Boenninghausen in his Manual, mentions Hepar in connection with Alumina, Kali carb., Natrum mur. and Nux vomica for constipation due to inactivity of the intestines. He also gives the following : Difficult expulsion of a small quantity of soft excrement with great efforts and tenesmus. Stool hard and dry.
 In the Chronic Diseases we have : Inaction of the rectum; stools hard, insufficient; swelling of the anus. After great efforts, there is a hard stool, mingled with a yellow liquid. Emission, at times, of prostatic fluid while at stool.
 Ruddock : Obstinate constipation from congestion of the rectum.
 In his article upon the treatment of dyspepsia, M. Chargé gives in connection with Hepar : Stools hard, difficult, slightly colored, or whitish diarrhoea. It is especially in smokers or after the abuse of mercury that we would have the most need for Hepar.
 [Raue gives : Sluggishness and inactivity of the bowels, in consequence of which the abdominal muscles must bear down in order to effect an evacuation, which is hard or not, but insufficient.] 

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