Abies-nigra [Abies-n]
Total loss of appetite in the morning, craving for food at noon, and exceedingly hungry and wakeful at night; pain after a hearty meal, but abstinence from any particular food does not relieve the dyspepsia; belching and acid eructations, frequent vomiting SENSATION AS IF SOME INDIGESTIBLE SUBSTANCE HAD STUCK IN THE CARDIAC END OF THE STOMACH (Lact.ac.; sensation as if all food lodged under upper end of stomach). Continual distressing constriction just above the pit of stomach as if everything aware knotted p or as if a hard lump of undigested food remained there, () by bending and pressure with hands.
Alstonia-const [Alst-c]
ATONIC DYSPEPSIA, with loss of appetite, great debility and prostration,when recovering from severe acute affections or from malaria(Compare Chin)
Alumen [Alumn]
Sinking sensation at epigastrium, after eating; nervous exhaustion with inactive bowels and tremulousness of lower extremities; pulsation at the pit of stomach, sensation of constriction as of a cord; sudden violent pains with nausea, deathly faintness and prostration; cold sweat.
Alumina [Alum]
DRYNESS, hence deficient of gastric juice in stomach; irregular or excessive appetite; derangement of stomach and oesophagus, so that even small portions of food are swallowed with difficult, tingling itching at tongue, loss of taste, heartburn; potatoes disagree; acrid. salty taste of all food;saliva salty,mouth feels dry; aversion to meat and craving for indigestible things; chronic indurated engorgement of glands; STUBBORN CONSTIPATION FROM INERTIA AND DRYNESS OF RECTUM; PRURITUS ANI.
Ambra [Ambr]
Sour eructations; aching in a small spot on right side of abdomen, in hepatic region sensation as of a spoiled stomach and regurgitation stomach after midnight; frequent tenesmus, but no. tool, with considerable anxiety;wants nobody around her, she must lie down on account of giddiness and sensation of weakness of stomach, () on pressure; sensation of soreness in spinal cord and occiput; indigestion with chilliness, () by lying on abdomen; desire for sweetened buttermilk; sudden pain in stomach as if she would sink down, () walking about.
Eupatorium-perf [Eup-per]
Insipid taste; disgust for food desire for ice-cream; ANOREXIA OF DRUNKARDS; belching of tasteless wind, with a feeling of obstruction at the pit of stomach; shuddering proceeding from stomach; qualmishness from odors,smell of food, cooking , etc. Fel bovis-Dry tongue, eructations; borborygmi in epigastrium and abdomen; flatulent dyspepsia; incomplete digestion of food; constipation of soft stool, when nearly done he can still press out some faecal lumps; DYSPEPSIA OF CONVALESCENTS FROM SEVERE ACUTE DISEASES (Kreos). Fel vulpis-Dyspepsia, based on al;lassitude of the whole intestinal canal, hence flatulence, constipation; foul Lienteria stool from decomposition of food.
Ferrum-met [Ferr]
Increased of the watery elements of the blood and decrease of solids; relaxation and debility after an excitation which might decreases of solids;relaxation and debility after an excitation which might be mistaken for exuberance of life; unbearable taste of blood, of rotten eggs; loathing for sour things; of meat,which disagrees, of hot things (Calc.carb); solid food is dry and insipid while masticating; appetite good and bad alternately; nausea, with headache; nightly diarrhoea; VOMITING IMMEDIATELY AFTER EATING; heavy pressure on pit of stomach after every meal;painless and involuntary diarrhoea, with undigested food, of constipation from intestinal atony. Wind dyspepsia.
Ferrum-phos [Ferr-p]
Anorexia, aversion to milk, (

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