-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
A Tyler of age 28, Male complained of dull headache, noises
in ear, thirst for large quantities of water. 
There is capricious appetite in this case. His symptoms have not reached
the stage of gross pathology. So physical generals in this case are very
prominent. On repertorisation symptoms are indicating Sulphur. Even though I
have tried some other remedies in this case, nothing have improved the case.
Finally Sulphur has helped this case. Patient is very much relieved with
Sulphur 200c single dose.  If this case
has approached the modern medicine, they would have marked this case with
diagnosis of Middle ear pathology. They may not look at other symptoms like
thirst, increased appetite. Also he needs to consult another specialist who
treats headaches. But Homeopathy by means of its unique case studying
methodology considered all the symptoms of the body at a glance and prevented
the upcoming pathological changes in his body. What should we call this king of
Homeopathic doctor. Whether he is a multi specialist? On the other hand treating
this king of cases, sometimes arising doubt, what is the worth of treating
under the name of specific organ or system in modern medicine. These kind of
specialties most of the times suppress the disorder. They might have curing
local disease or disorder pertaining to specific organ but disease pathology
transmits from one organ to another, ultimately the patient will not be cured. So
Homeopathy is always the better system which treats disease as a whole.
Homeopathy is a wonderful science. 
Following is the work sheet of the case explained.
28th april 2011
Capricious appetite, noise in head
25th may 2011
25th june 2011
headache relieved, app relieved
27th july 2011
headache increased,
2nd sept 2011
headache relieved slight
10th oct 2011
pain head increased
caust 200c
28th nov 2011
sleep dist,  sounds ear
26th dec 2011
relieved slight
17th jan 2012
relieved slight
22nd feb 2012
relieved slight
10th april 2012
no sleep
11st may 2012
noise in ear
14th june 2012
noises in ear
16th july 2012
noises in ear
tub 200c
22nd august 2012
relieved slight
sl 200c
3rd oct 2012
sl 200c
14th nov 2012
ear noises
sl 200c
25th dec 2012
relieved slight
sl 200c
8th feb 2013
relieved slight
bry 200c
26th march 2013
ear noises
fm 200c
1st may 2013
relieved slight
sl 200c
27th june 2013
stress pain neck
bry 200c
10th august 2013
sleep normal, urticaria started
sulph 200c
14 November 2013
thirst more, even in winter, sounds
sulph 1m
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