– New Eng. Med. Gaz.

eclectics Fraternal Spirit-The two principal dissenting sects in medicine, the eclectics and the homoeopaths

The two principal dissenting sects in medicine, the eclectics and the homoeopaths, have much in common in their protest against dominant medicine as it exists and particularly as it has existed in the past. Many evidences of fraternal feelings have been noted from time to time in various places. In fact, probably a large number of homoeopaths are in the truest sense eclectics in that they make use of those forms of treatment which they deem best for the welfare of their patients. In theory, at least, eclecticism is the ideal in medicine, and in this sense all true physicians should be adherents to this belief.
 The new official journal of the International Eclectic Association recently brings to us further indication of the above mentioned fraternal feeling, and of the readiness with which this association recognizes the good wherever found. In the December number is found an article entitled “Pathfinders,” by Felter of Cincinnati. This article, which is an extensive one of about fifteen pages, is devoted entirely to the reminiscences of two men, Drs. Hans Burch Gram and Wooster Beach. The first-mentioned is notable for introducing homoeopathy into America; the second was the founder of eclecticism. Photographs of both men are included. We have read with much pleasure this article, and are pleased with the fairness and unprejudiced manner in which it has been written. We therefore desire to express to the author our appreciation of this courtesy, and trust that in our own school its members may always be found as willing to give fair and frank acknowledgment of truth and good works from whatever source. – New Eng. Med. Gaz. 

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