Homeopathic Graphites Benefits or Uses and Side effects:

Graphite is evidently a crystalline form of carbon. It is nothing but a high-grade coal but difficult to ignite. The Homeopathic medicine name for Graphites is also Graphites. Graphites in homeopathy are benefits for treating various skin diseases particularly eczema.


Homeopathic Graphites Benefits for skin diseases similar to eczema:

Graphites homeopathic medicine is especially, useful in the unhealthy skin of Eczema. External application of Graphites ointment helps where every little injury causes suppuration. In fact, Graphites in homeopathy benefits for suppuration, the tendency of the skin to form pus easily.

Graphites uses are for skin complaints that are itching all over the body, with or without eruptions. The patients who need Graphites homeopathic medicine are certainly worse at night and from the warmth of bed.

Another most important benefit of Homeopathic Graphites is, it can cure the fissures and cracks. Graphites fissures formed on fingers, nipples, and labial commeasures. Moreover Graphites 200 cure fissures at anus, uvula and between the toes.

Graphites 3x is mainly benefits in ulcers with glutinous, thick and sticky discharge. In addition, crusty scabby ulcers, with proud flesh cured with the homeopathic medicine Graphites 30. In fact, eczema in Graphites cases is present with burning, itching, and stinging pains. Graphites 200 uses are more prominent in eczema with indurated base and margins. Furthermore, rough, hard, dry skin is another important Graphites 30 use.


Homeopathic Graphites benefits, mentioned by Anshutz E.P:

The 3x trituration use of Graphites, 3 or 4 tablets dosage, twice a day, is said to improve the looks and health of fleshy women. In general, the coarse complexions or skin is benefited by Graphites 3x. Take them for a week and then discontinue for a week or two. On the contrary, it is never wise to take Graphites 3x persistently for weeks or months, without intermission. Additionally, Graphites 30 benefits Lips extremely dry, burning and cracked.

An ointment of Graphites is an application of old-fashioned gunpowder, coated with Graphites. This ointment said to be a cure for sore hoofs in horses, sheep, etc. At the same time, Graphites benefits if given internally, most conveniently, in water.

Graphites 30 cured a case of deafness following scarlet fever of long standing. Give once a day for one week. In fact, the Graphites 200 or 500 potency would be more effective.


Using Graphites 200 repeated doses might cause side effects. Users requested to use Graphites under the supervision of a qualified homeopathic physician.


Homeopathic Graphites 30 or 30ch, Graphites 200 side effects and uses by A.W. Cowperthwaite:

  1. The chief side effect of Homeopathic Graphites is in on the skin.
  2. Graphites in overdose especially cause moist eczematous eruptions. In fact, eruptions can occur upon any part of the body, especially more on the scalp, face, and genitals.
  3. The granites cause side effects like tinea capitis, herpes zoster, impetigo, ulcers, and excoriations.
  4. Graphites use to remove old cicatrices from ulcers and abscesses.
  5. 200 potency of Graphites cause the side effect of skin, especially on the back of hands, becomes dry, hard, thick and fissured.
  6. 30 potency of Graphites causes unhealthy skin moreover injuries tend to ulcerate.
  7. The benefit of Graphites 30ch particularly seen in case of vesicular erysipelas and Rhus tox poisoning.
  8. The overdose of Graphites cause side effects similar to enlargement of the lymphatic glands of the neck and axillae, and also of the inguinal and mesenteric glands.
  9. From the above action upon the skin and glands, to be expected the uses of Graphites in scrofulous affections.


Douglas. M.Borland views on Homeopathic Graphites benefits:

Homeopathic Graphites benefits are in the Diseases of Skin arises in any of the folds. Moreover, eruptions are on the back of the ear, canthus of the eye, angles of the mouth. The overdose of graphites 200 can produce eruptions over groins, bends of the elbows, around the wrists and particularly about the anus. Graphites, as shown in materia medica, produce deep painful fissures oozing a thin, sticky, and yellowish discharge. Moreover, Graphites materia medica explains the skin discharge as dry, thick crusts forms, gluey yellowish which pile up as secretion of matter continues beneath. Graphites use in the cure of skin discharges that very often streaked with blood. In my experience children suffering from asthma that have a history of skin troubles, definitely benefited by Graphites 200 internally.

In conclusion, the user has requested to understand that the action of Graphites is same whatever may the potency. Graphites 3x, Graphites 12x, Graphites 12c, Graphites 30, Graphites 30ch, Graphites 200, Graphites 200c and Graphites 1m have the same uses, benefits and side effects. In fact, the intensity of symptoms is differing from potency to potency.

How to Use Selected Homeopathic Reemedy?
  1. How to take Homeopathic Medicines?
    Homeopathic Potencies must be taken in pills form. 2 - 6 Pills as prescribed must be taken into bottle lid or on to a dust free paper and then taken into mouth to chew the medicine until it is dissolved.
  2. How many day I have to take the medicine?
    Generally Homeopathic Physician will prescribe to take the main dose in only a single dose. that means take only 2-6 pills as Homeopathic doctor prescribed and don't take the next dose until the doctor suggested you to take.
  3. How may days I have to wait after taking single dose of Homeopathic Medicine?
    Homeopathic Doctor will suggest you to wait for at least 10 days in case of Chronic diseases. It is always better to wait as long as your symptoms are disappearing. In case of Acute diseases you need to wait for 5 minutes to one hour or one day according to the severity of Symptoms.
  4. What next I have to do after single dose?
    You need to wait for the period as doctor suggested. after that Doctor will suggest you next remedy according to the result from first prescribed dose.

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  1. Prasad

    I’m, 54 years, male, Indian. Cracked skin at the ankles on both legs, with oozing, it’s itchy, burning. Suffering for a year, flareups very frequent, tried homoeo medicine a year ago, it aggravated with rashes all over (except face) so stopped, please suggest a remedy

    1. pls, write us more details about how long cracked skin, itching, to suggest a homeopathic remedy for the skin problem.

  2. geraldine

    how are you? could you please tell me how much the measurement of graphites 200ch i need take .i got an eczema

    1. take graphites 200c just 2 pills and stop, keep watch symptoms for 20 days.

  3. Anandi Kalyan

    Please advise medicine for relieving pain and itching of keloid tumour

    1. Please send us more details regarding your keloid tumor problem to suggest best Homeopathic medicine.

  4. Vicky

    I m suffering from psorasis prostate and sexuall issues

    1. Hello Vicky, we need more information regarding your psoriasis, prostate enlargement and sexual weakness. The information like when did your problem worse, and also any other complaints apart from this? How is your appetite? What is the quantity of water intake? How about your bowel moments? The information like your food habits helps us to suggest best homeopathic medicine for Psoriasis prostate and sexual weakness.

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  7. Yes it vanishes the burn marks ans scars.

  8. graphytes ointment

    I have burn marks/scars at my left hand a homeopathic doctor has suggested the said ointment, will this medicine vanish the burn marks.

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