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Echinacea Uses and side effects in Homeopathy:

Echinacea uses particularly as a remedy for wounds in Homeopathy. Homeopathic mother tincture form of Echinacea benefits in promoting granulation. Echinacea ointment, of course, an easy form to apply on wounds. Mother tincture mainly one of the important remedies in Homeopathy for healing wounds and abscess. Let us discuss more Echinacea uses.

Echinacea benefits against many other contaminations. Urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, herpes, HIV/AIDS where Echinacea uses primarily.

Moreover, Echinacea benefits in Human papillomavirus (HPV), bloodstream infections (septicemia), tonsillitis. No Echinacea side effects produced chiefly while treating streptococcus infections, syphilis, typhoid, malaria, ear infection.

Echinacea pills form further useful in swine flu, warts, nose, and throat infections called diphtheria. On the other hand, Echinacea benefits for colds very effectively.

Echinacea uses or benefits

We use this mother tincture frequently in wound cases. No Echinacea side effects observed when applied to the skin directly.

In this case, apply Mother tincture to the affected skin after mixing with little quantity of water. Applying this Homeopathic Mother Tincture directly to the wound can heal within 3 days.

Native Americans had studied Echinacea uses in treating various diseases. They found Echinacea benefits in diphtheria, blood diseases, scarlet fever, and syphilis.

For a period, the use of Echinacea lowered due to the introduction of antibiotics. Still, now it is once repeatedly a well-natural, extremely-used herb.

Dr.Adolh Lippe views on Action of Echinacea benefits:

Echinacea pills indicated in cases of blood-poisoning and septic conditions. in addition, the weak, tired, and achy patients need Echinacea pills.

Echinacea oil external particularly helpful wherever sharp pain deep in the brain. In this condition, Echinacea mother tincture should additionally take internally. Morning 2 drops and evening 2 drops in half a cup of water.

Slow speech, gait, replies, etc where echinacea benefits considerably.Echinacea oil externally applied helps in flashes of heat and chilliness over the back. Profoundly prostrated patients are benefited by Echinacea pills.

Persons suffering from scanty urine and contains albumen, where Echines uses, are unusual.  Aphtha formation, the brain seems too large and severe headache are the notable symptoms to use echinacea pills.Blood follows stool.

Bed sores cases where this remedy works wonders, Echinacea oil and mother tincture both are useful.

Echinacea oil pulling in fact help in cases wherever gums recede and bleed easily.

Furthermore Echinacea useful in the following conditions:
  • a variable pulse.
  • Sordes.(A dark brown or blackish crustlike deposit on the lips, teeth, and gums of a person with dehydration resulting from a chronic debilitating disease.)
  • Puerperal septicemia discharges suppressed.
  • Abdomen sensitive and tympanitic.
  • White coating on the tongue with red edges.
  • Foul-smelling discharge from any source.
Echinacea dosage for External Wounds:

Mother tincture or oil indeed the best helpful application. Directly apply on wounds without mixing with water. Echinacea oil primarily to apply to the wounds or abrasions directly.

Echinacea dosage for gums and internal problems:

Here also of course mother tincture helpful. Four drops of MT should be taken in half cup of water. Two to three times a day. Echinacea paste certainly easy form to use in gums bleeding.

Echinacea dosage for Bed Sore:

The condition definitely remembers with great importance. Mother tincture uses are unforgettable in bed sore cases. 10 – 20 drops are less applies directly to effects area heal the bed sores in three days.

Echinacea is a great herb for immune support, illness improvement.. although it should not be used by some people like those with thyroid disease.Overall Echinacea uses are unusual in Homeopathy.

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