Homeopathic Medicine for Menopause

Homeopathic Medicine for Menopause:

Every woman goes through menopause according to her own particular endocrine system balance. The age of onset depends on the family history. In addition, the nutritional status of women influences the menopausal age. Homeopathic medicine is essential for all women to remain healthy through this difficult period of menopause.

Homeopathic Medicine for Menopause

Following are the important related changes that menopause particularly brings:

  • Weight of the women
  • Neurological and vascular, (headaches and hot flushes, sweating)
  • Mind – stress
  • Bone related to calcium absorption, etc.

Homeopathy remedy for Premenopause: 

Premenopausal is a hyperplastic period, with edema and the production of tumors. Homeopathic preventative treatment will greatly be appreciated by all women going through the Premenopause stage in life.

Cimicifuga is the Homeopathic medicine that especially helps in the treatment of Premenopause in case of nervousness and restlessness before menses. Mastitis is the other complication related to Premenopause where this Homeopathic remedy helps.

Homeopathic Treatment for Surgical menopause (hysterectomy):

Homeopathic remedies essentially act on neurotic disorders and surgical trauma. Following are the Homeopathic medicine benefits after surgery to the uterus.

  • Arnica
  • Staphysagria
  • Hypericum 

Conium is the Homeopathic remedy for those who take no interest in anything after hysterectomy. The women have no sexual desire even. Chronic mastitis after uterine surgery is curable with this Homeopathic medicine.

Nux Moschata and Veratrum Album are especially benefited in hysterical behavior during menopause after hysterectomy. Fears, faintness, and tetany are other important indications in these cases.

Homeopathy Medicines for established menopause:

 Some remedies are particularly useful during the menopausal period.  All of the Homeopathic medicines described have typical mind symptoms related to menopause. When the mental picture is striking in the chronic state, in this case, one can use higher potencies but less often.

Homeopathic remedies for intolerant to heat, flushes of heat  during Menopause:

Aurum Metallicum is the Homeopathic medicine that helps for hot flushes along with arthritis during menopause. A melancholy alternate with authoritarian attacks of anger is the important mind symptoms in these cases. This Homeopathic medicine also benefits in cure of fibroma at this stage.

Increased sexual desire during menopause, on the other hand, suggests Cenchris Contortris. Mental and physical restlessness is the symptoms frequently observed in these cases. The women who feel the swelling sensation all over the body during menopause is needed this Homeopathic medicine.

Ferrum Metallicum is for the anemia during menopause. Weakness with oversensitivity particularly attracts the attention of this Homeopathic medicine. The pallor of the face alternates with throbbing flushes is the key point in this case.

Lachesis is a very frequently indicated Homeopathic remedy for menopause. It is the Homeopathic medicine especially helps in the treatment of menopause in those who cases where all symptoms are relieved with menses. Suffocation, loquacity, and jealousy are the other important symptoms in this case.

Easy nose bleeds, on the other hand, suggests Phosphorus for menopause complaints. Hunger and thirst during the night especially indicate this Homeopathic medicine. Tooth problems during menopause are also curable with Phosphorous.

Eruptions before menses are chiefly the indication of Sulfur Flavum. Hemorrhoids and headaches particularly during menopause need This Homeopathic remedy. Craving for sweets is an important indication in this case.

Homeopathic Medicine for Leucorrhea and symptoms of the uterus; ovaries; breast during  Menopause:

Sepia is for those women who are sad, indifferent, and irritable during menopause. Muscle spasms especially during menopause are curable with this Homeopathic remedy. Ptosis of stomach, kidney, and uterus are other important indications of sepia during menopause.

Dresses younger than her age is the mindset of Platina woman. Either excited or depressed particularly during menopause indicates this Homeopathic remedy. Spasm, Ovaritis, and mastitis are the clinical complications that respond to Platina during menopause. Hysterical numbness is the key point in this case. Platina often helps women for menopause troubles those who are very proud.

Dry vagina during menopause especially needs the Natrum Muriaticum. A painful prolapsed uterus is the symptom often overlooked in these cases. The greasy forehead is the appearance of the Natrum Muriaticum women during menopause. Blinding headaches during menopause is certainly responded to this Homeopathic Medicine.

Agaricus is the Homeopathic remedy, especially helps in the treatment of menopause in those women who feel a violent bearing-down sensation in the uterus. Nipples itch and burn during menopause are curable with this Homeopathic remedy. Sexual excitement during menopause mainly indicates Agaricus.

Homeopathy for Tumors during Menopause:

Thuja is helpful for the burning leucorrhea during menopause. Women with profuse night sweats and fixed ideas during menopause need this Homeopathic Remedy.  Thuja is the most specific Homeopathic medicine for tumors during menopause.

Conium is beneficial in the cure of hard and painful tumors of breast, ovary, or uterus during menopause. Sadness and depression during menopause very well respond to this Homeopathic medicine. Vertigo and trembling are important indications to select conium during menopause.

Calcarea Carbonica is the main Homeopathy Medicine of most of the women during menopause. Extremely fearful and sweats in the head is the important symptom of this Homeopathic Remedy. Decalcification in bones during menopause, without doubt, is curable with Calcarea carb. Rheumatisms, tumors, skin disorders, fears, and chilblains during menopause are the other symptoms that respond to this Homeopathy Remedy. This Homeopathy Medicine benefits in most of the complaints related to breast ovary, uterus during menopause.


Homeopathy for Bones During menopause:

Kalium Carbonicum especially helps in the lumbar weakness or back pain during menopause. Anxiety in the stomach is the key point in this case. Palpitations of heart and alternating moods are the other symptoms that this Homeopathic Remedy deals with during menopause.

Exhausting profuse sweat at night, on the other hand, suggests Mercurius Solubulis. Hot burning itching leucorrhea is another field of action of this Homeopathic medicine during menopause.

Tuberculinum especially helps in the prevention of arthritis during menopause. However, the symptoms should match.


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