Homeopathic remedies for Hepatitis Treatment presented by BOUKO LEVY M.in Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory:

 This disease did not exist a few years ago, either in the A, B, or C types.
 Traditional medicine only knew about jaundice caused by emotions, especially anger, or severe diseases such as cancer or  pancreatitis.
 Hepatitis is a viral disease caused mainly by food or water contamination.
 It is surprising to note that it will always occur at specific moments in the line of life of the patient, just like mononucleosis (See : nodes).
 It is a typical tuberculinic attack leaving an immune scar on the reactions of the organism and will affect it for the rest of its life.
 As in all viral diseases, allopathy is powerless, while homeopathic remedies have a vast and deep action.
 Many laboratory experiments and clinical studies have proven that  homeopathy heals hepatitis and prevents the development of a chronic state and its severe consequences.

hepatitishomeopathy Homeopathic remedies for Hepatitis Treatment

Homeopathic remedies for Acute Hepatitis Treatment:  

 • always :  3 granules, in the morning : PHOSPHORUS 15C
 careful !
 Phosphorus is an extremely fast and deep acting remedy which must be prescribed, in most cases, once in the morning upon waking, and should not be repeated often, unless the clinical symptoms of tiredness reappear.
 Use  good hepatic drainage (See : gallbladder, hepatic), and space out doses of PHOSPHORUS 15C, every 2 to 3 days, according to the transaminases level and the general state of the patient.
 • 5 granules, 3 times a day : CARDUUS MARIANUS 3X / CHELIDONIUM 6X / PODOPHYLLUM 6X / SEPIA 6X / a.a. p.
 —  in case of acute diarrhea or severe cases :
 • 3 granules, as needed : ARSENICUM ALBUM 7C
 —  in case of constipation :
 3 granules, as needed :
 • large stools; pain in liver amel. lying on it :
 • little balls, hard, painful to get out; pain in liver agg. lying on it :
 —  in case of headaches :
 • periodically at same hour, in the morning; pale and exhausted; vomiting; diarrhea :
 3 granules, 3 times a day : CHINA 5C
 • tearing pains in temples, occiput; fullness after the first mouthful :
 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : LYCOPODIUM 5C
 —  in case of profuse, exhausting, night sweat; intense thirst :
 • 3 granules, 4 times a day : MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS 5C
 —  in case of itching, add to the drainage :
 • 3 granules, 3 times a day : CHIONANTHUS 4C

 Homeopathic remedies for Hepatitis Treatment Chronic: 

 Alternate one month courses of treatment, with 20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day :
 • 1st month of treatment, organotherapy :
 • one dose, every week, in the following order :
 4th SEPIA 7C
 —  in severe evolutions
 • alternate every other week, one dose :

Dr.Lilienthal Giving us Following Suggestions on Homeopathic Remedies for Hepatitis or Hepatic Derangement’s:

Acetic-acid [Acet-ac]
      Hepatitis, headache with great irritability; horrible attacks of anxiety with difficult breathing; confused dull aching over forehead, weak sight; vomiting after every kind of food; violent pains in scrobiculum, cannot bear the least pressure; tetter-like eruptions; constipation; sleeplessness.
Aconite [Acon]
      Violent inflammatory fever, with stitches in the region of the liver; pressure and constriction in hepatic region, with oppression of breathing; intolerable pains; jaundice present or to; moaning, tossing about, anguish and dread of death.
AEsculus-hip [Aesc]
      Tenderness in right hypochondrium, with pinching pain and colic; pain through to the back on inspiring; burning distress, soreness and aching at the navel; congestion of liver and portal system; constant dull aching distress in right lower lobe of liver and region of gall-bladder; constant aching pain from the pit of the stomach to the right lobe of the liver; pains often extend up between shoulders or under scapulae, (<) by walking or riding; chronic constipation, rectum dry and itching, feels as if full of small sticks; feels miserably cross.
