– Pulford

Mentally dull and sluggish with desire to be left alone and quiet, muscles relaxed and weak, thirstless, limbs heavy.

gese4295 GELSEMIUM :Mentally dull and sluggish with desire to be left alone and quiet.
Gelsemium sempervirens

Drowsy. Dizzy. Tremor. Dreads motion, like Bry., but from weakness, Bry from pain. Dread of failure. Urine copious, watery, which amelioration. Stools yellow. Eyelids heavy; droop; balls ache and are sore to touch and motion, like Bry. Face suffused, flushed, hot to touch. Irritable, sensitive, excitable. Aversion to being alone, like Ars. Easy anger, which aggravation. Pulse full, round, soft and flowing. Fear of falling. Amelioration stimulants, and sweat whether slight or partial. COMMENT.

Dull, amelioration copious flow of urine; exhilaration, can recall things long forgotten; fears the heart will cease to beat, unless constantly on the move, the reverse of Dig. (L): Excitement, on hearing bad news; fear of a crowd, in public places. Stage fright, or “funk,” as after an examination, like Sil. Fear of falling, especially in children, when carried (Bor. downward), dizzy, starts, grasps the nurse or crib, and screams out.

istockphoto_2828312- GELSEMIUM :Mentally dull and sluggish with desire to be left alone and quiet.
Excitement, on hearing bad news;

When carried; Bor. downward, or laid down. Prominent in most conditions. Vision blurred.

Bursting pain in Eyes, while lying; vision dim, better urination; diplopia with headache. (L): Lids fall; Eyes hard to keep open. Dull aching pain in Eyes ball, and neuralgia about Eyes, are associated with all its intermuscular inflammations. Blurred vision with vertigo.

diplopia GELSEMIUM :Mentally dull and sluggish with desire to be left alone and quiet.
 Diplopia with headache

Tickling in Eustachian tubes causing cough. Deaf, from quinine.

Summer coryza; burning pain in left posterior rare, like scalding water. “Flu “: prophylactic; never well since attack.

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