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images-2-28100x7629 A Case of Menorrhagia

When i am working in a clinic in oct. 2009, one day i came to my home for lunch. At that time my neighbour rushed into my home saying that his wife is suffering from a severe pain in abdomen and she is complaining of reeling sensation. Immediately i went to see her, she is feeble and weak. Moaning with pain. I asked her what happened to her then she said that she had her periods today and she has severe pain in the abdomen and her bleeding is too heavy with clots. She has cold sweats all over the body, trembling is there. Crying saying that  she might die with her pains. Immediately basing on the acute totality of symptoms, i gave her Aconite 200 1 dose.  Told her husband to come and meet me in the evening and update me about her condition. But he didn’t turn up then i felt that she might be taking allopathic treatment that’s why she didn’t came to see me. 
After 4 days, her husband came to my house saying that her condition is quite well and her remaining period time she is quite well without any complaint. I felt happy and thinking that why she didn’t turn up and say the same thing to me instead of her husband, because we are neighbours and we expect the same thing from her instead of her husband. 
After 15 days, one day she came to my home asking whether i can treat her for her menstrual trouble. I told her to explain her problem in detail. 
She said that she suffers from severe bleeding during menstruation along with pain in abdomen since her second child birth in 2008. Earlier her menses are normal, but after delivery she developed the problem. Pain starts after starting of menses, but one day before menses she develops the weakness and pain all over the body. Menses are heavy for 2-3 days, needs to change her pads 6-7 times, she wakes up in the night for changing the pads. Dark clotted bleeding. Feel like she might die before completing her menses. Pain in the lower abdomen dragging type, need to lie down on abdomen. From 3rd day evening she starts recovering. She gets irritated more during her menses but she couldn’t show it with weakness. Nausea and she couldn’t take food during her menses.
Earlier she had one abortion in 2003. 
Otherwise she is well in remaining days. 
Appetite is good, but loss of appetite during menstruation. Feels nausea during menses. Desires for sour things, sweets. Intolerant to fish and meat. She doesn’t like smell of it.   Thirst is normal, takes 4-5 glasses per day. Her tongue is dry and coated during her menses with less thirst. Bowels normal, urine normal, she is intolerant to cold weather, food and cold air. Sleep is good, but disturbed with the pain during menses, dreams of somebody chasing her.
She came from middle class family, she has 3 brothers and 1 sister. She younger in her family. Her father expired suddenly with heart attack, after that shock she couldn’t get her menses for 3 months. From childhood onwards everybody used to say that she is pretty, and she feels that she is pretty and she used to be proud to be called beautiful. She is more attached to her father, because he used to taken care her more than her siblings. She feels that her sister feels jealous about her prettiness. She was quarrelsome in childhood with her siblings and neighbour friends. She never used to mingle with others as she feel that they are ugly. She used to feel that everybody admire about her beauty. In her childhood she is sexually  abused by her uncle, after wards she developed aversion to people and sex related things. She doesn’t like to talk much with people. Even she don’t have much friends. 
In young age when she is 17 yrs, she fell in love with a guy who is admired and madly in love with her, and then she eloped and married that person. She has done this because, she knew he is the only person who satisfies her desires and self esteem.  Her husband will take care of her from his heart. He will work hard to make sure that every comfort to be given to her. She is quite happy with him. He never says a single word to her. She is not much interested in sexual life and feels more sensitive during her menses. 
She doesn’t mingle with anyone. She gets anger easily. If anyone try to blame her, immediately she starts quarrel with them with harsh words. Her anger lasts for longer time. She feel comfortable once she says everything to her husband and then only her anger reduces. She couldn’t trust anyone, especially men, she feels that everybody looking at her admiringly. She only loves and trust her husband. She can do anything for her husband. She doesn’t want to work much and even she takes care of her children is very less, as her husband will take care of them most of the time. She has fears and phobias more. Fear of death and she fear about her husband, think that she may didn’t turn up to the house; either he might meet with an accident. She repeatedly calls him to check whether he is fine or not. She feels inferior to say thanks to anyone. She feels that from then onwards, her pride is affected. 
Basing on the totality of the symptoms, giving more important to her nature, she is more self esteem person, she gives more importance to false esteem, she thinks that she is more superior than others, she even gives importance to her husband because her ego satisfied by his behaviour. More irritable in nature, angry person along with in depth fears and phobias i gave her one dose of Platina 200 in November, 2009. I waited till her next period, she is quite well during her periods, as she has pain but it is managed with Mag phos 6x. in December, 2009 i gave her placebo and waited for her next periods, she is quite well during her periods with bearable pain, bleeding also redused. 
After 6 months, may 2010, she again came with same complaint, then i repeated 1 dose of Platina 200. She came to me for 6 more months without any complaints, then she discontinued as her husband been transferred to Orissa.  

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