Homeopathic Preventive Remedies for Ebola Virus Article by Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)

 Ebola Viral Infection possibilities of Homeopathic prevention

Ebola is growing like most dreaded disease through African countries. The symptoms of the virus affected person are the following.

Symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:
High fever.
Joint and muscle aches.
Sore throat.
Stomach pain.
Lack of appetite.

ebolahomeopathic Ebola Viral Infection possibilities of Homeopathic prevention

The affected person may include all these symptoms or few of the above symptoms.

Generally the high fever in viral disorders attracts attention of GELSEMIUM SEPERVENS
High fever with headache and weakness comes under the action of Gelsemium.

Fever with Joint pains, muscles soreness, lack of appetite are the indication for RHAUS TOXICODENDRAN and EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM,

High fever with Headache, body pains and soreness of throat Indicates BELLADONA Symptoms.

Fever along with lack of appetite, Stomach pain and Weakness suggests Indication of ARSENICUM ALBUM and NUX VOMICA.

Genus epidamicus should be selected based on all of the above symptoms or most frequently occurring symptoms in a group of people.

Rubric can be selected in EBOLA Infection are:

FEVER – FEVER, heat in general
HEAD – PAIN – heat – during the
GENERALS – PAIN – sore, bruised
THROAT – PAIN – sore
GENERALS – WEAKNESS – fever – during
STOMACH – PAIN – heat – during

If all the symptoms are indicative then following is the chart. (Click this chart to make it big and clear or ZOOM page to 400%.)

EBOLAHomeopathy-1024x165 Ebola Viral Infection possibilities of Homeopathic prevention
If you watch the above chart EUPATOREUM PERFOLIATUM and NATRUM MURIATICUM are the remedies covering entire symptom picture of the EBOLA INFECTION.
So 3 doses of EUPATOREUM PERFOLIATUM 200c followed by a dose of NATRUM MURIATICUM 200c is the best choice for the prevention of EBOLA EPIDEMIC VIRAL INFECTION.

If disease is already attacked, the above remedies may not cure. Remedy must be selected based on  the present symptoms of the suffering Patient.

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