Agaricus [Agar]
      (Amanita). Congested, enlarged liver; sensation of pain and drawing in right hypochondrium, as if the liver had increased in weight and dragged at its ligaments; sharp stitches as from needles in the hepatic region; dull stitches during breathing; pain in stomach and liver, burning from acidity.
Aloe [Aloe]
      Pressure and tension in hepatic region, a sensation of heat and single, not severe, stitches, bitter taste, sickly expression of face, jaundice, no fever; uneasiness and dull pain in liver, (<) on standing, so that he bends forward; stitches from the liver into the chest, obstructing respiration, cannot take a long breath.
Alumina [Alum]
      Liver pains as if bruised, when stooping; stitches when rising again; tearing from the liver to the hip; stitches in both hypochondria, (<) from motion.
Ammonium-carb [Am-c]
      Burning pain in liver; boring stitches in liver in evening while sitting; numbness in right hypochondrium.
Ammonium-mur [Am-m]
      Hepatitis; gall-stones; burning and stitching in scrobiculum, from thence drawing to the right axilla and in the upper arm; stitching and burning in right hypochondrium, afternoon when walking; stitches in right groin, and coming out behind the hip, when sitting; mental depression and stools coated with mucus.
Anantherum-mur [Anan]
      Inflammation and swelling of the liver as if caused by abscesses; cramps in hepatic region, with sensation as if it were full of painful tuberosities; pulsative burning and digging pains in region of liver; sensation as of a hard tumor starting from the pylorus, extending to the liver.
Anisum-stell [Anis]
      Enlarged liver, pain at the third right costal cartilage.
Argentum-nit [Arg-n]
      CIRRHOSIS FROM MALARIAL CACHEXIA; stitches in liver; coming on as with a jerk; peculiar fulness in liver, painful, with occasional drawing and stinging, especially when walking, sometimes reaching into the chest; periodical dull stitches in the anterior surface of the liver; hepatic affection, ending as fatal dropsy; pigmentary degeneration, the fever may be stopped but the degeneration remains.
Arsenicum [Ars]
      Painful bloatedness in right hypochondrium, with burning pain; pain in hepatic region increased on pressure; stitches in right hypochondrium, extending to gastric region, ending as violent pressure over whole abdomen; vomiting of black menses, black stools; burning heat of the skin; very quick pulse; anxiousness and restlessness; perforation into the stomach or intestines.
Aurum-met [Aur]
      HEPATIC CONGESTION CONSECUTIVE TO CARDIAC DISEASE, with burning and cutting in right hypochondrium, ending in cirrhosis and fatty degeneration with dropsy. Chronic hepatitis with suicidal melancholy, averse to motion; feels stupid; jaundice with pain in liver and pit of stomach; greenish-brown urine; foul breath and putrid taste, constipation or stools of a grayish or ashy-white color.
Aurum-mur [Aur-m]
      SYPHILITIC LIVER WITH ASCITES; waxy liver; burning heat and pressure in right hypochondrium.
Baptisia [Bapt]
      Pain in liver, from right lateral ligament to gall-bladder, can scarcely walk, as it increases the pain, but must stir about, though motion is painful; right iliac region sensitive.
Belladonna [Bell]
      Acute pain in hepatic region, worse from pressure, breathing, coughing and lying upon the right side, extending upward towards shoulder and neck; congestion of the head; getting dark before eyes; fainting and giddiness; bloatedness of pit of stomach; tension across epigastrium; agonizing, tossing about; sleeplessness, or wanting to sleep, with inability to do so.
Berberis-vulg [Berb]
      Pressure and stitches in hepatic region; COLIC FROM GALL-STONES; colic-like pains, especially about the navel; rumbling in bowels; suppression of haemorrhoids; jaundice. Sharp, pinching pains in liver, which come suddenly and with great severity, at times causing him to hold his breath, bend over, with redness of face; frequent urging to urinate and to defaecate; violent burning in anus, as if surrounding parts were sore; faeces black or very dark and very adhesive; scanty faeces, requiring an effort to their discharge; pains shoot downward from false ribs to the umbilicus.
