Shaji V. Kudiyat is an innovative and pioneering Homeopathic Physician and
Researcher who introduces a new science called “Dynamic Science.” The most
important application of Dynamic Science today is in the Prevention and
Management of cancer through a new disease management methodology called
“Dynamic Scientific Approach.” Dr. Kudiyat was involved in cancer research in the
Philippines for more than 15 years which helped him to find out the limitations,
inadequacies and deficiencies of the present material philosophy based science.
Dynamic Science is the product of his sincere and dedicated effort to correct
the limitations of the present science to make it more complete to explain and understand
the Nature and behaviors of Nature to its fullest extent. This new science helps
us to understand and explain many things which present science fails to explain
like: how mind, vital force (soul) and DNA are interconnected; how cancer
develops; how mutations happen; how homeopathic medicines work; how spiritual
healing takes place; how yoga and meditation can heal; etc. Though ancient cultures
believe that mind, soul and body are interconnected, the scientific community does
not explain how this relationship practically works. Dr. Kudiyat through his
Dynamic Science answers this mystery to the scientific world and humanity. It
is a historic introduction which will change the future scientific thinking and
understanding and also the parameters of future scientific researches. This also
will create the beginning of a new scientific era called the “Dynamic
Scientific Era.”

Chief Physician and Researcher,
St. George Cancer Care and Research
T.C.Palaya Main Road, Hoysala Nagar
Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore – 560016,
Karnataka State, India.
Chief Researcher
St. George Homeopathic Research and
Development Center
835 – Tangier St., B. F. International,
Las Pinas City – 1740, Philippines.

Phone No.s:
Mobile: +919902044512, +919447084879,
Office: (00 91) 80 25315944, (00 91) 80
Mobile: +639175001731, +639206536338
Office: (00 63) 2 7880157, (00 63) 2
8251011 Local 333
E-mail ID’s: drkudiyat@gmail.com / drkudiyat@hotmail.com / sgccrc@gmail.com (for
consultation and appointments in India only)
            Dr. Shaji Kudiyat graduated his high
school from St. George High School, Kothamangalam, Pre degree from Christ
College, Irinjalakuda, B. Sc. Chemistry from Mar Athanacious College,
Kothamangalam, B. H. M. S. from Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Trivandrum and
M. D. in Homeopathy from Vinayaka Missions Homeopathic Medical College and
Hospital, Salem, Tamilnadu.

Other Achievements:
ü  Dr.
Shaji Kudiyat is instrumental in introducing and popularizing Homeopathic
Medicine as a
Health Care Modality in the Philippines
and is considered as the “Father of Homeopathy” in the Philippines
ü  Dr.
Kudiyat is a scientific guest speaker in many international scientific
conferences and seminars and is travelling all over the world to introduce the
concepts of Dynamic Science and Dynamic Scientific Approach for the
transformation of the scientific world and welfare of humanity
ü  Dr.
Kudiyat made a
landmark scientific paper presentation at the 12th Asian Homeopathic Medical
League Conference, at Brisbane, Australia in October 2001 about the
COUNT.” This was a remarkable achievement in the scientific research in
the treatment and cure of “DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER” where the serum
platelet count decrease as a complication of the disease resulting in internal
bleeding and death of the patient. Conventional or Allopathic Medicine does not
have any effective treatment for this problem and usual management includes
blood or serum platelet transfusion. This scientific research of Dr. Kudiyat,
for the first time in the history of medicine proved the effectiveness of
Homeopathic Medicine in increasing serum platelet count, without blood
ü  Dr. Kudiyat authored a book titled
“Homeopathic Medicine – An Unavoidable Medical Revolution.”
ü  Dr. Kudiyat had highly contributed
as team doctor and sports counselor in transforming the St. George Higher
Secondary School, Kothamangalam as the state and national athletic champions
for last many years.
ü  Dr. Kudiyat was the former President
of Homeopathic Students Movement (HSM) during his medical college days and
worked for the propagation of Homeopathic Medicine by conducting seminars,
lectures, free medical camps, etc.
Other Activities:
ü  Dr. Kudiyat is introducing
Homeopathic Medicine as the best sports medicine.
ü  Dr. Kudiyat gives scientifically
oriented pre and post marriage guidance seminars and counseling.

Current Positions:
v  Founder,
Universal Humanity Movement
v  Founder
and Chief International Coordinator, Global Coalition for Promotion, Education
and Research in Homeopathic Medicine.
v  Vice
– President in Charge of Philippines of the Asian Homeopathic Medical League.
v  President,
Philippine Homeopathic Foundation.
v  Chief
Physician and Researcher of St. George Cancer Care and Research Center, whose
head office is at Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore City, India
v  Chief
Researcher of St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center, Las Pinas
City, Philippines.
v  Member,
Faculty of Homeopathy, Malaysia.
v  Life
Member, Indian Homeopathic Medical Association

v  Life
Member, Institute of Homeopathy, Kerala.
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