– Gladstone Clarke.

Symptoms :

overweight-woman-sofa-tv-remote240wy020310 GRAPHITES:
Sluggish graphites woman.

1. Scrofulous subjects esp. women with tendency to unhealthy corpulence; sluggish, “pasty” habit. At Climaxis. 2. Great sadness and despondency with inclination to weep esp. at hearing music; apprehension, mind dwells upon death. Children acute and impudent, laugh at reprimands. 3. Marked debility with anaemic conditions. Sexual debility from abuse. 4. Unhealthy skin; every injury suppurates. (a) Itching eruptions with oozing of corrosive, transparent, honey-like fluid; esp. about the ears, face or entire scalp; gen. (<) Warmth. (b) Skin dry, nails become hard, thick, brittle; rhagades; excoriations; special affinity for scar tissue. 5. Glandular swellings and indurations. 6. Alimentary disorders (>) eating, (>) warm milk, (<) cold drinks; dislikes sweet, animal food, fat, salt; tongue gen. clean. 7. Abdominal distension from flatulence with constipation; stools too large, lumpy, covered with mucus or containing mucous shreds; anus sore, even fissured. 8. Female complaints with delayed M.P.; flow gen. scanty but leucorrhoea of profuse, thin, white mucus, in gushes day and night; sometimes in place on menses. 9. Ear troubles; hears better in a noise (Nit. Ac.), or on violent motion. 10. Patient chilly yet likes open air, (<) night, motion during and after M.P.

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