Bryonia [Bry]
      PERIHEPATITIS with sharp stitches in right hypochondrium, (<) from any motion, (>) when lying on right side, pain under the right shoulder blade, swelling of the liver, bitter taste in mouth, yellow-coated tongue; stools either hard, dry and brown, or papescent and profuse, with colic; stools sometimes have odor of old cheese; intolerance of vegetable food; patient cannot bear heat of sun; (<) in summer; fulness and bloatedness of abdomen with sensation as if a stone or heavy weight were lying clogged in stomach; great thirst. Cases spoiled by Merc. dulc.
Calcarea-arsen [Calc-ar]
      Cirrhosis of your liver with albuminuria; colic and looseness of bowels.
Calcarea-carb [Calc]
      Pressure in hepatic region with every step when walking; stitches during and after stooping; ENLARGEMENT AND INDURATION OF LIVER; sensitive to pressure in epigastrium and abdomen, which is distended and hard; cold feet at night in bed.
Carbo-an [Carb-an]
      Aching, almost cutting in hepatic region, even while lying down; pains in liver as from incarcerated flatus, abdomen greatly distended; venous plethora; arthritic stiffness and nodes.
Carbo-veg [Carb-v]
      Hepatic region very sensitive and painful to touch; right: lobe of liver painful, stitching, burning pains; clothing unendurable; great flatulency in stomach and abdomen; faeces escape with flatus.
Carduus-mar [Card-m]
      CACHEXIA OF MINERS WORKING DEEP UNDER GROUND; portal hyperaemia; gall-stones; catarrh of the biliary ducts; hepatic region sensitive to pressure, stitching, drawing pain in liver, (<) by pressure and lying on left side. Dropsical diseases, depending on organic affections of liver, frequently of long standing; jaundice, with dull headache, bitter taste, tongue white in centre, tips and edges red; nausea with vomiting of an acrid green fluid, stools pasty, clayey, urine golden-yellow. Implication of the lungs, showing itself by haemoptoe; vomiting of blood.
Chamomilla [Cham]
      HEPATITIS AFTER VEXATION OR TAKING COLD, with gastric disturbances and icteroid symptoms; dull, aching pains in liver, not (<) by pressure, motion or breathing, patient hot and sweating.
Chelidonium [Chel]
      Abdominal plethora from simple congestion to positive inflammation; soreness up to sharp stitching pains, shooting from liver down into the stomach or down into the back from posterior part of liver; MARKED PAIN UNDER THE ANGLE OF RIGHT SCAPULA, even going through the chest like a rivet; abdomen distended and sensitive to pressure; rigors in the evening, awakes in the morning perspiring with many unremembered dreams or sleepless from headache, either continuous sharp frontal or neuralgic, in right temple and eyebrow, painful throbbing in occiput; anxiety, tightness and pains in right side during inhalation, as if constricted by a girdle and cannot be expanded; attacks of rigor in the evening; irregular palpitation of heart; pain in hepatic region, (>) by eating; diarrhoea and constipation alternating, stools clay-colored or yellowish, great weariness and anorexia; desire for milk or acids.
China [Chin]
      Pain in hepatic region, as from subcutaneous ulceration, (<) from touch and very sensitive to pressure; swollen, hard liver, tympanitic abdomen, wants to belch, eructations afford no relief; gastro-duodenal catarrh; headache, bitter taste, yellow skin, (<) at night and after eating; bleeding piles, burning and itching, with grat debility; constipation, stool difficult, even when soft or profuse, painless black, green, often offensive diarrhoea.
Chionanthus [Chion]
      HYPERTROPHY OF LIVER; constipation, stools clay-colored, skin and urine jaundiced, great emaciation; soreness in region of your liver, quick, weak pulse. Chronic jaundice, recurring every summer, urine almost black; after abuse of mercurials.
