Canada flea bane, horse weed, butter weed

Grows in Canada and United States as weed. The tincture is prepared from the fresh plant (whole plant) when in bloom in July and August. Proved by W.H.Burt. (fragmentary proving by A.Lippe , not published). Indians used as an application to wounds.

Through cardiac plexus, this remedy affects the muscular walls of the arteries so as to constrict their capillaries to a wonderful degree. Affecting more those of genito urinary organs, and the mucus membrane of colon and rectum. The throat and genito urinary organs are more specially affected. All symptoms are worse during rainy weather.

It is splendid remedy for active hemorrhages, congestion of all parts of the body and for many diseases of kidney and bladder. Its characteristic haemorrhages are bright red.

Mind: great despondency.

Head: Congestion of head, red face, nose bleed, febrile action. Awakened with dull head ache (fore head and right eye), with aching distress in all the large joints. Dull frontal head ache with smarting in eyes.

Ears: loud singing in the Rt.Ear

Resp: Epistaxis. Increased secretion on mucus in nostrils in forenoon, with feeling of roughness of pharynx and sensation as if something has lodged in the upper part of the oesophagus that causes frequent inclination to swallow. Natural stool followed by severe neuralgia in anus with tenesmus. Bleeding piles with constipation, hard knotty stool. Pain in the umbilical region is very prominent. Feeling as if anus has been torn.

GIT: Violent retching and burning in the stomach, with vomiting of blood. Sudden pain in hypogastrium followed by mushy stools. Tympanites.

Urinary: urination painful or suppressed. Dysurea of teething children, frequent desire, crying when urinating, urine profuse, of very strong odor. Sharp stinging pains in the region of left kidney. Sticky sweat on genitals. Pain in Rt. Lumbar region passing down to testicle. Gonorrhea and gleet.

Female: profuse bleeding; bright red blood, with pale face, suppressed or painful urination, hard lumpy stool, worse from slightest motion of the body. Metrorrhagia, with violent irritation of rectum and bladder and prolapse uteri. Profuse leucorrhoea with characteristic urine and stool symptoms. Bloody lochia returns after least motion, comes
in gushes, between periods, leucorrhoea with urinary irritation. Bleeding from nose or rectum instead of menses. Pain in left ovary and hip.

Sleep: frequent disposition to yawn in afternoon and evening.

Modalities: worse Lt.side.
Related: Terebinthina

Oil of Erigeron 1x internally for tympanites. An enema of one dram of the oil with the yolk of an egg and pint of milk will reduce the most enormous tympanites.

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