-Farokh J Master.

Upon administration, Cadmium sulphate elicits a number of striking reactions that are commonly seen in all the other cadmiums. First of all, the Cadmium patient feels cold, is always freezing, and all symptoms are aggravated by cold or from cold changes in the weather. Cadm. sulph. also induces weakness and fatigue. Upon closer examination, this weakness is found to be accompanied by a cachectic state that simulates the cachexia of advanced cancer or pernicious anemia.

Mentally there is a marked increase in irritability,with a horror of solitude and work.

Some uncommon sleep symptoms that resemble the carbons and the snake poisons are often seen, e.g., sleeps with eyes open; stops breathing on going to sleep; wakes up suffocating; symptoms worse after sleep annoyingly protracted sleeplessness; insomnia.

Cad.sulph. acts most intensely on the gastrointestinal tract, causing nausea which is aggravated by motion; later there is vomiting of acid or yellow substances. Accompanying these symptoms, the face is bathed in cold perspiration and there are cutting pains in the abdomen. Black vomiting,m similar to that in the severe types of zymotic diseases, occurs. This remedy competes with ARsenic in the ulcerations of the stomach of drunkards. Beer aggravates the gastric complaints.

Other symptoms include; salivation, with bitter burning in the mouth and throat; fetid breath; ulcers, with dryness and burning constriction of the throat. This remedy should be a splendid one for such cases of vomiting during pregnancy that fail to respond to the usual remedies, and also for pernicious forms of vomiting of black blood from chronic ulcers or cancer of the stomach. Coffee-ground vomit.

Such, in brief, is a general view of Cad.sulph.. Our proving of this remedy is still far too meagre. A wider knowledge of its symptomatology would enable us to cure severe types of intestinal diseases that often fail to respond to our ordinary remedies.

A study of the best proved of the cadmiums, viz., Cad.sulph, must give us a basis for comparison until the proving of Cad. met. is completed, after which we shall have a greater number of symptoms and more comprehensive data to prescribe on.

During my work with Cad.met. in the last two years, I have recorded a number of cured symptoms and some symptoms induced in sensitive subjects during the drug’s primary action,when the so-called aggravations so often occur. Brief descriptions of so-called aggravations so often occur. Brief descriptions of characteristic symptoms follow.

Cad.met engenders an impulsive irritability that may near the verge of insanity in its violence; this state alternates with deep depression. Loathing of life, hopelessness and apathy are seen; all joy is gone. The patient often is unable to concentrate, and may say and do the wrong things, such as putting the salt in the tea instead of sugar. Vivid unhappy dreams of sickness occur, causing worry after awakening. Also noted is an aversion to people, to certain kinds of music, even the thought of them, may instill nausea.

Vertigo while looking at moving pictures, accompanied with the sensation of something taking the breath away; objects recede and return.

Constant severe neuralgic headaches; maddening pressing pains through out the head, extending to eyes and ears.

Old ear discharge with ear pain returned after many years, with improvement in hearing. Hearing had been gradually getting fainter for years; suddenly improved after ear discharge.

Some pressing pains in the liver and spleen. Violent vomiting attack with headache; alteration of heat and coldness. Vomiting bile and acid.

Diarrhoea of black mushy stools, with intestinal pains, followed by improvement in a chronic constipation of years standing. STools clay-colored later.

Breasts felt enlarged and sore; this occurred in several patients. Intense squeezing pain in region of the heart with a sense of weakness.

More frequent urination, discoloring the commode a brownish or deep lemon color; very hard to wash off the bowl. Hemorrhages from the bladder and the rectum have been cured may times ; commonly dark-colored with small clots, but several bright red hemorrhages were cured.

Pains severe in all the joints. Numbness of feet and hands while sitting.

Severe neuralgic pains in the face, with plugged sinuses followed by facial paralysis after large doses of quinine and aspirin; cured with one dose of Cad.met. 10M.

This remedy is the best antidote to aluminum poisoning, especially type subtle form that arises gradually after prolonged intake of foods prepared in aluminum cooking utensils.

Cadmium iodatum Cadmium iodatum is a great gland remedy the cervical glands of the neck, the tonsils,t the thyroid, the mammary glands, the entire lymphatic system, the testicles, and the ovaries. The liver, the spleen, and the pancreas are sooner or later involved under the influence of this remedy. One distinctive mental symptom is hatred. Hates everybody and everything. Atheistic and hateful with a high degree of self- pity. All these symptoms, together with an ulceration of the transverse colon cleared up. A patient under Cad.iod. lost his hatred, became quite humane and kind, and gained greatly in weight.

This is a powerful antisyphilitic as well as antipsoric and antisycotic. In fact all the cadmiums may be classed in the three three miasms of Hahnemann.

The action of Cad.iod. is at times aggravates by extreme heat as well as extreme cold. As a rule the patient is less chilly than when under the influence of the other cadmiums.

Only a glimpse of the possibilities of these wonderful medicines is shown here. More complete provings will add greatly to the power and use of our glorious Materia Medica.

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