Cobaltum [Cob]
      STITCHES RUNNING DOWN THE THIGHS FROM THE LIVER; shooting pains in hepatic region and sharp pains in spleen, (<) on taking a deep inspiration; fullness in abdomen after a slight meal; constant dropping of blood from anus, but no blood with the stool.
Cocculus [Cocc]
      Pressive pain in hepatic region, (<) by coughing and bending over and breathing, pains extending from right hypochondrium towards epigastrium and stomach, cannot bear least touch; faintness from slight exertion; vomiting of mucus and water, with distention of abdomen, pain (<) after vomiting, after anger.
Conium [Con]
      Enlarged liver, pressing pain in hepatic region, (<) from pressure; convex hard swelling, extending towards praecordial region and nearly to right chest of ilium; stitches or painful tearing in liver, (<) by inspiration, when turning head, when standing or sitting, in snowy weather; colic from incarcerated flatus; sleepy in daytime and sleep disturbed by dreams at night; erratic itching of all parts of body; torpid action of bowels.
Crotalus-hor [Crot-h]
      Shooting and stitches in hepatic region when taking a long breath, also on top of right shoulder; pressive hepatic congestion, especially when from heart disease or from imperfect performance of uterine functions, or if a sequel of malarial fever. Acute yellow atrophy; malignant jaundice, dark haemorrhage from nose, mouth, etc.; dark scanty urine.
Digitalis [Dig]
      ENLARGED LIVER, EVEN DROPSY, FROM ORGANIC HEART DISEASE; soreness and hardness, with sensitiveness to pressure in cardiac and hepatic region; yellow hue of face, constipation, violent vomiting of water and bile, nausea, aversion to food and drink, urine normal or high colored from bile; slow pulse; tongue clean or whitish-yellow; drowsiness even to stupor; dropsy with suppression of urine.
Dolichos-pruriens [Dol]
      Terrible itching without any perceptible cause, or rash form hepatic troubles, with jaundice and constipation, (<) at night, preventing sleep.
Eupatorium-perf [Eup-per]
      Soreness in hepatic region, tight clothing is oppressive; fulness and tenderness in; region of liver, with stitches and soreness on moving or coughing; jaundice; anasarca from general debility; constipation, high-colored urine; violent bone-pains which make the patient restless; deficient perspiration with tenderness of skin.
Ferrum [Ferr]
      CHRONIC HEPATIC AFFECTIONS AND INFECTION OF LIVER; swelling and hardness in hypochondriac region; your liver enlarged and sensitive to pressure, pains along back and liver, particularly in places upon which she must lie, cannot lie long upon either side; hardness and distention of abdomen, without flatulence; bad taste, mouth dry; tongue coated white; (<) drinking cold water.
Fluoric-acid [Fl-ac]
      ULCERATION OF LIVER; ascites from hepatic induration and portal congestion; craves refreshing drinks and is continually hungry; dropsy with feeling of fulness and pressure in epigastrium; ascites from enlarged and indurated liver, in consequence of alcoholic drinks; constipation with haemorrhoids; urine scanty, dark, pungent and foetid; restless sleep; sallow skin; complaints of premature old age, of bummers, in consequence of syphilo- mercurial dyscrasia.
Gelsemium [Gels]
      Passive congestion of liver, bilious diarrhoea and relaxed gall- ducts; flatulence in stomach with eructations from want of elasticity in muscular fibres; jaundice with prostration; clay- colored stools; acute catarrhal enteritis during damp. warm or cold weather, soreness of abdominal walls; vertigo, dim sight and fulness of head.
Graphites [Graph]
      Hardness in hepatic region; stitches in right hypochondrium, cannot bear tight clothing; unpleasant taste in the morning, as if he had eaten eggs; abdomen distended, hard; stools are covered with mucus or contain shreds of mucus; hepatic affection maltreated with mercury; (<) from metals.
Hepar [Hep]
      Chronic engorgement of liver; during inflammatory process in cirrhosis of liver; soreness and stitches in liver when walking; HEPATIC ABSCESS; depressed and irritable frame of mind; great sensitiveness to dampness of the atmosphere; craving for sour and strong-tasting articles; difficult expulsion of faeces and urine; jaundice.
