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EtherealBody The Vital Approach -  Level 2: The Energetic or Ethereal Body

Level 2 represents the energetic aspect of the physical body; whereas Level 1 is measurable and thus quantitative, Level 2 is qualitative. It represents the vitality of the person and -although the language might lead to confusion-it is not to be confounded with the vital level or Level 5. The energetic body is not individualized as Level 5 is; everybody has more or less vitality. Also the possible disturbances at this level are relatively limited to disturbances in the amount, the nature or the distribution of the energy.

When there is a lack of energy, one feels tired, listless, depleted. There is insufficient supply of energy to wake up refreshed, to feel full of energy to do whatever one wants to do during the day: to move, work, play, create, relate, to function. The automatic functions of the body are slow, lacking, and inadequate. Hahnemann called this psora.

When there is an uneven distribution of energy then the functions swing from one extreme to the other: there is hyperactivity or over functioning followed by exhaustion. The balance is lost and there is no middle point of regularity. Hahnemann called this sycosis.

In both cases the disturbed energy body, which in health resonates with the second dimension, (read more about this is in the chapter on nosodes) will allow viruses and bacteria to multiply and cause physical illnesses.

When the nature of the energy is distorted, the energy body can turn against itself and cause autoimmune diseases.

Like the physical body, the energetic body needs to be fed: it needs to take in energy. It can be charged by clean air and water, sunlight, earth, exercise and all therapies that use these elements (water therapies, bathing, breathing exercises, sauna, infra red treatment, certain sports), by touch, massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, fresh food. One should not forget that in food there is an energetic aspect as well as a material one. The material is what can be seen, touched, weighed and measured: the constituents in terms of calories, proteins, and carbohydrates for example l. This doesn’t indicate anything about the quality of the food: when it is processed it loses quality, and may be essentially dead. This can be detected for instance in Kirlian photography.

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