– S. Nielsen,
 In July 1959, when Elisabeth Wright Hubbard was elected to be the president of the American Institute of Homeopathy, she wrote this short biography for the journal, which encapsulates her life as a homeopath better than anything I could have pieced together.
 “Greetings from your new President who was born into Homeopathy, having been brought into the world by Dr. Byron G. Clark, mutton-chop whiskers, pearl square Derby, frock coat, span of gray horses to his brougham! He cured me of tubercular cervical adenitis with Tub. bov. 30 malaria with Natrum muriaticum 1M, severe measles with Pulsatilla, rheumatic fever at 9 with Rhus toxicodendron 6x for all of which I forgave his calling me “Bub”! During my internship at Bellevue I was cured of a violent delirious scarlet fever by Dr. Rudolf Rabe with a single dose of Ammonium carbonicum 10M. Dr. Clark gave me my first copy of The Organon, C.E.  Wheeler’s edition. Small wonder that I respected and believed in Homeopathy which had served me so well.
 After Graduating from Barnard College, during which time I determined to become a doctor, my father advised that I go to the best of traditional medical schools. I graduated from Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, Class of 1921, the first class that took women. Two years’ internship in Bellevue followed, including six months’ pathology where I autopsied 65 Coroner’s cases. One vacation during medical school was an Asiatic trip; another (my first real job) working at Woodside Sanitarium for Nervous and Mental Diseases under the Swedenborgian homeopath, Dr. Frank Wallace Patch, in Framingham Centre, Massachusetts. He told me to study Homeopathy in Geneva, Switzerland, with Dr. Pierre Schmidt and after graduation I went to Europe, working in the Allgemeine Krankenhaus in Vienna under the younger Von Pirquet, and in Stuttgart under Dr. Adolf Stiegele. After a trip to Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land, I was privileged to study pure Homeopathy for nine months under Dr. Schmidt and, thereafter, under the great Paracelsian student, Dr. Emil Schlegel, in Tubingen.
 To start my practice I was invited by Dr. Alice H. Bassett of Boston, then partially retiring, to do her acute work, and was placed in charge of the Homeopathic Clinic at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, and was one of four attending medical chiefs at the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Roxbury, Mass. After a year I opened my own office and had my own laboratory. During this time I edited The Homeopathic Recorder for three years, abstracting homeopathic literature in five languages and making an index of that homeopathic literature.
 In 1930 I married Benjamin A. Hubbard, who had two children, gave up my Boston practice and began general practice in New York City, where he was on the faculty of Columbia University for a third of a century. I am on the Courtesy Staff of the Flower-Fifth Avenue Hospital here. We have three more children.
 Dr. Lawrence M. Stanton was my mentor and physician here until his death. I had the privilege of being President of the I.H. A. for two years, and served many years on the Board of Trustees of the American Foundation for Homeopathy and, recently, as Trustee of the Institute.
 In addition to Dr. Schmidt’s magnificent groundwork in Homeopathy, I was myself a student for two years at the Post-Graduate School of the Foundation, under such men as Dr. Cyrus Boger, Dr. George A. Dienst, Dr. H.A.  Roberts, Dr. Eugene Underhill and Dr. Fredericka Gladwin (sic), and have since taught Homeopathy in the Summer School. I have been privileged to know and learn from such homeopaths as Sir John Weir of London, the late Dr. Margaret Tyler, Dr. Douglas, Dr. Fergie Woods, Dr. Arthur, Dr. J.H.  Clarke and Dr. C.E.  Wheeler.
 Thirty-six years of almost strictly homeopathic practice have convinced me that, magnificent as are the achievements of modern medicine in diagnosis, laboratory work and sanitation, Homeopathy, were it to be judged only by its results, if properly practiced, is the mainstay of healing.” 
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