Hydrastis [Hydr]
      TORPOR OF LIVER with pale, scanty stools; liver atrophied, marasmus; jaundice, with catarrh of stomach and duodenum, bitter taste; goneness and faintness in epigastrium; obstinate constipation; itching of skin; general prostration.
Hydrocotyle-asiat [Hydrc]
      CIRRHOSIS OF LIVER; hypertrophy and induration of connective tissue; obstruction of the whole hepatic region; slight pain in upper portion of liver; crampy pains in stomach, without nausea.
Iodum [Iod]
      Pressure and stitches in hepatic region, painful to touch, loss of appetite, emaciation, excessive weakness, diarrhoea; HARD CIRRHOTIC LIVER CAN BE FELT AS EMACIATION PROGRESS; jaundice with much pain and tenderness in hepatic region.
Iris-vers [Iris]
      Cutting pain in right hypochondrium, worse on motion; crampy pain in right lumbar region; pain above the crest of ilium, first right side, then left; constipation, succeeded by thin, watery diarrhoea; burning in mouth, fauces and anus; autumnal bilious fevers.
Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]
      Pain in right hypochondrium, especially when limited to small spot; dull pain or stitches in liver; clay-colored stools; metallic taste, confusion in head.
Kali-carb [Kali-c]
      Stitching pains in right side, commencing in back and going through and up the chest, (<) at night, when lying down or rising up; cutting, lancinating tearing pains, suddenly appearing and of great severity and darting all over abdomen; epigastrium swollen hard, sensitive pulsations therein; pains in hepatic and umbilical regions, also on both sides of inferior parts of stomach down into bladder and testes. SWELLING AND ABSCESS OF LIVER.
Kali-mur [Kali-m]
      Jaundice with sluggish action of liver, pains in hepatic region, light-yellow stools, white or gray coating of tongue, constipation; haemorrhoids.
Kreosotum [Kreos]
      Bruised pain in hepatic region, with sensation of fulness, must loosen his clothing; feeling of fulness, as if he had eaten too much; ulcerative pain in abdomen.
Lachesis [Lach]
      ENLARGED LIVER OR DRUNKARDS, GOING ON TO A LOW GRADE OF SYMPTOMS with inflammation and abscess of liver; jaundice; tenderness on pressure all the time [Lyc., only after a meal], intolerance of clothing, deep throbbing on right side, Liver complaints at the climaxis; after ague; from syphilis. Pain as if something had lodged in right side, with stinging pains; much flatulence, palpitations, pain when coughing as from an ulcerated spot; constant tormenting urging in anus, but no stool follows, or excessively offensive stools; (<) in spring; gastric pains decreasing during eating and returning again after one or two hours; aching pains in shinbones; mental depression.
Laurocerasus [Laur]
      WASTING AWAY OF LIVER (Phos.), NUTMEG LIVER; sticking pain in liver, with pressure; distention of liver, pain as if an abscess would burst; burning or coldness in stomach and abdomen; constipation or diarrhoea; rapid sinking of the vital forces.
Leptandra [Lept]
      Dull aching in right hypochondrium in region of gall bladder and also in posterior portion of liver, accompanied by soreness; burning distress in and about liver, often spreading to stomach and abdomen; drowsiness and despondency; diarrhoea; STOOLS BLACK AS PITCH WITH BURNING, COLICKY PAINS AT THE NAVEL, griping continuing after stool; vomiting of bile with burning distress and occasionally clay-colored stools; urine of a dark color; much soreness of head and eyeballs; frequent chilliness along the spine; pain in left shoulder and arm.
Lithium-carb [Lith-c]
      Violent pain in hepatic region across upper part of abdomen; pressure in liver, abdomen feels swollen, as if distended with wind, has to loosen clothing; arthritis with bruised pains all over body.
