodium is also a good Homeopathic remedy for nervousness with apprehension. These people are also proud, arrogant, and headstrong. Nervousness that relieves from company particularly need to cure with Homeopathic medicine.

Sepia, this Homeopathic remedy particularly benefits in nervousness that caused due to fears. Sepia women are easily offended and weep when telling sufferings. Here also obstinate nature is the key point.

Those who never want to be alone with nervousness particularly need Kalium Carbonicum. Anxiety especially in stomach indicates this Homeopathic Remedy. Mood changes are fast in kali carb persons with nervousness.

Homeopathic Medicines for Nervousness with many various fears:

Argentum Nitricum helps in the cure of nervousness in those who always hurried with irrational fears. Apprehensive and mental impulses dominate the entire picture of this Homeopathic remedy.

Nervousness with fascinated and frightened by sharp objects such as pins and scissors especially need Silicea. Sweating in head is the important symptom to identify this Homeopathic remedy. Moreover oversensitive and head strong with fixed ideas.

Natrum Muriaticum is chiefly benefits in the cure of nervousness in those women with secretive nature. These people are very anger about trifles. Tears with laughter that increase by consolation especially indicate this Homeopathic medicine.

Causticum feel nervousness mainly at twilight. Those who are overemotional about others misfortunes certainly need this Homeopathic remedy. These are hopeless and feel disappointed easily.

Nervousness in those people who are weeping and trembling by music is curable with Thuja. This Homeopathic remedy especially helps in the treatment of nervousness where suspicious nature and fixed idea are very prominent

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Homeopathy Medicines for Nervousness with Great depression:

Conium is Homeopathic medicine especially benefits in nervousness with hypochondria from mental depression. These people are afraid to be alone. It is the important Homeopathic medicine for nervousness in old people.

Phosphoric Acid is the main Homeopathic remedy for nervousness after love affair. Cannot think with despair is the important feature to identify this remedy. Indifferent and apathetic mind are the other symptoms in this case.

Lack of willpower with extreme fatigues on the other hand, indicates Picric Acid for nervousness. These people have a strong feeling that they cannot work anymore.


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7 years ago

Sir my baby is very headstrong, peevish, beating every body and playing alone please suggest remedy.

Drdevendra Kumar munta
Reply to  Gopika

Silicea is best remedy in this case. try 200 potency single dose. just e pills.