–  A. M. Cushing, in Hom. Recorder,American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

materiamedica First Hand Ideas in Homeopathic Materia Medica.

Fifty-six years ago, while a student, I accidentally tasted Glonoine. I was surprised at its sweetness and asked a class-mate to taste it. Almost immediately we were suffering from a severe headache. This developed a fascination for proving remedies.
 I gave Glonoine 200 to a middle-aged lady suffering from severe throbbing headache, unable to leave her bed. Both Belladonna and Glonoine appeared to have these symptoms but Belladonna is aggr. lying down. Glonoine 200 relieved the condition in fifteen minutes.
 In proving Artemesia ab. symptoms of paralysis in arms and limbs checked the provers’ work. Dr. J. T. Kent, of Chicago, says it is a very valuable remedy in affections of the lower limbs.
 A severe itching in the rectum stopped a proving of Ratanhia.
 An involuntary and sometimes unconscious urination was one of the most prominent symptoms brought out in the proving of Verbascum, called Mullein Oil.
 Phascolus nana, the common field white bean relieved dropsy attending uterine cancer with remarkable rapidity, “but in about three days the patient died suddenly from supposed apoplexy.” Later, a patient, also dropsical, was relieved by the same remedy, but soon complained of headache of a congestive nature and very severe. This disappeared on stopping the remedy. Another case of albuminuria with convulsions, pregnancy necessitating induced delivery, followed by a failing heart, Phascolus 9, restored the heart’s action, there were no more convulsions and the albuminuria quickly disappeared.
 Homarus, the gastric juice of the lobster. “Lobster and milk, when eaten together, have caused sickness, and deaths have been reported.” Two particular symptoms resulted from the proving; viz.: – a sore throat that looked much like diphtheria and a heavy, dull pain in the stomach that nothing relieved. This latter symptom was prominent in a middle-aged lady after two operations for mammary cancer, wounds not healed, very weak, loss of appetite, markedly jaundiced, Homarus, 4th trituration; every symptom was relieved, though later she died from general debility and ascites.
 A dose of Homarus 200 relieved a bad case of indigestion.
 On center of left scapula appeared a spot, scurfy, filled with a scurfy substance, extreme itching, increasing until about the size and depth of a teaspoon. Homarus was taken and in ten days the skin was smooth and the itching and burning entirely disappeared. – A. M. Cushing, in Hom. Recorder. 

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