Lycopodium [Lyc]
      Cirrhosis of liver with ascites, especially in drunkards; GIN- LIVER; tongue coated; sour, putrid taste in the morning on rising; hunger, but a few mouthfuls of food fill him up to the the throat, quickly followed by hunger again; distress in stomach immediately after eating; tension in hypochondria after a meal, as from a cord, cannot stretch or stand upright, very sensitive to touch; flatulence tends rather upward than downward; great fermentation of bowels and ineffectual urging to stool, and after stool feeling as if great quantity remained unpassed; cold feet, or one foot cold, the other warm; chronic hepatitis with tendency to hepatic abscess; liver complaint after mortification.
Magnesia-mur [Mag-m]
      ENLARGED LIVER OF CHILDREN, who are puny in their growth and rachitic. Pressing pains in enlarged and hard liver when walking or touching it, (<) when lying on right side; regurgitation when walking; knotty stools, like sheep-dung or diarrhoea; tongue large, coated yellow, takes imprint of teeth; dyspnoea and palpitations, (<) when quiet and (>) from moving about; oedema pedum; uterine diseases and indurated os; haemorrhagic diathesis; frequent fainting fits; hysterical uterine and abdominal cramps, extending into thighs.
Mercurius [Merc]
      LIVER ENLARGED AND OFTEN INDURATED; dirty, yellowish-white coating of tongue, which takes imprint of teeth; scorbutic symptoms; gums ulcerate and become spongy, foetid breath; jaundiced hue of skin and conjunctiva; liver sore to touch; abdomen tympanitic and swollen; cannot lie on right side; stools clayey from absence of bile or yellowish-green, bilious, passed with ;much tenesmus, and followed by a never-get-done feeling; rush of blood to head; sleeplessness form itching without eruption; mental depression, emaciation.
Myrica-cerif [Myric]
     Hepatitis with your Liver enlarged and sore, as if bruised, jaundice; bitter taste or sweetish; PULSE SLOWER THAN THE BEATING OF THE HEART; despondency, dull heavy headache, (<) morning, sclera of a dingy, yellowish hue, tongue dirty yellow; muscular soreness and aching in limbs, urine dark and turbid; bad, foul taste; offensive, tenacious mucus in nose and throat; slimy, glutinous, frothy mucus in pharynx; imagines he can eat, but when food reaches pharynx it is expelled on account of the horrid nausea; stools mushy, gray; passes very offensive flatus; desire for acids; vertigo, stupor, unrefreshing sleep.
Natrum-mur [Nat-m]
      MALARIAL CACHEXIA; dull, heavy aching and distention about liver after eating, (>) as digestion advances; stitches and tension in liver, skin yellow, earthy; obstinate constipation; short breathing, palpitations; stitches in spleen, (<) with every motion; paretic feeling in upper and lower extremities; (<) in summer and in thunderstorms.
Natrum-phos [Nat-p]
      Cirrhosis of liver; HEPATIC FORM OF DIABETES, especially when there is a succession of boils; intense pressure and heat on top of head as if it would open; yellow, creamy coating at the back part of tongue and roof of mouth; acidity and acid dyspepsia; weak feeling in back and limbs.
Natrum-sulph [Nat-s]
      IRRITABLE LIVER; JAUNDICE FROM VEXATION, from excessive study or mental work; congestion of liver with soreness and sharp, sticking pains; suicidal melancholy, (<) from music and in morning; brain feels as if loose; sallow, jaundiced face; vomiting of bile; LIVER ENGORGED (<) LYING LEFT SIDE; great flatulence; soreness of liver to touch, to jars, with sharp, stitching pains in it; stools dark-green, bilious; urine loaded with bile; drowsiness, (<) forenoon and when reading; (>) warm, dry weather, (<) damp, wet weather.
Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]
      Chronic derangements, LIVER ENORMOUSLY ENLARGED; jaundice with clay-colored stools; cadaverous smell from mouth, bloody saliva; excessive physical irritability and weakness.
