This is also a valuable agent, and can be utilized with benefit in the treatment of constipation.
 Electro-magnetism, says Dr. Marcy, ought not only to second the action of remedies, but may take their place in the treatment of habitual and obstinate.
 Case 62
 A man 30 years of age, small, nervous temperament, corpulent, hypochondriac, suffered with a chronic constipation, vertigo, cerebral congestion, cephalalgia, and an exanthematous eruption upon the skin. Old-school treatment and Carlsbad waters had proven unavailing. There was a stool only every eight days. Electricity applied to the abdomen by means of the Leyden cell, a quarter of an hour or more, every day, produced a complete cure in a few weeks. – Dr. Altschul.
 We have thought it best to translate this observation both on account of the simplicity of the method of application and the evident result obtained.
 We know that electro-therapie has made great progress since that time, principally in the direction of the apparatus and the modus faciendi. Among our homoeopathic confreres who have contributed to the perfection of the application, Drs. Perry and Pitet, of Paris, deserve special mention. We would also mention Dr. Frestier, of Lyon, who has expressed some ingenious ideas, but which are open to discussion.
 In America, Drs. Tooker, of Chicago, Murphy, of New Orleans, and especially John butler, of New York, conclude that electricity enters into the great homoeopathic law, through the affinity of indicated physiological effects. Experience has taught at the same time that in order to obtain a curative effect, it is necessary to weaken, dilute in a certain sense, the dose of the agent employed.
 We have a natural transition – from electricity to mineral waters of which we shall speak later – in the work published by M. L’Herbier, under the title “Medical Static Electricity and Its Special application to the Mineral Waters of Vals and Neyrac, According to the Method of Prof. C. Bockensteiner.” Among the affections happily combated by this electro-mineral medication, the author ranges in the first rank faecal stasis or chronic musculo-intestinal paralysis, preceding immediately the inflammatory or nervous irritation of the transverse. Many examples are given in point, but we will select the shortest.
 Case 63
 C. J., a silk-handkerchief printer, aged 51 years, bilious-sanguine temperament, but with a constitution already undermined by the abuse of both work and pleasures, had a constipation of nine years duration; it disappeared after the third electric bath. – Dr. L’Herbier. 

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