homeopathic medicine for dyspepsia in newborn

Homeopathic medicine for dyspepsia in newborn:

Breastfeeding baby who do well for some days suddenly stop feeding and lose weight, in this case, dyspepsia is one of the cause.  Moreover, Abnormal and unpleasant digestion is certainly the most frequent symptom appearing in functional medicine. The point is that when a situation cannot be “swallowed” (mentally or physically), one of the first reaction of the body is to make stomach acid. Homeopathic medicine for dyspepsia in the newborn is most effective for immediate relief of pain.

In the newborn, this pathology of dyspepsia must consider with particular care, because often it announces the future E.N. T. and respiratory tract diseases, Most important,  that will last for years if a correct homeopathic treatment is not given.

homeopathic-medicine-for-dyspepsia-in-newborn Homeopathic medicine for dyspepsia in newborn:

General Homeopathic medicines for dyspepsia in newborn – especially Morning aggravation:

  • Chelidonium 3x
  • Sepia 3x
  • Salidago virga 3x
  • Taraxacum 3x

General homeopathic medicines for dyspepsia in newborn – particularly Evening aggravation:

  • Hepatine 4c
  • Stomach Mucosa 4C

Homeopathic medicines for dyspepsia in newborn for healthy appearance, in spite of much acidity and voracious appetite:

Dyspepsia in newborn children those who are skinny do not eat and does not grow:

Following are the homeopathic medicines for dyspepsia in newborn babies especially are skinny. In fact, these remedies also increase the appetite as well favor the growth of the baby.

Some other homeopathic medicines useful for dyspepsia in the newborn:

  • Colocynthis 6c
  • Lycopodium 6c
  • Nux Vomica 6c
  • Pulsatilla 6c

How to prepare Dyspepsia Homeopathic Medicine for Newborn?

Prepare the remedy for the day by placing the granules in a water bottle and allow them to melt. In addition, Shake the preparation before each use and give especially a small amount to the baby 10 minutes before feeding.

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