“Friendship Day” – A Different Outlook
Dr.Tapaskumar Kundu, dr_kundu2002(at)yahoo.co.in
the word. Which we use daily as friends is a very important component of social
life. Then the Question is who are friends? The one who stays with us whole
day? The one with whom you play mischief, laugh, cry, fight? Your school, college
mates or professional colleagues? Can only these people be called as friends?
If you say ‘Yes’, then you are probably wrong!!
          Our society today has bounded the word
friends into a certain outline and when we see people sitting in that outline
we call them as friends. But this is not So!! Friendship exist everywhere in
the world in different forms and we are unable to appreciate this beauty of
friendship which exist around us – let us see one of these different forms of
friendship that exists around us. The friendship between

In Haemophilia’
a patient centered research organization celebrated the
spirit of friendship on 4th Aug-2013 as they are routinely celebrating
it in the past couple of years as “A
friend in need is a Friend indeed”.
It is a friendship between-

1.     A
haemophilic patient- the one who is disabled due to his genetic disease and
2.     The
mother of such haemophilic who is socially criticized and abused.
3.     Doctor
who extends  his helping hand towards
them with empathy.
long Homoeopathy in Haemophilia the creation of Dr. Tapas Kundu has been
working with a charitable cause for the haemophilic patient i.e. from year 2007
till now. The relationship between this haemophilics and the doctor is now no
more related to a professional aspect, but above all, a feeling far beyond that
which we can term as friendship.
          Haemophilics are socially disturbed.
The mothers being the carrier of disease, are termed as curse to family and
there are many families where such mothers are cursed and abused. This surely
has an impact on delicate minds of haemophilic patient, kids. There are about
257 no. of patients in Nasik vicinity with this disease. Don’t you find it a
social issue to be solved? The patients and mother surely require a firm
support not only medical help but also moral uplifting.
          The camp held at 1-A, Sairaj Apartment, Behind Ichchamani lawns, Upnagar, Nasik. On First
Sunday of Every Month and this was the 69th camp.
          Provide free medicines, proper
counseling for such patients and their families, which helps in curing patient
and works as a morale.

Isn’t this relationship to be called
as TRUE FRIENDSHIP? Where sufferer is relieved without giving away any material
thing and a doctor expecting nothing in return except the good health and love
of patient.

          So friends let us open our hearts for
such social cause, and learn to appreciate the beauty of friendship that they
share. It is said that, it is not about words, but about how you say it. Same
way, it is not about the identity of relationships or social cause but about
your feelings and motive behind it. In today’s world morality before
materiality is just a proverb to be said and hardly seen to be followed.
Friendship is a relationship where there is no selfish motive. ‘LOVE’ towards
humanity is the basic attribute of friendship. These attributes are beautifully
put in action by Homoeopathy in Haemophilia.
          So friends we all must learn from it
and admire such social projects. Instead of bounding our world with friends
whom we use only for our selfish motive, let us beautify our life with such
friendships which depict humanity and gives you a real happiness. Step forward,
let your acts heal the world, and help the society, a better place to live.
Gulfisha Mirza- a volunteer of Homoeopathy In Haemophilia,
BHMS, Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College, Nasik.
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