Nux-vomica [Nux-v]
      HEPATIC AFFECTION IN GOOD LIVERS, in alcoholic excess and after allopathic dosing. Liver swollen, hard and sensitive to pressure of clothing; jaundice provoked by violent anger, abuse of quinine, with attacks of faintness, leaving him sick and weak, haemorrhoidal colic or from gastric and bilious derangements, with sudden, severe pain in right side; stitches in hepatic region, (<) from contact or motion.
Oxalic-acid [Ox-ac]
      STITCHES IN LIVER RELIEVED BY DEEP INSPIRATION; burning in small spots in abdomen; colic from eating sugar and diarrhoea from drinking coffee.
Phosphorus [Phos]
      Hyperaemia, at first enlargement, fatty degeneration and finally atrophy of the liver with jaundice and dropsy; WAXY LIVER DEPENDENT UPON LONG-LASTING BONE DISEASE; FATTY LIVER IN CONSEQUENCE OF CARDIAC TROUBLES; ACUTE YELLOW ATROPHY OF LIVER; SUPPURATING HEPATITIS with hectic fever, night-sweats, enlargement in right hypochondrium and marked soreness of liver; malignant jaundice from venous obstruction, often from alcoholism; gall-bladder full of pale-yellow, slimy fluid; loss of appetite, unquenchable thirst, (<) after eating and drinking; abdomen flaccid, with chronic loose bowels; haemorrhoidal bleeding and haemorrhages from different parts of body; profuse sweat immediately after falling asleep; worse during atmospheric changes, thunderstorms, windy weather, after midnight.
Plumbum [Plb]
      Continuing darting pain in region of liver CIRRHOSIS OF LIVER, first enlarged and then contracted; hepatic region sensitive to pressure without being enlarged, or somewhat hypertrophied; sensation of heat, and burning in liver and spine; persistent sticking pain in hepatic region, first anteriorly, then posteriorly.
Podophyllum [Podo]
      TORPOR HEPATIS; CHRONIC HEPATITIS, costiveness, jaundice, constantly rubbing and stroking hypochondrium with hands; fulness in right hypochondrium, hyperaemia of the liver, with flatulence, pain and soreness; great irritability of the liver and excessive secretion of bile; twisting pain in right hypochondrium with sensation of heat there; jaundice, with gall-stones; pain from region of stomach towards gall-bladder, with excessive nausea; with constipation and diarrhoea. POLYCHOLIA.
Psorinum [Psor]
      CHRONIC HEPATITIS; deep heavy pain in hepatic region, (<) from pressure or lying on right side, walking, coughing, laughing, or taking a long breath; stinging, sharp pains in liver and sleep; sharp stinging in pit of stomach.
Ptelea-trif [Ptel]
      Sharp pains in the right hypochondria; when walking a dragging pain; pains shooting downward; distress at the base of the liver or in the region of the spleen; nausea and retching, with increase of frontal headache, worse, by speaking and waking; goneness in stomach; heavy aching pain in liver, RELIEVED BY LYING ON RIGHT SIDE; a feeling when lying on left side as if the liver were dragging on its ligaments; jaundice, with hyperaemia of the liver.
Pulsatilla [Puls]
      Darting, tensive pains in hepatic region; sticking pains, particularly when walking, feeling of lassitude in hypochondria; frequent attacks of anguish, especially at night, with diarrhoea; greenish or slimy stools; bitter taste; oppression in chest and pressure at stomach.
Quassia [Quas]
      Acute stitching in hepatic region; drawing pains in both hypochondriac with sensation as if ABDOMEN WERE EMPTY AND RETRACTED TO THE SPINAL COLUMN, (<) deep breathing; sensation of coldness running down the back; with constant desire to yawn, to stretch out the feet; vomiting, diarrhoea, scanty urination or chronic, obstinate constipation from deficiency of bile.
Ranunculus-bulb [Ran-b]
      Stitches in hepatic region extending into chest; sensation of soreness in hypochondria, especially to the touch; stitches in right side of chest, extending to the liver, with inclination to draw a long breath, (<) from touch, motion and from stretching the body; STITCHES BETWEEN the shoulder blades.
