-JAHR Georg Heinrich Gottlieb

chancre Differences of chancres with reference to their locality -general remark
Chancre on glans

We have already remarked in a previous paragraph that primary chancres generally break out at the spot where the poison has come in contact with the parts; in the case of males more particularly on the glans and prepuce, or on the scrotum and dorsum of the penis; and in the case of females on the pudendum; we have likewise stated that chancres appearing on other parts are generally of a secondary nature. Primary chancres may, however, likewise break out elsewhere in consequence of accidental contact; for instance, on the mouth after being kissed by persons who have venereal ulcers in the mouth or throat; on the breasts of nurses who suckle infants which, born of syphilitic parents, are affected with ulcers in the mouth; at the anus of people who indulge in unnatural criminal intercourse, and so forth. These chancres do not essentially differ from those that are seated on the sexual parts, but precisely on account of their unusual locality, may easily be misapprehended and confounded with innocuous ulcers, on which account it may be advisable to devote a little additional space to their consideration.

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