Diseases not cured even after long Homeopathic Treatment

Diseases not cured even after long Homeopathic Treatment:

This is not unusual for every physician. Frequently the patients complain that their disease not cured with Homeopathic treatment. Even after long treatment of year’s duration. For allopaths, this is not a great deal. They suppress the symptoms with some other strong chemicals. They use steroidal compounds and raise immunity artificially.

Diseases not cured even after long Homeopathic Treatment

On the contrary, this kind of treatment, provoke autoimmune disorders. Any way patients will be satisfied for a time being, even if some more dreaded disease develops inside. For which allopath name a beautiful “diagnostic nomenclature”. This is the story with Allopathic Chronic treatment.

Where is the Problem?

This is not the case with Homeopathic Physician. He has to select a remedy based on similar symptoms. This is the most difficult task. Even after selecting a single similar remedy, the patient may not reveal the action of the first prescription. This is due to a lack of awareness of the Homeopathic action of the selected medicine.

The first cause: for Diseases not cured with Homeopathic Treatment

Many times patients confuse the physician. When we ask the patient about the result of previously prescribed medicine, even if symptoms relieved 30-40% he may not reveal this. He expects 100% relief in symptoms and highlights the symptoms, which are not relieved. Physician instead of waiting for some more time, he may change his prescription. That is why hinder the action of the first best-acted Homeopathic remedy. For that reason, it happens the delay in cure.

The Second Cause:

In another case, the patient constantly maintains the disease with the intake of unwanted food substances. In those cases even if you select the right constitutional remedy, symptoms may not yield to the Homeopathic treatment.

Common mistakes the patients commit or food substances, which provoke any chronic disease:

The following are examples only. The patient has to investigate the substances to which his body overreacts and provoke the disease. These are not specific to Homeopathic treatment. It may be the reason for Diseases not cured even after long Homeopathic Treatment.

Food to avoid: In order to make Homeopathic medicine action fast:

  • Preserved food.
  • Pickles, ghee, seasoned food, sour butter, salt in buttermilk, sweets,
    lemon, black grapes
  • Cooked cucumber, cooked Calabash/ Bottle Gourd, tamarind juice, seafood, yellow banana, Sorrel Leaves.
  • Taking Hot and fresh food items always help a speedy recovery.

Avoiding the above food items can expect quick results. Disease symptoms will be under control. 

So these are some common errors that hinder the Homeopathic treatment. Therefore, the disease may not be cured in time with Homeopathic treatment.

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