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Back pain, lumbosacral pain is the suffering of a male 48, He is a carpenter and tried all sorts of treatment with short time relief of his complaints. This man first time came for Homeopathic treatment without any confidence but just to try an alternative. Based on movement aggravation this case received a dose of Byonia 200c just 4 pills. Which produced a great relied in his back pain. He was very much impressed by Homeopathic treatment, His statement is that
“when these small pills are able to cure long lasting  suffering with negligent cost why people are going for such painful treatment wasting money and time”
After few days again he felt pain in back. The person is of short frame, chilly with profuse perspiration. Most of the Kali carbonicum patients are of short frame persons with general weakness and sweating. A dose just 4 pills of Kali Carb has produced a long lasting relief in his back pain. Kali cab is repeated after 6 months for the same complaint after that he never complaint of back pain till now. He became an ardent believer of Homeopathy and coming for Homeopathic treatment whatever may be minor health issue.
The sadness associated with this person is that he lost his son of 23 years who suffered with viral fever and Jaundice. He would have used Homeopathy. But these people go for allopathy in case of emergency. Allopathic method is to suppress the superficial symptoms. A local doctor referred this case to one super speciality doctor. Ultimately he was died. Do you know 70% of cases from allopathic emergency rooms they won’t come alive. Many people don’t know the best alternative for Allopathy so they follow blindly even if they kill. Once superficial symptoms suppressed, disease go deeper and establish on more important organs.But there are life saving drugs in Homeopathy like Arsenicum album, Natrum Muriaticum and Carbo vegitabulis etc. When you apply these remedies according to symptoms can prevent life of the patient in emergency room. You can prevent most lives if you start with Homeopathic remedy before going to emergency care.
Work Sheet:

8th april 2011
Back pain relieved but not complete
slcr200c, on kc, 17/12/10
14th may 2011
back pain not relieved complete
13th march 2013
pain neck, injury
arnica 30c
3rd april 2013
pain relieved slight
ruta 200c
27th april 2013
reld most
sl 200c
11th june 2013
back pain started
bry 200c
13th july 2013
relieved slight
sl 200c
19th oct 2013
pain finger night
ms 200c
21 November 2013
pain fingers
arn 200c
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