Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux

Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux:

The flow of gastric juices back into the stomach pipe is called acid reflux. The weakness in the splinter at the lower end of the esophagus is the cause. Acid reflux produces a most distressing symptom called Heart Burn (Pyrosis). The disease medically treated as Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD). Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux are aim in treating the heartburn. In addition, related defects in the stomach pipe will correct with Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic treatment for acid reflux directly affects the nerve weakness in the splinter of the esophagus. For that reason, Homeopathic medicines cure acid reflux disease permanently.

Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux

Heartburn and Water brash are prominent symptoms of indigestion. In this case, the patient feels great burning in the heart region. The burning pain in the stomach moves up to the throat. It also includes backflow of sour, bitter, and watery fluids from the stomach into the throat. This symptom otherwise called a water brush.

Topmost Homeopathic remedies for Acid reflux:

Here we will discuss few top-grade Homeopathy medicines for heartburn.

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Calcarea carbonica – Homeopathic remedy for acid reflux with nervous eating:

Hear burn after taking any kind of food, in general, indicates this Homeopathic medicine. In addition, constipation with acid reflux disorder needs Calcarea carbonica for permanent cure. Desires for soft-boiled eggs, salt, sugar, and ice creams especially suggest this Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux treatment.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux in irritable persons:

Constipation and anger are the chief indications of this medicine for heartburn. The persons who Stimulate himself with coffee, alcohol, and drugs need this Homeopathy remedy. Also over sensitive and overstressed people suffering from acid reflux can cure with Nux Vomica. In fact, Nux Vomica is the medicine for retching with the inability of vomiting.

Cicuta Virosa – Homeopathy medicine for acid reflux in Convulsive Patients:

Electric-like shock sensation in the esophagus with heartburn especially guides us to use this remedy for reflux diseases. Water brush just on touching the throat suggests Cicuta Virosa for acid reflux. The symptoms of heartburn after head injuries also indicate this Homeopathy medicine. Homeopathic treatment for Acid reflux during pregnancy also needs Cicuta.

Magnesium Carbonicum – Homeopathic remedy for acid reflux with slow digestion:

Food becomes sour due to slow digestion in this case. For that reason, Magnesium Carbonicum is a very good Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux and gastritis. In addition, vomiting of undigested milk indicates this medicine for heartburn. Another important key point is pain in the stomach on taking milk.

Conium particularly helps in old people for acid reflux. Glands enlargement with heartburn, in general, indicates this Homeopathic medicine. Ferrum Phosphoricum benefits for acid reflux when vomiting immediately after eating and bright red blood. On the other hand, Heartburn in hysterical women can cure with Crocus Sativa.

Pulsatilla is the remedy for acid reflux after taking fatty foods and ice creams. In addition, Ammonium Carbonicum is the Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux in hysterical women, with a tendency to faint. Indigestion from warm drinks indicates Ambragrisea for heartburn.


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