Sanguinaria [Sang]
      TORPID LIVER, skin yellow, colic: indurations in abdomen; heat streaming from breast to liver, into abdomen, with diarrhoea; goneness in stomach, with headache.
Secale [Sec]
      INFLAMMATION AND GANGRENE OF THE LIVER, enlargement of the liver; acute pains in hepatic region; tongue thickly coated with a brown, tenacious substance, burning in throat, unquenchable thirst; great weakness but no pain; limbs cold, covered with cold sweat.
Selenium [Sel]
      Enlarged liver with loss of appetite, (<) mornings; white coating of tongue, no thirst; sharp, stitching pains in hepatic region, (<) by pressure and motion; PECULIAR FINE RASH OVER HEPATIC REGION, which is sensitive to touch.
Sepia [Sep]
      FUNCTIONAL DERANGEMENT OF LIVER, often preceded by migraine or wandering articular affections with profuse sweats; constant aching pain in right side of abdomen, extending, when violent, to chest and back, with oppression of breathing, distress and aching in right shoulder and scapula; cheeks flushed; forehead and conjunctiva yellow, also around mouth, and yellow or red saddle over bridge of nose down cheeks; IRREGULAR YELLOW PATCHES ON FACE; tendency to perspire, especially between scapulae, mammae and under axillae; occipital headache; gastrosis, tongue flabby and indented, no appetite or easily satisfied, (<) from acids or fats; flatulence; stools bright-yellow or of an ashy color; urine scanty and loaded with urates; lassitude, atony of connective tissue and relaxation of blood vessels; TISSUE TORPIDITY RELIEVED BY EXERCISE WHICH HURRIES ON THE BLOOD; feels (<) when awaking, when sitting, always (>) by a good walk, but ascending painful; (>) from eructations, with desire to pass flatus downward, (<) in close rooms, in foggy weather, during nursing; pain in hypochondria more tolerable when lying on painful side; hepatic neuralgic with great depression of spirits; frequent stitches under right ribs.
Silicea [Sil]
      Throbbing ulcerative pain in hepatic region, worse from touch or walking; ABSCESS OF LIVER; hardness, distention of liver; beating soreness in liver, worse on motion, when lying on right side; burning or throbbing in pit of stomach; disgust for warm food, desires only cold things; painless diarrhoea, with exhaustion or constipation from inactivity of rectum.
Sulphur [Sulph]
      Swelling and hardness of the liver; stitches and hardness of the liver; thirst; insomnia or sleep in cat naps; constipation; haemorrhoids; dyspepsia of drunkards.
Taraxacum [Tarax]
      Mapped tongue, bitter taste in mouth, chilliness after eating or drinking, pain and soreness in hepatic region; bilious diarrhoea.
Theridion [Ther]
      HEPATIC ABSCESS; violent burning pains in hepatic region, worse from touch; retching, bilious vomiting; mouth and tongue benumbed and slimy; it relieves the vertigo and nausea.
Veratrum-alb [Verat]
      HYPERAEMIA OF LIVER, with gastric catarrh, putrid taste, disgust for warm food, great pressure in hepatic region, alternating with vomiting or diarrhoea.
Vipera [Vip]
      Hyperaemia of liver, after failure of Lach.
Yucca [Yuc]
      Biliousness with pain going through the upper portion of liver to back; bad taste in mouth; diarrhoea, stools contain an excess of bile; great flatulency downward; frontal or temporal headache, flushings of face, sallow face; tongue yellow and taking the imprint of teeth; poor appetite; abdomen distended and sensitive to touch.
Zincum [Zinc]
      Enlargement of liver, feeling as of a hard tumor in neighborhood of umbilicus, accompanied by griping pains; cramp pain in hepatic region, with dyspnoea and hypochondriasis while eating; heartburn, (<) by wine and during pregnancy; hunger towards noon; vomits bloody phlegm, feet swollen; pressure and tension in abdomen.

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