Homeopathic Eardrops for Ear Infection:

Drops are usually helpful when an infection in the ear. However, it is rare for eardrops in homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy considers the disease relates to the full body. Thus, homeopathy opposes the eardrops. However, in certain special cases, the Homeopathic Eardrops are required. For example, when there are severe ear pain and acute infection in the ear.
homeopatchic-eardrops Homeopathic Eardrops for Ear Infection

Now let us learn about the most popular homeopathic eardrops:

Mullein Oil is a homeopathy drop for ear infections from earlier:

Mullein oil is a mixture of some homeopathic medicines. This kind of mixed homeopathic medicines is not always good. Mullein oil can temporarily use when the ear infection is high. However, proper homeopathic medicine should use for permanent prevention.


Some homeopathy medicines needed for ear infections.

Let us look at some of the medicines that can use as Homeopathic eardrops:

For example, any homeopathic medicine prevents ear infections that have a possible use of homeopathic medication as an ear drop.


Let us look at the use of the Graphites homeopathy medicine as eardrops:

The Graphites is the most useful for ear infections. Thin water discharge from the ear is unique to Graphites.
Graphites eardrops are a good medicine if children are very dull and are suffering from skin diseases and ear infections.


Eardrops can also make with of Homeopathic medicine Kalium Muriaticum:

These Kalium Muriaticum Patients often have ear infections. The fluids pulled out of the inner ear. The Kalium Muriaticum eardrops can prevent the noises that are often coming in the ear.


Homeopathy medicine, Mercurius solubulis, is also used for ear infections:

Mercurius solubulis can be a good medicine if the pain in the throat extends to the ear. This Mercurius solubulis can relieve severe ear infection if converted into drops. Mercurius solubulis is useful for painful overnight pain.


Pulsatilla homeopathy medicine can also be good eardrops, let us see how:

Pulsatilla eardrops can help if the fluids are dry from the ear dark green. The Pulsatilla ear drops can be very effective for an ear infection in people who are weak, sensitive and thirstless.


Mercurius Corrosivus, this homeopathy medicine, also helps to prepare eardrops:

When it comes to the drug, the glue will combine with the flu from the ear. In such cases, Mercurius Corrosivus eardrops are very useful.


Kreosotum Homeopathic ear drops:

The key feature of kreosotum is the ear discharges erode the earlobe. Moreover, the blood from the ear is accompanied by offensive odor. Hearing losses can occur due to ear damage. Kreosotum eardrops are very useful for those people.


Calcaria carb Homeopathic ear drops:

This homeopathy medicine usually works well for those who have profuse sweat.
Calcarea carb eardrops work better if the ear infection is on the right side. Repeated ear infection can treat with Calcarea carb eardrops.


Picric Acid Homeopathic ear drops:

Abscess in the ear can treat with Picric Acid eardrops. These Picric Acid eardrops are useful if you have an ear infection by mentally disturbed.


Finally Homeopathic Eardrops useful for:

Homeopathy eardrops, usually available in the market, include a combination of medicines described above. However, this is not as good as use eardrops repeatedly.If the properties described above matched then 200 potency of the same medicine are better than eardrops.

These eardrops can also use in babies and in children. However, the homeopathy doctor’s advice needed to use. My personal advice is to use proper homeopathic medicines instead of eardrops. It is good for your babies and children. It is better not to use these eardrops because the child’s ears are very sensitive. Therefore, it is better to use the homeopathic medicine internally than to think of eardrops for your ear pain.

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