Erythema treatment in homeopathy for a permanent cure:

Erythema is characterized by a redness of the skin due to congestion of capillaries which disappears for a short time with pressure. The Erythema treatment in homeopathy is aim at the permanent cure of skin allergy.
It has various causes and the affected area easily infected, especially in the skin folds.

The article on Homeopathic treatment for Erythema deals with following.

  • Erythema treatment in homeopathy
  • The Erythema multiforme homeopathic treatment

erythema homeopathic treatment
Erythema treatment in homeopathy for Newborn:
 Local treatment 

  1. Clean with 20 grams of Potassium Permanganate solution, in one liter of water.
  2. Moreover, Erythema with infection needs Calendula ointment an external homeopathic medicine.

Erythema or Erythema multiforme homeopathic treatment for eruptions often or frequent in nature:

Medorrhinum is a very useful remedy for Erythema treatment in homeopathy. It is especially helpful when Erythema occurs very often. Chamomilla is also a very good medicine for Erythema treatment in homeopathy. However, acute diarrhea and otitis, discharges from ear are indications of Chamomilla for Erythema. In addition, the child with Erythema feels better by carrying. Furthermore, aversion for milk, which provokes diarrhea, calls Sepia for Erythema multiforme homeopathic treatment.

Moreover, greedy baby or child too quickly satisfied and craves sweets need Lycopodium for Erythema treatment in homeopathy.

Arsenicum Album is an excellent Homeopathic remedy for Erythema treatment in extensive skin eruptions and severe cases.

Erythema treatment in Homeopathy – when skin eruptions worse from the sun:

Apis mellifica is, in fact, an indicated remedy for  Erythema treatment in homeopathy with rosy swollen skin, biting and itching, in addition, no thirst.

On the other hand, red throbbing congested skin, sudden fever, and thirst call for BELLADONNA work for Erythema.

Rhus Tox in Homeopathy is also worked excellent for Erythema multiforme. The important indications are little vesicles on red skin, intense itching agg, during the night.
In addition big vesicles, intense burning better by local heat guide us to use Cantharis in Homeopathy for Erythema treatment.

Preventive Erythema Homeopathic treatment:

Natrum Muriaticum in a thin subject, Natrum Carbonicum in heavy subject one dose, monthly can prevent Erythema during the seasons of eruptive fevers.

Tuberculinum 200c helps to prevent the recurrence of Erythema in most cases.

References: BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

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