Homeopathic medicine for insomnia

Homeopathic medicine for Insomnia:

Sleep is a part of the Biorhythm, very essential for sustenance of life. It is the natural cycle between conscious and unconscious life. In fact, sleep is necessary for the individual to gain an active balance in life. During sleep, daytime experiences and urges are integrated. In reality, they happen in the emotional realm of the individual. In this connection, continuous loss of sleep can call as Insomnia. The symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, and sadness are interrelated. The Homeopathic treatment of this mental disorder must rely on the analysis of the general symptoms. The first motive of Homeopathic treatment, in any case, is otherwise correction of the sleep cycle. For that reason, Homeopathic medicine for the cure of Insomnia works excellent. Moreover, Homeopathy produces no side effects in the process of curing Insomnia.

Homeopathic medicine for insomnia

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia in general:

Following are the Homeopathic medicines that work like Tranquillizers. These Homeopathy remedies are beneficial in Mother tincture form. 

  • Avena sativa
  • Asperula
  • Eschscholtzia california
  • Passiflora
  • Piscidia
  • Valeriana

Magnesium and Lithium like trace elements help especially in improving the sleep.

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia when Difficulty in falling asleep from Sadness:

Ignatia is the Homeopathic medicine particularly benefits in insomnia where sighing and sobbing are prominent. Sleeplessness in persons of extremely changeable mood is curable with this Homeopathic remedy. In addition, Ignatia stands in the first place for insomnia from bad news.

Causticum is the Homeopathy medicine for insomnia in those cases that need a light to fall asleep. This Homeopathic remedy benefits in sleepless particularly from restlessness at twilight. Easy weeping is a key point in this case. Moreover, insomnia from fear is also curable with Causticum.

Kalium Bromatum is the medicine in Homeopathy that especially helps in insomnia from night terrors. It benefits sleeplessness where fears and delusions are prominent. Jerking legs is an important symptom that runs along with insomnia in Kalium Bromatum children.

Natrum Muriaticum is for insomnia treatment in Homeopathy in those who checks if all the doors are correctly closed. Sleep disturbance from fear of robbers especially indicates Natrum Muriaticum. These persons are secretive in nature and introvert.

Staphysagria particularly helps in insomnia after contradiction. It is also a good Homeopathic remedy for child insomnia when the child takes the day for the night and the reverse.

Restless and screaming from insomnia is curable with the Homeopathic remedy Jalapa.

Homeopathy for sleeplessness after an animated conversation: 

Coffea Cruda is the Homeopathic medicine for sleepless that arise from unusual mental activity. Flowing of ideas rapidly with joyful mood especially indicates this Homeopathy remedy for insomnia.

For persons who must get up from anxiety and insomnia, Ambra Grisea is the best Homeopathic medicine. Restless and loquacious are the other indications that help in the treatment of sleeplessness with this Homeopathy medicine. This Homeopathic medicine also benefits in insomnia from fear and worries.

Cypripedium particularly benefits in insomnia where the infant wakes up during the night. This Homeopathic medicine especially indicates for sleeplessness, in cases of children that are oversensitive from school overwork. Children who are joyful and want to play in spite of insomnia also need Cypripedium.

Homeopathic medicine for insomnia from worried about what they will do tomorrow:

Gelsemium is the Homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness where the cause is uncontrollable thinking. Those who cannot fully get to sleep from nervous exhaustion otherwise need this medicine for the treatment of insomnia in Homeopathy.

On the contrary, those who cannot bear noises, odors, and light need Nux Vomica for sleeplessness. It is also a very good remedy for insomnia in those who cannot sleep especially after 3 A. M. on the other hand, the least touch causes sleep disturbance particularly indicates Nux Vomica.

Argentum Nitricum is the Homeopathic medicine for insomnia chiefly from horrible dreams of snakes. This Homeopathic remedy particularly benefits in sleeplessness where terrible fears make him hides in the bed.

Fears being alone and of dark in the evening, on the other hand, suggests pulsatilla for insomnia. In this case, sleeplessness particularly relieves by walking in the open air.

Kalium Phosphoricum especially benefits in the Homeopathic treatment of insomnia from mental overexertion. Somnambulism is the key point in this case. Night terrors and weak memory are also indicating the kalium Phosphoricum for Insomnia.

Insomnia from nostalgic thoughts in fact suggests the Homeopathic medicine Capsicum.

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Homeopathy remedy for Insomnia according to Wake up time:

Arsenicum Album is the Homeopathic remedy for those who wake up at 1 am with insomnia. Anxiety and feeling as if he is dying are the key points to select this Homeopathic remedy for the treatment of Insomnia.

Walking around 2 am with insomnia, on the other hand, suggests Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid. This Homeopathic remedy is highly beneficial in insomnia, where the cause is the fear of death with hopeless despair. Nitric acid indicates for sleeplessness, in case if sensitive to noise and touch is very prominent.

Kalium Carbonicum is the Homeopathic remedy that especially helps in the treatment of insomnia in those who wake up around 2 and 3 am. In this case, the patient cannot sleep again. He needs a company once after waking from the sleep.

Thuja indicates for sleeplessness in case if the patient wakes up around 3 to 4 am. This Homeopathic remedy particularly benefits in insomnia caused due to various obsessions.

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia early in the morning with urgent stool:

Natrum Sulphuricum greatly benefits in the Homeopathic treatment of sleeplessness with Hypochondria. Depression and asthma are the key points to select this Homeopathic remedy for the treatment of Insomnia. In this case, the patient with colitis wakes early in the morning with diarrhea.

Sleeplessness after an excessive meal with hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and headaches, on the other hand, suggests Aloe. Full sensation in the rectum is another key point in this case.

Sulfur Flavum is a Homeopathic medicine that particularly benefits in insomnia where slightest noise awakens. For talks and jerks during sleep with sleep disturbance, this Homeopathic remedy is highly useful.


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6 years ago

Dear Dr ,
I was taking Allopathic phsycratic medicines for hallucination , visions etc , now all symptoms are cured , now i want to stop allopathic medicines , problem is that whenever i dont take allopathic medicines i remain awake whole night , i am suffering from insomnia , I tried Avena sativa , passiflora and coffea cruda but i did not get any sleep. can you please suggest me medicine.


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