Homeopathic Medicine for intolerance to Heat or Cold:

During certain stages of a person’s life, they may be intolerant to cold. Then change completely into intolerance to heat. This can happen during acute fever, menopause and after any trauma, etc. The sanguine constitution cannot stand the heat and needs open air. The nervous constitution is always chilly. Sensitivity to air conditioning is one of the main general symptoms to use in the Homeopathic remedy diagnosis. Let us discuss Homeopathic medicine that is intolerance to heat or cold.

Homeopathic Medicine for intolerance Heat

Homeopathic remedy for Heat intolerance with Sensitive to Heat:

Apis, Lycopodium, and Sulfur Flavum are the Homeopathic medicines in which heat of the bed is intolerable. Burning in parts on exposure to heat is prominent here.

Alumina, Carbo Vegetabilis, Fluoric Acid, Iodum, Kalium Bichromicum, Natrum Carbonicum, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Selenium are the remedies in Homeopathy for intolerance from the heat in general. Most particularly is during summer.

Argentum Nitricum, Lachesis, Lilium Tigrinum, and Pulsatilla are for intolerance in a warm room. They need fresh air. Extremely sensitive to the sun on the other hand need Antimonium Crudum, Baryta Carbonica, Belladonna, Bryonia, Opium, and Zincum.

Effect of Heat on the face:

Marked redness of lips, headache requires Aloes for the homeopathic cure of hemorrhoids in general. Early hair fall, dental caries, old looking, and varicose veins with heat intolerance need fluoric acid in Homeopathy. Burning sensations in spots anywhere in the body, especially shoulders suggest Phosphorus for Heat Intolerance.

Heat Of the cheeks:

Chamomilla is for intolerance of heat in teething children with diarrhea. Cheek One side hot with fever and ear infection also indicate Chamomilla in Homeopathy.

Flushes of heat especially the right with migraine headache over eye suggest Sanguinaria for heat intolerance.

Heat Of the head:

Aconitum is for unquenchable thirst with heat intolerance as if the head will explode. Sweat is absent in this case.

LACHESIS benefits in throbbing heat at night. Constriction sensation, suffocation from heat especially at menopause needs this Homeopathic medicine for heat intolerance.

 Heat Of the hands:

People who suffer from liver diseases with dry skin and intolerance to heat in general benefit from Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium. Agaricus helps in the case of Burning and itching all over the body. Chilblains are curable in heat intolerant people by using Agaricus. The swelling of body parts from becoming frozen is another key point here.

Hot Burning feet at night :

Sulfur Flavum is Homeopathic medicine for hot sweat of feet. In this case, one must take the feet out of bed. Otherwise, feel great burning and itching.

‘Cannot keep feet still from burning’ suggest us to use Medorrhinum in Homeopathy. Sleeps on the abdomen is the key point in this case.

Homeopathic remedy for Heat sensation in the heart: 

Antimonium Tartaricum is also a Homeopathic medicine for heat intolerance with lung diseases. Asthma and cough particularly on lying down especially indicate this Homeopathic remedy. Whereas feeling heat sensation in the heart with aortitis calls for Spongia.

Homeopathic Medicine for Cold Intolerance in general:

Arsenicum Album patients are extremely sensitive to cold. Homeopathic medicine helps those who need hot applications. In fact, Causticum is a Homeopathic medicine for intolerance of dry cold wind. In this case, damp warmth weather relieves all the complaints.

Nitric Acid especially works in those are who are intolerant to both hot and cold weather. Fetid warm foot sweat is another peculiarity in these cases.

Silicea is a Homeopathic remedy that helps greatly in cold intolerance people. Here wrapping up the head and warm baths etc relieve the complaints in general.
Calcarea Carbonica is a great Homeopathic remedy for cold intolerance in obese people. It helps in those subjects who are very sensitive to cold especially feet.

Cold intolerance in Graphite subjects on the other hand, aggravated by warmth. This homeopathy medicine also benefits cold intolerance especially at night.

Aranea Diadema in Homeopathy chiefly helps in the arthritis of fingers with intolerance to cold.Joint pain relief from the heat, in general, indicates Kalium Bichromicum in Homeopathy. Summer heat increases the joint pains in this case.

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7 months ago

any heat above 16 degrees is almost intolerable for me and as you said I used to be quite chilly all time Now I am 70 years old and passed menopause thankfully… it is not hot flushes just as my body and mind just shut down in any warm or hot place…a social life, theatre or concerts which I love are unbearable outdoors in hot summer is torture ..this is so very miserable it effects my whole life now