– BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory,
 The sudden loss of consciousness due to vagotonic stimulation is, in most cases, a minor problem in spite of its spectacular appearance. (See : tetany).
 Homeopathic remedies are helpful in acute and chronic cases.


 — make the patient smell a solution of :
 — alternate 3 granules, every 5 minutes, as needed :

faintinghomeopathy Faintness:Homeopathic remedies are helpful in acute and chronic cases.

Tendency to faint

 — excited :
 • hypochondriac; flatulence, 3 granules, as needed : ASA FOETIDA 7C
 • agg. by menses, during pregnancy and delivery :
 3 granules, as needed : CIMICIFUGA 9C
 • restless; oversensitive, 3 granules, as needed : VALERIANA 4C
 — depressed :
 • timid; eructations; asthma :
 3 granules, as needed : AMBRA GRISEA 9C
 • sleepiness; tetany :
 3 granules, as needed : NUX MOSCHATA 9C
 • sad; indifferent; melancholic depression :
 one dose, as needed, SEPIA 15C

 Intolerant to heat 

 — needs to open the windows, or walk in open air :
 • changeable mood; paradoxical; agg. by company :
 3 granules, as needed : IGNATIA 9C
 • sudden changes from laughter to weeping; needs company :
 one dose as needed : PULSATILLA 15C
 — uterine disorders :
 • palpitations; menopause :
 3 granules, as needed : LILIUM TIGRINUM 7C
 •laughing mania; menopause; fibroma :
 3 granules, as needed : CROCUS SATIVA 9C
 See : asthma, blood pressure, delusions, depression, emotional, excitement, face, fatigue, fears, heart, insomnia, menses, nervousness, pregnancy, premenstrual, sensations, sighing, since, tetany, trauma, yawning. 

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